Chrysler PT Cruiser-Based Monster Truck Now On Sale For Less Than $5,000

Chrysler PT Cruiser-Based Monster Truck Now On Sale For Less Than $5,000

This PT Cruiser monster truck is a steal at just $4,800.

The Chrysler PT Cruiser is a difficult car to pin down. It was undeniably popular, selling 1.35 million vehicles over its 10-year run, despite looking exactly like a 1920’s-style hotrod. It had an abysmal safety reputation, partly for not including electronic stability control and partly because early models had a tendency to kill the driver in a front collision while later models crumpled like soda cans when rear-ended.

That said, the car sold well, and that might be explained by the PT Cruiser’s spacious interior as a precursor to the rise of the modern crossover. People like space, it seems, and the PT Cruiser had a lot of it thanks to its retro design.

But you know what would have even more space? A monster PT Cruiser. Which you can now purchase on Facebook for the low price of $4,800.

That additional space might come at the cost of usability, as the car has been lifted several feet off the ground on account of the 44-inch mud tires wrapped around 18-inch rims. According to the Facebook ad, it also comes with a 340 cubic-inch (5.6-L) Mopar V8 crate engine with an automatic transmission.

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The sharp eyes and encyclopedic minds at Jalopnik also spotted the suspension has been replaced by two leaf-sprung solid axles, and the whole thing rides atop what looks like a pickup chassis. Nobody knows which one, however, as there is plastic and metal blocking our view of whatever’s beneath the PT Cruiser’s body.

There’s no info on power or performance, but this thing is most definitely not street legal. This is an off-road toy only, but a special one.

And a cheap one. All you’ll have to do is figure out how to get it away from Providence Forge, Virginia. Fitting it onto the back of a flatbed seems tricky given the wide tires, but maybe you can haul it without the wheels on.

(Source: Jalopnik)

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