Check Out The Ram 3500 Heavy Duty's Interior

Fiat Chrysler has put their 2020 Ram 3500 on display yet again, and this time we get a peek at its interior.

Check Out The Ram 3500 Heavy Duty's Interior

There’s a new set of spy photos out for the upcoming 2020 Ram 3500 Heavy Duty.

It’s been another month, so there’s gotta be another set of spy photos as Fiat Chrysler does the usual parade of vinyl-covered pickups to remind us that they’re still alive and on the way. Not that we really needed the reminder. Fiat is pretty big on testing their trucks out in the open so that we can get a good look at ‘em.

Unfortunately, Fiat is also pretty good about covering their trucks in enough vinyl that it probably adds another ton to the curb weight. We haven’t seen giant plumes of smoke coming from the exhaust quite yet, but that’s probably just because no driver has been given the go-ahead to put their foot down. We’re sure that if these trucks ever tried to haul it with that much vinyl it’d be a struggle.

via Autoblog

So the bad news is that we can barely see anything new on the outside. We expect to see a new grille with some unique elements in the same way that each trim of the Ram 1500 gets unique styling elements. And we also expect to see a new bumper and a new set of headlights that more closely match the Ram 1500 as well.


The good news is that we’ve got a view of the inside now (thanks to the tireless photographers working for Autoblog), and it looks pretty much the same as the 1500. That’s a good thing--the Ram 1500 is easily the most stylish of modern trucks and it comes with a pretty heft infotainment screen. This one seems to have an 8.4-inch UConnect display, but there’s sure to be a 12-inch hiding out there somewhere.

Check Out The Ram 3500 Heavy Duty's Interior
via Autoblog

It’s expected to have a 5-inch display on the very base model. Truck drivers don’t get the luxury of album art displayed from their Apple CarPlay, it seems.

Power is expected to be unchanged from the current lineup, which means the 5.7-L and 6.4-L HEMI V8s as well as the 6.7-L Cummins diesel. There’s been much talk within Fiat of introducing mild hybrid technology to the 1500, but we’re not convinced that’ll make it over to the heavier duty trucks.

Expect things to get a little less camouflage-covered by 2019.


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