Quick, Call 9-1-1! 23 Year Old Builds 900 HP Overlander Ambulance Conversion

Wow! Have I got a build for you! And it was all done by a 23 year old named Matt with a hammer and a little bit of gumption.

Wow! Have I got a build for you! And it was all done by a 23 year-old named Matt with a hammer and a little bit of gumption. Starting its life as GMC Kodiak equipped with a turbodiesel and four-wheel drive before being converted into an ambulance, Matt then commenced its transformation into the ultimate Overland vehicle. The conversion looks professional, graphics are tight and clean, features and upgrades are smart and functional, and this thing looks like it will go anywhere with all of your gear and goodies. The build itself is great to watch and even though I'm not a truck expert, but I am warming up to the class rather quickly, I'd love to drive this thing to some far-off destination.

Produced from 1980 to 2009, the GMC Kodiak and TopKick were a class of medium duty trucks configured for hauling, bus duty, and cargo transport. Cutaway versions enabled aftermarket companies to turn it into virtually anything the customer wanted. The current model was originally configured as an ambulance with four wheel drive before Matt picked it up and set about making the ultimate Overland RV.

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What impresses me the most about the build is how well thought it is. Matt began with a detailed set of plans before starting to cut, hammer, and wrap. How does the saying go - "measure twice, cut once"? His plan was both traditional and modern. On the inside, he takes the solid bones of the Kodiak and sets about making it more practical for use as an off-road RV with a sink, refrigerator, bathroom, shower, air conditioning, and etc. Truly a home away from home.


Custom-cut compartments, vinyl wrap, and hidden utility lines make for a professional fit and finish. Under the hood, Matt sweetened up the motor for power to the tune of 900 hp with 4 digits of torque. But he also included an eco-mode with 600 hp to extract maximum efficiency when you're out on the trail. Smart.

Above the cab we find a custom metal platform for hauling gear and a light rack to illuminate whatever the trail brings your way. And on the roof is a really smart and trick solar panel system framed in carbon fiber no less! The juice is then collected and routed to a series of lithium ion batteries. Matt claims that this will enable the Overlander to power its systems while far from the grid.

I bet Matt's itching to take that thing on a long cruise off-road. And if he isn't, I know I sure am! My hat's off to Matt who demonstrated what a little bit of time, money, hard work, and ingenuity can accomplish. Buckle up.

(via Down2Mob Overland)

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