2020 Ram Power Wagon Spotted In Testing

The new 2020 Ram Power Wagon has been spotted on public roads and looking very out of place.

As usual, it’s still far too early to come to any conclusions about the plastic-coated monstrosity that we see here stalking family sedans in a parking lot. About the most we can guarantee is that this is definitely a Ram 2500 and almost certainly the off-road-focused Power Wagon trim.

How can we tell? Besides the unmistakably bulky silhouette of a Ram 2500, this truck also comes with a set of off-road-ready tires that label it as a Power Wagon. We’d recognize that chunky tread anywhere. Also note the heavy-duty live axles just beneath the chassis.

As for the rest of the truck, it’s hard to tell with all the vinyl coating every square inch. We expect much of the styling to come from the 2019 Ram 1500, so expect similar head and tail lights along with some unique grille elements. It looks like the side mirrors and roofline have also been updated, along with a set of chunkier wheel fenders. It’s completely possible that the vinyl is also covering some fake additions to throw us off, but we’re pretty confident in those planted arches.

That front bumper is also probably hiding a winch under there, but again it’s hard to tell.

Also unknowable is what’s under the hood. We expect the 2020 Power Wagon to have the same engine as before, which is a 6.4-L HEMI V8 putting out 410 prancing ponies. FCA really needs to get to work on making a few new engines here and there so we have something really excited to speculate over. Expect that engine to again be mounted to a 6-speed automatic transmission as before.

The interior should also follow the Ram 1500, which means an 8.4-inch LCD as standard and a 12-inch touchscreen if you ask nicely and give them more money.

We expect this to become a 2020 model, so the vinyl will slowly come off until the truck is ready to take a bow in late 2019.


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