10 Greatest American Cars Of All Time, Ranked

From the Dodge Charger to the Ford GT, here are some of the most popular and iconic American cars ever produced.

The classic American car has been a staple of the United States Of America and the motor world for decades now, with the country creating some incredible and iconic vehicles throughout history.

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Whether it is a powerful muscle car, a slick sports car, or a family car, America has made a variety of them and they've always looked incredible. Of course, there have been a fair few duds along the way, but that's inevitable. Within this list, we will be ranking 10 of the greatest American cars of all time, taking a deep dive into the motor history of the United States and seeing what stands out.

10 Cadillac Eldorado

Cadillac established themselves as one of the best luxury car-makers right out of the gate. The Eldorado was a personal luxury that became popular within the country, especially as the rock and roll era was starting to emerge.

While other vehicles such as the Buick Riviera and Chrysler Imperial were also created, it would be the Cadillac that outlived them all, making it to 2002 (the vehicle's golden anniversary) and proving just how popular it was. The Eldorado remains one of the most famous vehicles to be created in America. It offered an incredibly comfortable and luxurious ride, helping to cement its legacy.

9 Ford Model T

Jumping right to the very beginning, Henry Ford's Model T was produced from 1908 to 1927. While it isn't a flashy beast of a car, its historical significance cannot be denied, changing the entire landscape of things in America.

During its 19-year production, almost 15 million Model T's were made as Ford refined its mass production process. They would have a major impact on the motoring world, helping to alter the way that Americans lived their lives. From travelling for leisure or work to an emerging middle class, the Model T played a huge role in creating it all. It really stands out as one of the most historic and important cars to ever be created in America.

8 Tesla Model S

Whilst this wasn't the first electric vehicle or even the first Tesla model, the Model S was the car that really took electric vehicles to a new level and helped change the landscape for the future of driving.

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The Model S is the best deal possible in the electric car market and that is why it has become so iconic so quickly, with it being the most luxurious mass-produced electric vehicle on the market. Because things are still very much in the early days when it comes to electric cars, the Tesla Model S will likely rise on this list in the future as well. It's a real pioneer of a car.

7 Dodge Charger

For a lot of people outside America, the Dodge Charger is one of the most iconic cars that the country has ever produced, with the vehicle's look and power summing up the country fairly well.

With the first generation model launching in 1966, the Charger models have become more and more popular with every release, as the vehicle develops more enhanced technology. Sales for the original Dodge Charger were actually quite low, yet the car continued to be produced and improved over time to become the icon it is today.

6 Ford GT

It's Ford once again (and not for the last time) with the Ford GT model, which has proven to not only be one of the greatest American cars of all time, but one of the greatest cars period.

Originally, Henry Ford II attempted to make a deal with Ferrari to have a Ferrari-Ford crossover sports car. An Italian V-12 engine in an American chassis was quite a prospect, but sadly Ferrari pulled out at the last minute and the car never happened. Whilst that is a major shame, this decision led to Henry pushing boundaries, creating the Ford GT40 with the goal of humiliating Ferrari in the Le Mans 24 Hours race. It achieved this in 1966 and Ford hasn't looked back since.

5 Oldsmobile "Rocket" 88

At the time, the Oldsmobile 88 was the fastest American sedan around, and because of that it was incredibly sought after. The sedan was powered by a Rocket V-8 engine, hence its nickname 'Rocket 88.' It was America's first muscle car, launching back in 1949, and was a true hit amongst car lovers.

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Nowadays, the vehicle lives on by often appearing in movies and television shows set in the past, with the Oldsmobile 88 being a popular choice of vehicle to depict the era.

4 Duesenberg Model SJ

Another classic car that changed the game --and was a major hit within America-- was the Duesenberg Model SJ, which was the antithesis of the cheap Fords and Chevys that many people drove during the Depression.These vehicles were classy, hand-built, and were for those who didn't have to worry about money.

With great style and elegance, the upper class would often be spotted driving around in a Model SJ. However, the cars didn't just look great, they performed well as well. With four valves per cylinder and supercharged straight-eight engines, the car was allegedly capable of 104 mph in just second gear.

3 Chevrolet Corvette

Back to a more well-known, modern vehicle now. The Chevrolet Corvette first burst onto the scene in 1953. While there have been some questionable Corvettes throughout time (mainly in the 70s), for the most part, they have been a staple of American vehicles.

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The Iconic C2 Sting Rays (as pictured) were a real game changer for Chevy, producing a car that had real speed and power whilst also managing to be aesthetically pleasing. Today, the Corvette remains a very popular choice and is still at the forefront of technology, breaking boundaries to ensure that they are the top-of-the-line choice.

2 AMC Eagle

A total opposite to the Corvette, the AMC Eagle is a car for the everyman and was actually an incredibly important car for AMC as a company (who were barely holding on at the time) with the Eagle swooping in to save the day.

The Eagle was fit with an all-wheel-drive system that was taken from Jeeps. It was one of the world's first crossovers, selling over 180,000 units. Very impressive impressive for a niche vehicle. Although it wasn't as popular amongst the masses as perhaps some other options on this list, the car remains an incredible iconic one that has been imitated many times since.

1 Ford Mustang

Does it get much more iconic than a Ford Mustang? These vehicles have changed the game when it comes to cars. They were an immediate overnight sensation, with over 1 million Mustangs selling within the first 18 months of production.

The Mustang created an entirely new automotive genre with the ponycar, designed with a specific demographic in mind: baby boomers. With every new model, the company seems to take things up a notch further. The Mustang simply matches style with power in the greatest way possible.

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