20 Racing Drones That Routinely Break Road Speed Limits

We’re going to look at some of the fastest drones on the market today. Not only do they look cool, but they’re capable of outrunning many cars.

The human race gravitates towards competition. Whether it’s a match between two sports teams or a nail-biting race, these events manage to excite spectators. One of the more recent and exhilarating forms to come out is drone racing.

Mostly used for practical purposes such as filming videos or delivering packages, these flying machines have crossed into the realm of professional sports. In a video as per Air Drone Craze, Drone Racing League pilot M0ke said, “No one’s ever seen a race from the third-person this good.”

These races can take place in large arenas that might host a soccer match. Instead of looking at the field though, spectators look to the sky. There, flying brightly lit, as opposing drones locked in a high-speed contest.

It’s even more incredible from a pilot perspective: pilots can actually witness the paths of their drones in real time from a first-person viewpoint. Wearing hi-tech goggles, pilots actually watch a video feed connected to their drone to see where they're going.

Meanwhile, everyone else on the sidelines gets to witness these zippy aircrafts bank, strafe and flip their way to the finish line. What many don’t realize is how fast many of these drones meant for racing can actually go.

We’re going to look at some of the fastest drones on the market today. Not only do these small aircraft look cool, but they’re capable of outrunning many cars bound by speed limits. All they need is a capable pilot who can handle the controls.

20 Walkera Runner 250 / 25 mph

via WorthPoint

Don’t underestimate this little drone—it may look cute, but it’s a force to be reckoned with. It may not look it either, but it’s ideal for racing. The Walker Runner 250 even comes with GPS, as per the site Skilled Flyer, which more drones are coming equipped with.

Behind its rotor motor, this drone is able to do a competent 24.9 mph. As the source points out, this is a great drone for beginners who want to break into the world of racing. The battery lasts about 12 minutes, which is enough time to compete in a real race.

19 Redcat Racing Carbon 210 Race Drone / 30 mph

via RC Universe

The Redcat Racing Carbone 210 may not be the fastest drone on the list, but it’s made for racing—even if it doesn’t look the park. It’s a good starter drone that also gets good reviews on Amazon. According to Mashable, the drone can go about 30 mph. It’s on the pricier side though, coming out to around $360.

The good news is it comes with a real-time camera and carrying case to house the drone on the go. It may not be the best drone to get for breaking into racing, but it’s a serious piece of machinery that even professional racers can admire.

18 Hubsan X4 H107D / 30 mph

via RCGroups

The Hubsan X4 H107D does not have much going for it in the aesthetics department. It also has a mouthful of a name. Despite these supposed marks against it though, it’s able to churn out a decent top speed. Drone Enthusiast reports it can do up to 30 mph. That’s a great deal for a drone that costs just $60.

The battery life is on the lower side, coming out to about 7 minutes. Pilots have to be within 100 meters in order to fly it. The same source makes note, as is evident from a glance at this drone’s exterior, that it’s not the most durable one around.

17 Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee / 31 mph

via YouTube user Jay Drone

Not only is the Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee a competent racing drone, but it also has style. Its exterior is both black and yellow like its name suggests; it also bears small beady eyes that actually light up. One of its downsides though, as 3D Insider points out, is it doesn’t come equipped with a camera.

The good news is it's on the cheaper side and goes really fast. According to Aerofly Drones, it goes about 31 mph. The same source points out that they cost less than $50, which makes it one of the more affordable offerings on the list.

16 DJI Phantom 4 / 45 mph

via Expert Reviews

The DJI Phantom 4 is an iconic drone that many will recognize and want. it appeals to a wide range of drone enthusiasts, whether it’s merely for the fun of flying or to shoot movies. It also has a competent top speed. According to Outstanding Drone, the Phantom is capable of hitting 45 mph.

It doesn’t come cheap though. It costs $1,500 for this drone on Amazon at the time of this writing. It comes with a lot of accessories though such as a case, replacement parts and cloths for cleaning. For the exorbitant price, it’s the least they could throw in.

15 UVify OOri / 50 mph

via Twitter user UVify

The UVify OOri is small and unassuming, but it’s easily capable of racing. As the drone’s official site UVify notes, this drone is able to fit into the palm of one’s hand. It even has a stylish and minimal appearance for those who value design. When someone unboxes one, they’ll find it’s capable of doing 50 mph. It can go even faster with adjustments.

With the smaller size comes a lesser battery life though. The same source reports that it lasts about five minutes long. The good news is they make the batteries easy to switch out thanks to the drone’s design.

14 Walkera F210 3D / 50 mph

via YouTube user Vassiliy Pasini

With its beady camera lens and spiny antennae, the Walkera F210 3D looks like a huge insect. It also happens to be one of the faster drones on the list. According to 3D Insider, these drones can reach a top speed of 50 mph. The F210 got a 4.9 out of 5 score on that website, making it their top pick for 2018.

Not only is it a blink and you’ll miss it kind of drone, but it’s durable too. When it comes to drone racing, the Walkera F210 is a no-brainer choice. Its flight time is around 9 minutes.

13 Rise Vusion 250 Extreme / 50 mph

via YouTube user TheRcSaylors

The Rise Vusion 250 Extreme lives up to its name in delivering a high-performance while also looking good in the process. The outside exterior is slick and eye-catching. Plus it sports a cool color scheme.

According to Ezvid, the drone is impact-resistant, making it more durable and tough compared to other models. It comes with a 32GB microSD card slot and can fly for 6 minutes, which isn’t the longest lifespan. Where the Rise Vusion really shines is in its top speed. It’s able to go up to 50 mph. That’s an incredible speed that makes this a go-to racer.

12 Odyssey Starfall X / 55 mph

via YouTube user Ironbar 2 Tech

The Odyssey Starfall X is the kind of name that would suit a spaceship in a science fiction story. It’s also a really fast drone. According to Drones Globe, it has a robust range of about 500 meters. On top of that, it lasts about 10 minutes before it needs another charge.

Those aren’t even the best attributes though. What really makes this a standout is its performance. The Starfall X is able to pump out a monstrous 55 mph, making this one of the faster drones out there. That makes it the ideal candidate to enter into competitive races.

11 DJI Inspire 2 / 58 mph

via Cinema5D

At first glance, the DJI Inspire 2 looks strictly like a drone meant for shooting films. While its main focus is making high-quality videos, it’s also a speedy drone capable of race-worth acceleration.

According to DroneDJ, it is capable of hitting an astounding top speed of 58 mph. If that doesn’t inspire buyers, we don't know what will. It even has a stylish exterior that will grab attention while airborne. The only problem is the price tag, which will set buyers back a whopping $2,000. That’s the basic price without a high-end camera. That makes it one of the pricier drones to make it on the list.

10 ImmersionRC Vortex / 60 mph

via WorthPoint

Here’s a glimpse of the ImmersionRC Vortex. According to Drone Enthusiast, this isn’t the best route to go for first-timers. For one, it doesn’t come with a battery or transmitter. That doesn’t mean it’s a pushover though. This drone is capable of doing, what the same source reports, is a top speed of up to 70 mph.

It also has a long range, allowing pilots to control it from 500 meters away. When one realizes a racing drone that’s capable of going as fast as cars on a highway is on sale, it’s mind boggling the age that's upon us.

9 Blade Vortex 250 Pro / 60 mph

via WorthPoint

The Blade Vortex isn’t as immense as the Walkera Furious 320 (further down the list), but it goes nearly as fast. The price is only slightly cheaper. According to Robotics Business Review, the Blade Vortex 250 Pro is around $500 and can go 60 mph. The smaller size is an advantage, making this more adaptable to tight spaces and environments.

One of the major downsides however, is that the battery life doesn’t last very long. The same source reports that it does about 3 minutes of flight time. That puts it in a lower standing compared to the battery lifespans of other drones on this list.

8 Eachine Wizard x220 / 68 mph

via RC Groups

When it comes to style, the Eachine Wizard x220 doesn’t have high marks; the name doesn’t really sound appealing either. What it lacks in aesthetics and name though it makes up for in raw speed.

According to Your Drone Reviews, it is able to hit a top speed of 68 mph. They recommend this for drone pilots with some experience, although its exterior doesn’t necessarily look high-class. It has a bare bones design with a boxy body and four propellers that’s known as an "x-frame.” Despite its smaller look, it’s still a drone worthy of racing and even comes with a camera.

7 Blade Mach 25 FPV / 70 mph

via Mercado Libre México

The Blade Mach 25 FPV has a cool exterior, which is just the cherry on top of its performance traits. Drone Enthusiast reports that it can do a top speed of 70 mph. While it’s capable of doing that kind of speed on the first day of ownership without modifications, there's a downside: it doesn't come with a battery charger.

People have to pay extra if they want to charge the drone again. On top of that, the battery life is middling. What it lacks in a charger and battery life though it makes up for in its insane top speed and cool appearance.

6 TBS Vendetta / 70 mph

via YouTube user JPMediaProductions

The TBS Vendetta is a pure racing drone. It bears a much more trimmed down appearance that’s suited for competitive play. Not only can it race, but it has a strong chance of winning too.

According to My Drones Review, it’s able to go 70 mph. They even speculate that it can go 100 mph when it performs certain maneuvers. This drone makes a case for being one of the better ones for racing on the market today. It may not have an eye-catching appearance, but what matters most is its ability to speed over the competition, making this perfect for racing.

5 Walkera Furious 320 / 75 mph

via RC Buyer RC бзоры

Many don’t even realize drone racing is a thing. The drones meant for racing are different than most of what’s out there. When someone sees something like the Walkera Furious 320, it all starts to click—these flying machines can tear.

According to Robotics Business Review, it’s made out of carbon fiber and includes some plastic parts. It doesn’t just have a menacing frame though—it can also go really fast. The same source notes it can go 75 mph. That kind of speed is possible for a hefty price. It’s going to cost one about $550 to own this mean machine.

4 Teal Drone / 85 mph

via Teal Drones

With a low key name, the Teal Drone is smaller and more unassuming than many of the other ones out there. As the small Jedi master Yoda once said, “Size matters not." People can’t ignore how fast these small machines can go.

According to My Drones Review, it’s able to reach 85 mph. Built in to this drone is a 13 megapixel camera that can shoot in 1080p. They even make a case for this drone handling rough winds that go up to 40 mph. With all of these features available at one’s fingertips, it’s hard to pass up on these Teal Drones.

3 Diatone Crusader GT2 200 / 89 mph

via YouTube user MrmacaDRONEWOLF

The Diatone Crusader GT2 200 bears an odd exterior. It’s not aesthetically pleasing, but its appearance is only secondary next to its speed capabilities. According to 3D Insider, it’s able to go up to 89 mph, making it the perfect drone racer. This is not recommended for beginners.

The same source notes that the setup is more extensive compared to the plug and play versions on the market. It requires the owner to plug in parts into the drone’s motherboard, which has a more bare bones look. Once it’s all ready to go though, this thing is going to fly circles around the competition.

2  Emax Hawk 5 / 100 mph

via YouTube user alishanmao

Among racing drones, the Emax Hawk 5 may be king. It’s a heavy duty option for those who want to blow the other competition out of the water. FPV Sampa reports that it can go a whopping 100 mph or more. That source mentions this is possible when using 4S batteries. This is possible through its 2300kv 2206 motors and lightweight frame, which allow it to speed ahead of the pack.

It may look more stripped down and less eye-appealing compared to others listed here, but it’s unmatched when it comes to raw performance, which is the greatest asset in racing.

1 UVify Draco / 100 mph

via Behance

Those who are serious about drone racing ought to consider the UVify Draco. This is a step above the OOri, also on this list. While the OOri is a great entry level drone, this one has high-performance aspirations. According to The Verge, it can go a remarkable 100 mph.

That top speed is capable without even any adjustments, so customers can expect to do that once they get it out of the box and set up. With the higher speeds comes a higher price tag though, costing buyers $500. This drone is ideal for racing and has a chance to blow away the rest of the competition.

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