Pros & Cons: Adding A Spoiler To Your Car

Spoilers can make a car look better (or worse) but how much do they actually help a vehicle in the long run?

Making car modifications of any kind, no matter how big or small is always going to come with positives and negatives, with any little change to a vehicles original skeleton is going to have an impact in some way.

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Some modifications are overwhelmingly positive with the benefits being clear, whilst for other cars, the need to make a change is harder, and when it comes to putting on a spoiler there are certainly plenty of arguments on both sides of the coin.

Within this article, we will rank five major cons to adding a spoiler to your car, as well as looking at five benefits as to why you should slap one on as soon as possible.

10 Con: Colors Not Matching

This is mainly an issue for those with much older cars or ones that are in very specific colors, after all, the more unique a car is the less likely it is that there'll be other modifications ready to match.

A big con to adding a spoiler is that there is a chance that the paintwork simply will not match between the body of the car and the paint on the spoiler itself, which can lead to things looking rather strange.

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Of course, some people want distinct and different colors, which means this isn't an issue, yet for others, this can be a major roadblock in the spoiler journey.

9 Benefit: Reducing The Lift

One of the major benefits from adding a spoiler to your car is the fact that it will reduce the lift of the car, and it not only will it do that, but it'll do that without adding further weight to the car, which is an added bonus.

The benefit to that is that it will help keep the car more stable at higher speeds, which, tends to be the sort of driving that cars with spoilers on like to do, therefore people are less likely to lose control.

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On top of that, it can improve the traction without having any effect on the car's performance by adding excess weight, which really helps add to the stability factor.

8 Con: They Can Look Ridiculous

Ultimately, nobody wants to have an ugly looking car, after all, you spend a lot of money on it and it's something to be proud of and show off, with everyone hoping they look cool when driving down the freeway.

Sometimes, adding things like a spoiler can really help enhance the look of a vehicle, but the fact is that some cars are just not built with spoilers in mind and because of that they look absurd when they are added.

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The bigger the spoiler gets on a car, the more likely it is that it's going to look ridiculous, and nobody wants people laughing at them as they drive past because they decided to slap on a spoiler.

7 Benefit: They Can Look Amazing

To totally contradict the previous point, sometimes adding a spoiler to a car can totally transform a vehicle, taking it to the next level and they do have the potential to really look awesome, as the image above does.

Spoilers typically look fantastic on sports cars as they just fit the aesthetic of them, but even some other vehicles can look great with one added, it really does depend on how the car looks.

Ultimately, in terms of aesthetic appeal, it really does boil down to what type of car you are wanting to add a spoiler too, and only the person adding it can make the judgment on if it will look slick, or dreadful.

6 Con: Easily Damaged

This issue is mainly in relation to car lip spoilers but does also relate to rear spoilers, as they are also made from things such as fibreglass and ABS plastic, which are not the sturdiest of materials.

The main issue with them is that whilst they look fancy on the car, they are not very durable and can't take much of a beating. For lip spoilers, this often leads to cracks and scrapes on a constant basis.

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Any form of debris or rocks can cause serious damage to the new spoiler, meaning that they are constantly in need of maintenance and repair which can see the bills start to rack up.

5 Benefit: It Can Reduce The Weight Of A Car

As we alluded to earlier on in the list, having a spoiler on a car can actually help with the weight of the vehicle as a whole, even having the potential to take the weight of the car down, which seems crazy considering you are adding more elements to it.

Whilst it cannot exactly reduce the weight of a vehicle, a rear spoiler improves the downforce to such a fantastic degree and front spoilers reduce drag, the vehicle's weight is reduced.

The components are now made out of such lightweight materials that they really cause no massive difference, and a slightly lighter car can increase the driving experience.

4 Con: Installation Can Be Difficult

As we have previously mentioned, some cars were not designed or built with a spoiler in mind and because of that, actually installing one into a vehicle, especially an older car, can be quite a difficult process.

As technology improves, this is becoming less and less of an issue, but with any modification, there is always going to be an element of risk that something could go wrong that will damage the car.

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Most of the time, there isn't a problem with adding a spoiler to any car, but if it goes wrong then you will be left with holes in the trunk and no spoiler to show for it.

3 Benefit: They Make The Car More Visible

Putting a spoiler on the back of a car can greatly add more visibility to the rear of the vehicle which ensures that people around them are more likely to see them coming from behind, which really helps when driving a smaller car.

Some spoilers now even have brake lights built into them, adding yet another safety aspect to the vehicle. After all, the last thing you want after adding a spoiler is to crash the car leading to move work being done.

2 Con: The Cost

Once people have weighed up all the possible pros and cons of how adding a spoiler might directly impact their car, from how it will change the performance of the vehicle to the aesthetic look of the car, there will be one other major deciding factor.

That is the cost. At the end of the day, the biggest factor in making any form of modification to a car is going to be how much it costs to do it and whilst the idea of what is expensive varies from person to person, for the average Joe, adding a spoiler is likely to be deemed expensive.

Of course, if the benefit of having one outweigh the cost of adding it, then that is a simple decision made, however, for a lot of people the price of adding their dream spoiler can be the biggest con of all.

1 Benefit: Reduced Drag

At the end of the day, the main benefit to adding a spoiler to your car is for the purpose they are actually built for, which is to try and reduce the drag that the car provides, which has several benefits to it.

The main benefit that less drag brings is a boost in fuel efficiency, which is a great way of saving money, and the environment, and is a reason why many sports cars have them as a method of making them slightly more efficient.

Whilst it might not feel overly different whilst at the wheel, the difference can easily be seen afterwards and in the following months of having a spoiler added.

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