Ranking The 10 Best Cars For Pet Owners

As a pet owner, your whole life revolves around your dogs in a way. With that said, we're ranking the best cars from Ford and more that you should own

In today's society, being a pet owner has achieved the status of parenthood for many. After all, many of those treat their pets as they were their children, in the same level as if these were humans. Just like when you have human kids, you can face the same dilemma when having pets: what car to buy to fit the growing family.

There are several options for those who make their pets part of their families and who want to ride with them with comfort and safety, while making sure there is enough room for them to de-stress while going to or coming back from the vet's appointment. No matter what you do or what kind of pets, there is something for you here. Here are the 10 best cars for pet owners:

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10 Buick Encore

One of Buick's best selling cars, this small SUV comes with many handy features for those who own pets. With prices starting at $23,000, the Encore comes with large rear doors and cargo floors.

It also has a rear hatch, that "makes it easy for dogs to get in and out, and its 60/40-fold-flat rear seats and fold-flat front passenger seat provide plenty of room for Fido to stretch out," an Autotrader report said. The car also provides excellent handling, for a more comfortable ride.

9 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

This Chrysler minivan proves to be not only family-friendly but pet-friendly as well. Starting at $41,000, the model comes in with an excellent fuel economy and a myriad of safety features that will make your ride safer.

This model may not be the least expensive option on the road, but it's the only minivan that can travel up to 33 miles relying only on electric power. Other features include a low cargo floor, that can help you a lot if you have cats or small dogs.

8 Land Rover Discovery

If you're looking to take your pets to a luxurious ride, this may be the car for you. Starting at $52,090, this Land Rover hit comes in with a flap that covers your bumper, so your pets don't scratch the back of the car when getting in or out. Another feature that would make life easier is the air suspension, which allows you to lower the rear part of the car for your mascots.

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Other features in the discovery include seats that lie nearly flat, cargo area with near-vertical sides to fit your pet's crate, and Activity Key, which allows you to lock and unlock the Discovery through proximity. A package of optional features call Pet Packs is also available.

7 Subaru Crosstrek

One of the best selling cars for adventurous families, the Subaru Crosstrek also fits perfectly for the pet owner, adventurous or not. With starting prices under $23,000, the Subaru model comes with standard all-wheel drive, 8.7 inches of ground clearance and rugged off-road ability, something very usual for a crossover.

As being quite the tall car, your mascots may have to jump to get into the car, but there is comfort while inside, with spacious rear seats and accessories available. Although the engine isn't very powerful, the Crosstrek delivers exceptional fuel economy and safety features that made Subaru models among the safest available.

6 Toyota Corolla Hatchback

Known as one of the best selling cars in the world, the Corolla comes not only in its sedan version but also in hatchback, which can be of great value for pet and their owners. The Autotrader report considered the hatchback Corolla a car that "offers all the advantages of a compact sedan with the added benefit of a versatile hatchback design -- perfect for city dogs and their owners."

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Starting at $21,0o0, the version comes with a low cargo area access, perfect for larger pets, such as big dogs. Its interior is pet-friendly, and your pets will ride comfortably. Other features include heated seats, pre-collision avoidance system, and Apple CarPlay connectivity.

5 Volvo V90

Being the only station wagon in our list, the V90 is not only a wagon that would remind you of the trips you had in the old family wagon. It combines the handling of a sedan with the versatility of an SUV, making the Volvo model a great choice for you and your pets. With initial prices at $48,000, the V90 comes equipped with a 2.0L turbocharged engine, delivering power for a smooth ride.

The interior is luxurious, with leather trim on seats and dashboard, as well as a huge touchscreen display. Other features include a power-activated hatch door, a large cargo area, and safety features.

4 Volkswagen Atlas

This new Volkswagen SUV comes in as an option for those looking for a large SUV without spending a fortune. With an initial price of $30,750, the Atlas comes in with a roomy interior, so you and your pets can travel comfortably, thanks to a spacious cargo area and three rows of seating, with a 50/50 split that allows a crate to be placed without jeopardizing comfort for the other passengers.

Other features include tri-zone automatic temperature control, for a cooler feel inside the cabin, synthetic leather seats, for easier maintenance, and a reliable engine.

3 Mercedes-Benz GLS

Here's a car model for you if you're looking for the highest standard of safety and luxury in the same product. Starting at $69,550, the GLS fares at the higher end of choices for pet owners, but it's certainly worth the price for those willing to invest in comfort for their pets. This model comes with leather upholstery that is easy to clean, a roomy passenger and cargo areas, for both people and pets to get in or out safely, and air suspension that allows drivers to lower the car, making it easier for midsized dogs to circulate.

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Other features in the GLS include a 3.0-liter 362-horsepower V6 engine, all-wheel drive, and huge package of optional items.

2 Ford Escape

Just like some other entrants of this list, the Ford Escape has been around for many years, so you can either buy a brand new one or a pre-owned. This compact SUV will certainly please your pets, as it delivers a comfortable ride, thanks to powerful turbocharged engine choices and available features like a panoramic sunroof and rear-seat air ducts, for a cooler ride in the summer and warmer one when it's chilly.

The Escape comes with good cargo area, which includes a 12-volt power outlet for a cooling fan when your pets need some cool when it's hot, and a towing capability of up to 3,500 pounds. The only drawback is that smaller pets could have a hard time getting out, as a step accessory or a rear bumper is recommended.

1 RAM 1500

This is, by far, the largest entrant in this list. As it is strong and robust, the RAM 1500 sounds ideal for those whose pets are grown beings, such as big dogs. Starting at $31,695, the RAM model is huge in cargo space and crew cab, with 4 extra inches added to it in the 2019 version. That extra space allows you to fit crates in the back seat much more comfortably. In case you need to carry your pets in the bed, there will still be good room in there.

Other features include air suspension, running boards, a 110-volt power outlet for a portable fan to keep pets cool, and a RamBin storage container, perfect to store toys, leashes, treats, and anything else your pets will need for the journey.

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