Ram Rebel TRX Spotted Climbing Sand Dunes With 707 HP Hellcat Engine

While out at a sandy test track, spy photographers managed to capture a bunch of footage of the new Ram Rebel TRX.

Ram Rebel TRX

The Ram Rebel TRX has been spotted in the wild pushing it’s Hellcat engine up sand dunes.

The last we heard from the Raptor-fighting Ram Rebel TRX, a fresh leak had given us brand new details on what to expect from the Hellcat-powered pickup--besides the fact it would share the Hellcat’s 707 horsepower.

The leak stated that a small engineering firm in Detroit had been contracted to produce 40 prototypes with 30 painted black and 10 white. Most would have the Hellcat engine, but one lucky truck would be powered by the Demon's 840 horsepower V8.

And now we’re getting our first good look at some of those 10 black-painted Rebels thanks to YouTube account bmw325num99. They managed to sneak some footage of the prototypes at Silver Lake State Park, Michigan as they scooted up the park's sand dunes, stopped briefly, and then reversed back down.

It’s certainly impressive seeing a big, V8-powered pickup climbing such a steep incline on sand without losing its grip.

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According to the video description, most of the pickups were black and featured blacked-out Laramie badging, which likely just indicates the original Ram 1500 trims that these Rebel prototypes were built from. They were almost all in crew-cab configuration with a half-roll cage in the back for the safety of any accompanying engineers.

"At least one of the Rams had serious supercharger whine," writes the channel owner, which certainly implies a Hellcat engine. However, the other engine revealed in the leak from last March was a brand new, naturally-aspirated 7.0-L V8, codenamed Banshee. It’s possible the bulk of these Rebel prototypes might have had that very engine.

We still don’t have too many details on the Rebel. We know it’s likely to feature a 10-speed automatic, which is strange considering Ram’s preference for 8-speed ZF transmissions. It’ll also have dual Bilstein shocks at each corner and a Viper-style ram-air induction system.

Unfortunately, we still have no idea when Ram will make any announcements or even reveal a production version. Patience will have to be a virtue for a little bit longer at least.

(via Motor1)

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