Ram 1500 Bigfoot Edition’s Supercharger Lets The Truck’s V8 Push Out More Power

If you're not willing to wait for a Hellcat-powered Ram truck, then why not try this Ram 1500 Bigfoot custom tuned pickup?

Ram 1500 Bigfoot Edition’s Supercharger Let’s The Truck’s V8 Push Out More Power

This Ram 1500 Bigfoot Edition has been upgraded with a massive supercharger to provide over 50% more power.

We already know that Fiat Chrysler is planning on bringing the 6.2-L supercharged V8 of the Challenger Hellcat to the Ram 1500 pickup. We don’t know just when Ram engineers will get around to showing off their supercharged super truck, but we know it’s definitely going to happen.

But if you can’t wait, there’s a German tuning company that can get you most of the way there without needing to wait for Dodge to get their act together.

Made by German Motors & Engineering (GME), this 2018 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport 4-door Crew Cab has been given a few choice upgrades to push its 5.7-L V8 from 395 hp and 410 lb-ft to a whopping 550 hp and 530 lb-ft.

What incredible feats of German engineering made it all possible? Well, first they had to get permission from the German Technical Control Board (TÜV), because of course there’s a German Technical Control Board. Then once all the paperwork was filed, they slapped an Edelbrock supercharger kit inside.


They also added a new air-water-air intercooler and an electric refrigerant pump to keep things from exploding, but the power is all coming from that Supercharger.

GME also strongly hints that they can push the power of that engine all the way to 900 horses if they so choose. It’d involve yet another “appropriate boost to the engine hardware”, but why stop at 550 when 900 is available?

Ram 1500 Bigfoot Edition’s Supercharger Let’s The Truck’s V8 Push Out More Power
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Of course, GME didn’t stop at just the engine. The Ram’s suspension has been given a 9.5-inch lift kit along with height-adjustable FOX suspension struts. There’s also a ton of other suspension upgrades to keep this beast as smooth as possible.

Wheels are 20-inch rims with 37-inch Toyo off-road tires. In order to fit the massive wheels, GME needed to customize the wheel fenders, which are naturally wider. To allow passengers to get inside without hassle, a set of motorized running boards are installed, along with a new set of Xenon headlights.

GME didn’t list a price for their creation, but they did list a name: Bigfoot Edition. Seems a little on the nose, but this is a German pickup, after all.


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