Ram Celebrates 10th Anniversary As Its Own Brand With New Ads To Convince You To Buy A Ram

Ram Celebrates 10th Anniversary As Its Own Brand With New Ads To Convince You To Buy A Ram

Ram is celebrating 10 years as its own brand with a new advertising campaign that showcases all the cool stuff they’ve done since 2009.

Way back in the day, Ram was just a name for Dodge pickup trucks. Then, the pickup business started picking up in the 2000’s and Fiat Chrysler decided to do something unconventional: they detached Ram from Dodge and spun it off into its own brand.

At the time, the move was controversial. Now, Fiat Chrysler can easily call it a huge success thanks to the meteoric rise in Ram pickup sales. In 2019, they’re nipping at the heels of Ford, which is something that was totally unthinkable just a decade ago.

And to celebrate that success and 10 years as their own brand, Ram is unveiling a media blitz that will include social media and traditional television commercial ads that showcase just what makes Ram so special. Starting with their "Power of Innovation" ad that debuts on Saturday, October 5th.

After the extremely patriotic 1-minute reminder of just how much Ram has done for America, the second-biggest pickup brand will showcase their new engine technology thanks to a 30-second "HEMI" video. This mostly has to do with Ram's eTorque tech that turns every pickup into a mild hybrid. It replaces the alternator with a small electric generator and motor combo that not only keeps the regular battery fed, but it also provides low-end torque and start/stop capability for the engine.

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And then there's "Bed", which showcases all the cool stuff you can add to your Ram's bed. Rambox Cargo Management side cabinets provide extra storage space and someplace to keep smaller items while also providing out outlets for use of power tools. A 60/40 split tailgate makes it easier to access bed contents without having everything spill out, too.

At the center of each of these ads is a nice long stare at Ram's new 12-inch Uconnect screen--the biggest of any truck maker (at least, so far).

We’re sure to see more innovation as Ram keeps on truckin’. Here’s to another 10 years.

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