Purchasing A Car: 10 Freebies And Add-Ons You Can Ask For (And Will Probably Get)

Buying a car is the perfect reason to flex your haggling muscles. You don't have to negotiate for a lower price to get the best deal for your money. You can always ask your dealership to throw in bonuses and services to sweeten the pot. If you ask for the right items, you might be surprised just how much you can get for free. Ask for items specific to the driving conditions of your area. There are several freebies that are given without question to customers who ask. Now's the time to speak out and get what you want!

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10 Fuel

Many dealerships offer the courtesy of a full tank with your purchase. You shouldn't have to make too much fuss to get this freebie, but be sure to bring it up if your salesman doesn't. You shouldn't have the thrill of driving away with your new car killed by having to find a gas station and fill up. Buying a new car is stressful enough. Once the paperwork is signed, you should be free to enjoy your new car. Let the dealership know that you're aware of the custom.

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9 Fabric Protection

Few fabrics take as brutal a beating as automotive upholstery. We live in our cars; we track in mud from hikes and drop lattes between our seats. If you want to keep your car looking new, you need to look out for your fabrics. Fabric protection treatments are the perfect extra to ask for to sweeten the ut. If you have a family point out that you'll be putting extra stress on the fabric.

8 Mud Flaps

This may not be the most high-end accessory out there, but mud flaps serve several practical purposes. Mud flaps block debris from being kicked up by the tires and into the undercarriage. This debris can cause damage to the underside of your car. Mud flaps also protect your tires and minimize splashing in wet conditions. Think of mud flaps as an investment in the safety of your car's underside. Ask for a set if you'll be taking the car offroad frequently.

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7 Navigation System

This is a strategic item to ask for. These days, every cell phone has GPS. Dedicated navigation systems are falling out of style. Many argue that the systems are invaluable because they don't rely on cell phone service. For anyone who drives through rural areas, this could prove to be a huge help. Because the demand for navigation systems is on the decline, your dealership probably has a few on clearance lying around. It's no skin off of their teeth to throw in a free system but you'll have to ask.

6 Floor Mats

Floor mats are an accessory that's easily overlooked. While not as flashy as a navigation system or a backup cam, new buyers shouldn't underestimate their value. Keeping your carpets and upholstery clean and undamaged is one of the best ways to preserve the value of your car. If you ever choose to trade it in or sell it in the future, the new buyer will want to see clean fabrics. Floor mats can keep the carpet looking brand new. Thee mats will protect your carpet from spills, muddy shoes, and more. Push for these if reselling your car in the future might be an option.

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5 Spare Keys

Most drivers consider a spare set of keys a must. Not only does a spare set come in handy in case you lock your keys in your car, but it also allows partners and other family members to share a vehicle. it's not as simple as making a trip to the hardware store to get a new set. High tech keys aren't cheap, and a new set could set you back a pretty penny. Make sure you leave the lot with two sets of keys. Emphasize how important it could be for safety and everyday family life. This is one freebie you don't want to leave the lot without.

4 New Tires

Every dealership is invested in the safety of the vehicles they sell. A bald or unbalanced tire could render a vehicle unroadworthy. The dealership could be held liable if an accident were to occur in a recently purchased car. If you're buying new, then the tires have probably only been used or a few test drives. Those tires will fine. Extra care should be taken when buying pre-owned. Make sure the tires are roadworthy before you sign anything. Be sure to mention that you'll be taking the car immediately to your mechanic to have everything checked out, especially the tires.

3 Rust Protection

Rust protection is a smart investment for any vehicle. Rust treatments keep a brand new car looking great and extend the life of a second-hand vehicle. It should automatically be offered when you're buying used. If you're buying a brand new car, don't be afraid to ask for this treatment. If you live in a particularly rust prone area it's a must have to maintain your vehicle well. Push for this freebie in any climate, demand it in high rust areas.

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2 Service & Maintenance

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Many dealerships offer service and maintenance plans for the vehicles they sell. It's in their best interest for the cars they sell to be well maintained. This can earn the dealership a reputation for selling solid cars. Many dealerships will offer these plans much like an extended warranty. They may try to upsell you the plan. Don't be afraid to try to negotiate and get a service package for free as a bonus. Whether you've paid for your service plan or insisted on getting one for free, a well-maintained vehicle is a huge money saver.

1 Detailing

For those buying second hand, you may not know where that car has been. Point out any staining, dirt or odors as you inspect the vehicle. Make sure the dealership know that you've noticed every detail. Detailing isn't necessary when buying a new car but it could still be beneficial. If the car has been on the lot for a few weeks the exterior could use a wash and polish. it's fair to expect the dealership to give the upholstery, carpet, interior, and exterior once over before they hand over the keys.

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