Ranked: Highways With The Highest Speed Limits

From 60+mph limits to no limit at all, these are the best roads for speed demons to check out!

Driving at fast speeds is something that everyone dreams of doing when they first learn to drive, with the wind in their hair and not a care in the world, however, the reality is that speed limits restrict this from happening.

However, even though most highways will restrict you from going at incredibly high speeds, there are some select roads that have very high-speed limits, allowing people to drive at incredible speeds without breaking the law.

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Most people are not aware of many of these incredible highways and therefore, within this article, we will rank the 10 highways with the highest speed limits around the world, which allow gearheads to really get the most out of their cars.

10 Ontario Highway 407 (62 mph)

The Ontario Highway 407 has a speed limit of 62 miles per hour, and is one of the first examples of a highway to use open road tolling in the world, having no toll booths, but instead using radio antennas to detect transponder tags in cars, sending monthly bills to homes.

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This is the main reason that the highway is allowed to have such a high speed limit, as the fact that there is no need to stop in order to pay a toll, keeps the traffic flowing.

9 Sheikh Zayed Highway (68 mph)

The Sheikh Zayed Highway is located in the UAE and has a speed limit of 68 miles per hour, however, that is actually lower than what it originally was, with the highway actually starting at a 74 mph speed limit.

The speed limit was actually reduced for a national initiative in order to reduce road fatalities to zero for 2020, which was likely because in 2012 the road saw 123 drivers killed and 171 severely injured.

However, for those, more sensible drivers, this is another great highway that will allow drivers to really enjoy their ride for over 300 miles.

8 M45 (70 mph)

In England, the M45 has a speed limit of 70 miles per hour, allowing drivers to enjoy an impressive drive, although the stretch of road is incredibly short, with the M45 only lasting for 8 miles.

This was once the main route to Birmingham from London, making it one of the most heavily trafficked roads in the entirety of England, yet with the opening of the M6, a lot of the traffic was pulled away, making this a much easier and quieter drive.

On top of that, the road is virtually untouched by British authorities, with this road also having very few speed cameras, which means a lot of drivers tend to break the law and push the limits of how fast to drive here.

7 Arizona Route 79 (75 mph)

The next highway on the list is the Arizona Route 79, which is obviously located in Arizona and has a speed limit of 75 miles per hour, which allows any car enthusiast to really enjoy their ride whilst taking in the surroundings.

Despite the fact that the speed limit is so high, the average speed limit on Route 79 is actually between 87-90 mph, with drivers clearly trying their luck on the road, with the highest ever recorded speed being a whopping 115 mph.

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With the average road death rate being 1 in every 11 hours, which is very high and is a great reason for people to take extra care whilst driving on this highway.

6 U.S. Interstate 15 (77 mph)

The I-15 is a long-running highway in America and therefore it does change in speed throughout, with the highest speed limit clocking in at 77 miles per hour as the highway runs through Nevada.

Whilst it is unlikely anybody is going to drive throughout the entire highway from start to finish, and if they do the changing speed limits will likely be a frustration, that section of the road does allow for some incredibly fast driving to take place.

It might not be as idyllic as some of the other highways on the list, but it does provide a rather enjoyable drive at a good speed.

5 Stuart Highway (80 mph)

The Stuart Highway is located in Australia and is one of the most beautiful highways that anybody can find around the world, with incredible views of the Australian outback being available to the driver.

Drivers are also able to reach speeds of 80 mph on this highway, meaning drivers are able to hit incredible speeds whilst they take in all of the views on the incredible 1,760-mile-long highway.

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The highway didn't even have a speed limit until 2007, with the signs instead stating for people to, "drive at a safe speed to suit the conditions."

4 The Autostrada (80 mph)

This highway is located in Poland and has a very high-speed limit of 80 miles per hour, allowing drivers to really flex their accelerator muscles and get from point A to B incredibly quickly.

A speed limit this high is a rare thing in Europe, and therefore those who are looking to drive at high speeds might want to head to this highway to check it out, although the sights aren't overly special, as can be seen in the photo.

However, with the speed limit being so high, the road is a very risky one, with Poland actually being home to some of the most dangerous roads in Europe, with more road deaths happening in Poland than any other country in the European continent.

3 Texas State Highway 130 (85 mph)

Another incredibly fast highway that allows drivers to hit some high speeds is the Texas State Highway 130, which has a high speed limit of 85 mph, allowing drivers to really work their cars.

Even though the speed limit is so high, very few accidents actually take place on this highway because it has a very low amount of daily traffic on the 80-mile long highway.

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However, one issue to be aware of on this highway is that it has very high toll rates, with residents having to pay $6, while non-residents must be prepared to drop $8, which is always worth considering.

2 A1 (91 mph)

If you want some serious high-speed driving, then the A1 in Italy is the perfect place for it, with speed limits allowing cars to travel as fast as 91 miles per hour on the road that connects Milan and Rome.

With the road connecting two of Italy's most beautiful and popular cities, this is a dream way of traveling for any car enthusiast who is wanting to see both cities and do some driving in between.

Being able to reach such high speeds certainly comes with its risks as drivers must be focused at all times, but it certainly provides a thrilling experience.

1 Autobahn (No Speed Limit)

For those looking to crank some real speed, you will need to head over to Germany and get on the Autobahn, which actually has no speed limit at all, with drivers being able to go as fast as they want.

There is only 65% of the highway that has no speed limit, but even the other 35% has a 60-80mph limit, which is still incredibly impressive, meaning this really is the road that people can hit the pedal to the medal.

Unfortunately, 67% of all road deaths in Germany occur on those without speed limits, which is a clear sign to be cautious about going on, but for those who want to explore exactly what their car is made of, then this really is the road to do it on.

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