Ford Ranger Raptor Prototype Spotted--Could America Finally Get A Midsize Raptor

Ford might be bringing the Ranger Raptor to North America after a prototype next-gen model was spotted in the wild.

Ford Ranger Raptor Prototype Spotted--Could America Finally Get A Midsize Raptor

A new prototype for the next-gen Ranger Raptor has been spotted, fueling speculation that America might get the smaller Raptor after all.

When Ford announced the return of the Ranger, we were excited. Although the Ranger hadn't built in the United States for many a year, Ford continued production of the midsize pickup overseas with great success. The Ranger Raptor, in particular, gained a reputation as strong as the F-150 Raptor for being a fun and powerful off-road vehicle.

So when the Ranger returned, we were all hoping for the Ranger Raptor to come along with it. Sadly, that was not to be the case. Ford decided that anywhere a regular Raptor was sold, a Ranger Raptor would not for fear of cannibalizing sales from the larger (and more profitable) F-150 Raptor.

Us Ranger Raptor adherents were forced to look on from afar as places like Thailand and Brazil enjoyed the little off-roader’s 2.0-L twin-turbo diesel and upgraded suspension. But perhaps our wait might not be forever.


A new set of spy photos has emerged that shows what could very well be the next generation of Ranger Raptor. You'll have to migrate over to see them, but it’s got quite the similarity to the Ford Bronco test mule we saw earlier this week, including the same grille, body, and camouflaged suspension. We suspect that because the Bronco and the Ranger are built on the same chassis that they might also be built sharing some of their other parts, such as the solid axles and what might be a set of Fox remote reservoir shocks.

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Sources speaking to Autoblog say that this test mule did not have the distinctive rumble of a 4-cylinder diesel as on the current Ranger Raptor, and instead said it sounded like a V6. They speculate it’s the 2.7-L V6 currently found on the F-150, with 335 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. That’s a lot more than the 210 hp and 370 lb-ft that the current Ranger Raptor gets.

Since it’s spotted in Detroit, there’s some evidence to suggest this will be for the domestic market and not overseas. We can only hope and wait.


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