10 Of The Scariest Rally Roads Ever

Rally Races are not for the faint of heart - but these dangerous tracks may be for only true adrenaline junkies.

When looking over the whole of motorsports and automotive racing series, few stand out in the ways the World Rally Cross (WRC) does. Their vehicles are incredibly fast, with acceleration faster than a Bugatti, and courses that have every type of terrain imaginable.

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With this, though, comes a lot of difficulty. Many of these tracks/roads are unforgiving in terms of space, speed, and traction. All of that combined, those courses can become terrifying for any driver, especially when there's a cliff or thick trees everywhere you go. For example, here are ten of the most frightening rally roads/courses ever...

10 Rallye De Portugal

If you've ever seen old videos from classic rally racing, you may have noticed multiple spectators standing on the road before quickly scattering when the car approaches. It's a scary experience for the enthusiast, but an even more frightening when you're the driver.

A few drivers have lost their lives over throughout Rallye de Portugal's history in the series, with most involving falling off a cliff or crashing too hard. What most remember, however, is the loss of civilian lives. With all of them crowding the streets, it was only a matter of time before fatalities started adding up.

9 Wales Rally GB

The Wales Rally GB isn't always a scary course. More often than not, the trees don't pose too much of an issue and the track is wide enough. However, if Mother Nature changes her mind, a wet, muddy, and rainy surface can make the track quite treacherous.

With the muddy road and high-speed sections, the combo can become one where many crash. To see a recent example of this, look no further than 2019's Rally, where Hyundai had a serious incident towards the beginning.

8 Dakar Rally

The Dakar Rally isn't like the others on this list. In fact, it's not (technically) a road, but a desert that weaves through South America. Needless to say, a desert will make for a trying location.

Unlike every other normal WRC race, too, the Dakar Rally consists of more than just cars, but motorcycles, trucks, and much more. The specific route isn't always outlined either, rather it's up to the drivers and teams to plan out and create the most efficient paths. What makes it really scary, though, is that breaking down happens frequently. Not many worse places to be stranded than the middle of a desert.

7 Rallye Deutschland

Upon first glance, the Rallye Deutschland doesn't seem as bad as one would be lead to believe. After all, it is an asphalt-paved road for most of the circuit. Yet, this course can still provide a significant challenge.

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To illustrate this, according to the WRC Deutschland page, the course is "viewed as the most difficult of the end-of-season asphalt encounters." The race's high-speed, narrow roads, and high-stakes at the end of the season, helps the German venue to be entertaining along with terrifying for those competing.

6 Rally Turkey

Sometimes what can make a road course scary isn't just its speed, but its length and surface. For example, the Rally Turkey is one of the slower races, yet is also very long with a rough gravel surface.

The gravel serves to ruin someone's day two-fold, it can be hard to drive on and cause damage to the vehicle. Either way, drivers are going to struggle in one of the longest courses of the season, as long as they can stay focused.

5 Rally Sweden

When you have a rally in a place like Sweden, you're almost guaranteed to see some snow. In fact, according to the WRC Rally Sweden page, Rally Sweden is the "only true winter round."

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If you've ever driven in the snow, you're already aware of how trying it can be. Now, imagine this same activity, but at ludicrous speeds on small backroads. That, in essence, is the Rally Sweden; comprised of thick lumps of snow, freezing temperatures, icy roads, and every negative characteristic of winter.

4 Corsica Linea Tour De Corse

Thankfully, with a sport as demanding and dangerous as the WRC, the fatalities are not as significant as they could be. That being said, there are still a good bit of them, with the most coming from this track: Corsica Linea Tour De Corse.

The Tour De Corse has been around for decades in the WRC, regardless of its dangerous surroundings and handful of casualties. As the years go on, though, safety improves so drivers can push themselves without fear of death. Then again, Corsica Linea is still difficult and not to be taken lightly.

3 Argentina Rally (Cantera)

Thankfully, through modern technology and branding, fans have a chance to experience what the drivers feel through video games and simulations. Recently, the WRC has released their own game, WRC 8, that has one of the hardest and scariest rallies out there: The Cantera segment.

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The real-life version of this is a part of the Argentina Rally. Overall, the Argentina Rally is full of tracks exactly like this one. Full of sharp corners, hillsides, cliffs, and giant rocks blocking the way. Trying to clear this corse in a video game is frightening to begin with, not to mention how it must feel for the real racers.

2 East African Safari Rally

Like the Dakar Rally, the East African Safari Rally is not as straight-forward as the standard WRC rally. This, for a long time, stopped the WRC from coming to East Africa, until now with its confirmation into the 2020 calendar.

Drivers, however, shouldn't expect this course to be a breeze. In reality, the East African Safari Rally is one of the hardest and most grueling rallies in the world. With several hundred kilometers of racing and time-attacks through vast deserts and barren wastelands, the addition of this event should (easily) become the WRC's most difficult race on their schedule.

1 Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo (Also known as Monaco) really does have it all. They've got richest, history, Formula One, and the World Rally Cross series! Like with their street circuit, the rally equivalent is narrow and difficult for drivers during any season.

Unlike the Monaco GP, though, the Monte Carlo rally is sometimes held during winter months. As such, the snow usually falls making a small, cliffside road course even more treacherous. For those who have watched the series, played the video games, and are avid fans of WRC, you are well aware of how scary Monte Carlo can be, especially with snow. Perhaps this is the reason why drivers and fans alike fear what Monte Carlo can do (Not to mention the death toll, too).

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