10 Quirkiest Cars In The Red Bull Soapbox Derby

The Red Bull Soapbox Derby is an annual event where people bring their homemade soapbox cars and race to the finish line. A team's total score is calculated based on speed, creativity, and showmanship, so the fastest car isn't necessarily the winner. This also means that there are some pretty bizarre vehicles that show up to the event in hopes of gaining more points in other categories.

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We've compiled a list of some of the craziest vehicles ever to race at these events. Their creativity is undeniable and we wish we would have been there to witness them in action. Keep reading to learn about ten of the quirkiest cars in the Red Bull Soapbox Derby!

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10 Jurassic World Made an Appearance

This design debuted at the 2017 Alexandra Palace race in London and it's definitely quirky. They designed it after the Jurrasic World movie where Chris Pratt's character, named Owen, raced along in his motorcycle as he's followed by Raptors.

It was done with such precision that it almost looks lifelike and we can only imagine what it must have been like to race along in such a large piece of machinery. The colors attract the eye and we can only imagine that the driver must have had the time of his life as he was joined by his two favorite dinosaur friends.

9 A Graveyard Escape

This man is running from something in the graveyard as he steers his way to the finish line. The grass looks almost lifelike and the entire cart is a bit creepy between the mounted head and the man's painted face.

This is one of the oddest cars we have seen yet, but the crowd seems to love it. It looks so real it appears that they picked up an actual grave and decided to take it for a ride during their race. It's truly inspiring and we can't wait to see what this inspires in the races to come.

8 Apparently You Can Race in a Bathtub

Why leave your bathtub at home when you could race in it? That's what this woman said as she strapped a set of wheels to her own relaxing haven. It is a bit concerning as her wheels lift off the ground at this turn, but we are certain the tub will protect her from ay injuries.

Her smile says it all as she laughs her way down the course in style and manages to blow away the competition like the bubbles wafting away from her tub. It might not be as nice as an aromatic night alone spent in the bath, but it sure will give any rider the adrenaline rush they desire.

7 They Called Upon Usain Bolt's Speed in This Race

Usain Bolt is the fastest man on Earth, so it only makes sense to model a soapbox derby car in his honor. They wanted to feel his power, so they made sure to add a ginormous and lifelike reiteration of this phenomenal athlete.

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The lasers coming from his eyes may not be real, but the excitement of these racers and the fans behind them sure is. They defied the odds with this architectural masterpiece and it is something the crowd at this event will never forget as their car went racing across the finish line.

6 The Lego Joker Flys Across the Track

This was another car from the race back in 2017 and it is one of the most epic cars to ever exist. They perfectly captured the essence of the Lego Joker and his car with the pristine detail that went into its creation.

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The driver even went all out as he donned a mask and suit in the form of the Joker himself to complete the ensemble. It's definitely one for the books and possibly the quirkiest car we have ever seen. We doubt anyone will ever be able to top this beauty, but we know without a doubt they will try.

5 Mr. Bean Overpacks Yet Again

This car probably brings back some memories of the old Mr. Bean movie where he rode around atop a green car. They matched this sentiment by recreating this classic TV moment. Their driver obviously had some more safety gear on, but it reminded us of the good old days.

It's quite an interesting site to imagine, and even more so impressive that the actor recreated this iconic moment himself back in 2015. We will never forget good old Mr. Bean, and this was one such tribute to his amazing legacy.

4 Eggs Weren't Meant to Race

This is quite a bizarre form of transportation, and we're certain they earned themselves quite a few creativity points for their creation. What makes this photo even better is that the drivers match the eggs in front of them, as the one man is smiling and the other is screaming for his life.

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It's doubtful that the eggs are filled with the gooey substance they usually are, but all the same, we hope they don't tip over and crack. We would hate to be the worker who had to clean that mess up once the cart had left the track.

3 A Singer Sewing Machine to Fix Any Clothing Malfunctions

This is an ode to Isaac Singer, the man who created the Singer Sewing Machine Company and revolutionized the world of cl0thing making. These creative geniuses decided to blow up one of the original machines and attach it to the front of their cart.

We're still not sure how smart of a decision that was as it is quite obvious the driver is having a hard time seeing where exactly he is going. We hope they finished the race, but honestly, we have our doubts, especially after catching a glimpse of the wheels.

2 You Can Bet the Crowd Was Singing Hakuna Matata

Lion King was a favorite for many of us growing up as it became a staple in our childhood of Disney movies. It is agreed that this creation looks a bit off from what we remember, but it is the thought that counts, especially after you catch a glimpse of Timon.

We hope the crowd was egging them on with lyrics from Hakuna Matata and reminiscing on the days they spent binge-watching the movies before it was cool. It might not have been the easiest car to navigate, but we hope they made it to the end.

1 Yes, That is a Toaster

You probably had to do a double-take when you caught a glimpse of this quirky cart. They literally created a rideable toaster, which to many of us seems like a weird dream to recreate.

Many of us can say we never imagined wanting to ride in one of these heated machines that provide us with a wholesome morning breakfast but to each their own. They managed to squeeze to riders into this monstrosity, alongside to slices of their favorite bread and we can only imagine what a bumpy ride it must have been.

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