Ranking The 20 Worst Car Mods We’ve Seen In 2018

Car modifications and customizations have been popular for as long as people have had their cars. After all, many car enthusiasts out there feel the need to make their little pet car stand out on the road and make it different and unique. When it comes to people’s creativity, there are no limits. And while some of those ideas are pretty impressive and great-looking, there are also those that make us wonder what the owners of the vehicle were thinking when they came up with those weird concepts.

Today, we're about to take a closer look at 20 worst car mods we've seen in 2018. From totally impractical features to downright bizarre concepts, people’s need to impress sometimes makes them go one step too far when it comes to customizing their vehicles. If you've ever seen at least one episode of MTV’s show Pimp My Ride, you know very well what we're talking about. Sure, the show was canceled some time ago, but people haven't stopped adding crazy mods to their vehicles. If anything, it seems that the car modders are getting more creative than ever with their ideas for the unbelievable features that'll make their cars stand out–often for all the wrong reasons. So without further ado, let’s get to the point and take a look at 20 worst car mods we've seen in 2018!

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20 Are Wonky Wheels A Thing?

via dailymail.co.uk

When you look at this car’s wonky wheels, you'll think that it's almost a miracle that this car has found its way to the road. However, it seems that wonky wheels are becoming a thing. In fact, we've had a chance to see several cars with lopsided tires like these in the picture. What's wrong with having just a regular set of tires that people feel the need to exchange them for tires like these? After all, those tires are bound to cause a number of issues for the person driving this car, not to mention how the authorities might react if they saw this. Besides, it cannot possibly be safe to drive a car like this, which automatically puts other people on the road in danger as well.

Mods and customizations are all fun and games until the moment when they start endangering the passengers on the road.

After all, when it comes to driving any kind of motorized vehicle, personal safety has always been one of the most if not the most important things to take into consideration. For all the reasons above, this vehicle definitely deserves a spot on our list of 20 worst car mods we’ve seen in 2018.

19 Size Matters

via heavyeditorial.files.wordpress.com

You don’t have to be a car expert to know that when it comes to the wheels, the size definitely matters. That's the reason why so many people are customizing their cars by adding larger wheels to them to get a better driving experience. And you also don’t have to be an expert to know that the wheels on your car should all be the same size–or at least close to that. However, that's obviously not the case with this car in the picture. Immediately, as you take a glance at this car, it becomes clear that the back tire is significantly smaller than the front tire, and it gives the whole vehicle a quite ridiculous look. Whether this was just a temporary solution or was actually a purposely made customization remains a mystery, but one way or the other, it's one of the worst car mods we've seen in 2018. And of course, there's also the car color that was obviously chosen with the purpose to make the car look more expensive and more impressive, but it all goes down the drain right there with that small back tire. There's no color in the world that could compensate for that and make this car look actually cool.

18 Yes, This Car Is Real

via yeahmotor.com

The first thing most people would probably think if they saw this picture would be that it's just another photoshopped pic to make a regular car look funny and cartoonish. Well, you can’t blame them for thinking that because that's exactly what this car looks like. However, this is an actual photo of an actual car, and no one has tampered with it in any way—with the picture, I mean. The car has obviously been tampered with, and the story of how it happened is quite interesting.

It appears that there's a new trend among Smart Car owners to add as many mods to their cars as possible to make them look like sports cars.

However, since the Smart Car is as small as it is, no matter what you add to it, it'll always end up looking like a squeezed-down version of a full-size sports car. Here in the picture, we can see the result of the Smart Car owner trying to make his car look like a Corvette, and the result is very cartoonish, and all of the vehicle’s proportions are just wrong. Basically, it looks almost as if somebody squeezed down a Corvette and left it out there on the road.

17 Well, Hello There, Kitty

via betrending.com

If you thought this was just a magnified picture of a toy car designed for kids between the age of 6 and 12, we're sorry to tell you that you were completely wrong. This is an actual picture of an actual car, and the only thing we know for sure about the owner is that he or she's probably one of the biggest Hello Kitty fans on the entire planet. You know how some people get a Hello Kitty (or any other) sticker and put it on their car to let everybody know they're a fan? Now, multiply that by a million, and what you get is the car in the picture. We're not sure what this car looks like on the outside, but by looking at this picture, we've come to the conclusion that some things are better left undiscovered. However, it's pretty safe to assume that the outside of the car matches the inside because somebody who put this much work into customizing his or her car’s interior definitely didn’t leave the exterior untouched. So, let’s just hope the owner won’t get tired of Hello Kitty soon because it might be a real challenge to sell this car to a new owner.

16 Liam Nissan

via dailymail.co.uk

Even the biggest Liam Neeson fans would probably agree with us that this car enthusiast (and Liam Neeson enthusiast) has taken things a bit too far here. However, one must appreciate the pun here and agree that transforming your Nissan into a Liam Nissan is actually pretty hilarious. So, how do you transform a Nissan car into Liam Nissan? Well, according to whoever the creator of this bizarre vehicle is, all you have to do is cover your car in Liam Neeson’s pictures and then just take it for a spin on the nearest road.

One can’t help but wonder what Mr. Neeson would think if he saw this crazy creation.

And while we agree that the idea is pretty creative and funny, we could only hardly call this mod a good one. After all, the very point of customizing a car is to make it in some way better, isn’t it? And while Liam Neeson’s pictures definitely make the car stand out, they only hardly make it better in any way except for making it hilarious. One way or the other, seeing this car rolling down the road next to you would probably make your day, don’t you agree?

15 A Bugatti Wannabe

via Buzzfeed

Every car enthusiast in the world can probably understand why a person would like to own a Bugatti. After all, being crowned the fastest car in the world, the Bugatti is sort of a superhero in the car world. However, trying to turn your own old car into a Bugatti is something that's bound to go wrong no matter how good a job you do. By looking at this pic, it's hard to tell whether this is a Subaru BRZ or a Scion FRS, but we for sure know it's not a Bugatti, no matter how hard the owner had tried to make it look that way. However, we know that imitation is the highest form of flattery, so this customization was probably made to be some kind of a tribute to the great Bugatti, but it ended up looking just a little bit sad when you really think about it, mostly because of how poorly the panels were installed, as well as because of the fact that a Bugatti wannabe will never actually be an actual Bugatti. One way or the other, if you're planning to customize your car and will try to turn it into another, the well-known car probably isn’t the way to go.

14 The Golden Rush

via Buzzfeed

Wow. Just wow. Let’s all take a moment to look at this car and feel bad for the owner because he or she obviously spent a lot of money to customize it in order to impress people. But instead of that, the owner ended up having a car that looks like something that belongs to the set of a bad music video from the ‘90s. So, it seems that it's actually possible to have too much gold. Although, in all fairness, this Chevrolet Camaro probably isn’t covered with a real gold, and if it was, it wouldn’t make this horrible concept any better; in fact, it would probably just make it worse when you think about it. Basically, when it comes to bling, it can really be a great thing when it’s done in good taste. However, when a person goes overboard with it, it can become really trashy really fast. Obviously, the owner of this car went too far with trying to make this car look cool and impressive, and the result is just something that most people would probably roll their eyes at if they saw it on the street. You know how people say sometimes less is more? Well, they're definitely right.

13 A Car Or A Spaceship?

via dailymail.co.uk

Why would a person drive a simple car when he or she can drive a spaceship? That's probably not a question that comes to one’s mind often, yet there was at least one person who thought that turning a car into a spaceship would be a good idea. Well, we're sorry to say that it wasn’t.

From the awkward shape of this strange customized car to its color, everything about this vehicle seems pretty bizarre.

To make things even worse, it seems that it's actually a campervan that's been modified into a spaceship, so there's a chance that the owner either lives in it or at least spends a lot of time in it during his or her travels. One way or the other, this isn't something you expect to see parked next to your motorhome when you go camping with your friends or family. Besides the obvious aesthetical downside to this vehicle, it also doesn’t seem very practical, considering the size of this thing. Since it's made to be way longer than the original vehicle, finding a fitting parking space might cause the driver quite some trouble. However, if the owner's happy with it, there's only so much we can say.

12 The Smoker Car

via dailymail.co.uk

Adding human-like facial features to the cars is something people have been doing for quite some time now. After all, we’ve all seen cars with eyelashes, with big smiles, and even with teeth. However, this car owner has decided to take things one step further and to add a cigarette-like shape to the car’s “mouth” as well. As a result, here we have a car with a big smile and with a full set of teeth, and it appears to be a smoker as well. In the world that warns us all about the dangers of smoking, trying to make smoking look cool is something generally considered wrong. Apart from that, it also makes for a pretty bizarre car modification that not everybody wants to see on the road. However, not only is the cigarette in question something many people would consider wrong, but the car’s teeth also weren’t done all that well.

If a set of really crooked and badly spaced teeth is what the owner was going for, then it was a job well done.

With all that in mind, even a good idea can turn out bad if it isn’t done properly, and we can all agree that this wasn’t such an amazing idea, to begin with.

11 Pretty In Pink

via dailymail.co.uk

It's hard to decide where to start when describing all the things that have gone wrong with this awkward car modification. First of all, the color of the car is something that can hardly go unnoticed and, unfortunately, not for the right reasons. Then, there's the strange shape of the vehicle that makes it look like something in between a car and a small spaceship. And of course,  there are those super wonky wheels that look almost as if they were about to detach from the vehicle at any moment. So many things have gone wrong with all the customizations that were made to this car that it's hard to find at least one thing that's actually cool about the vehicle in question. Whoever the owner is, he or she's definitely made sure that the car stands out in the crowd–for all the wrong reasons, of course. Sometimes, less is more, and when you keep adding stuff to your car, you can easily end up with something that doesn’t even look like a car anymore. But one thing we know for sure is that this vehicle definitely isn’t something you expect to see in a parking lot next to you.

10 Driving And Jamming

via Buzzfeed

One of the most popular ways for people to customize their cars is by enhancing their stereo systems, and people all over the world have been doing that for as long as this option even existed. However, it's one thing to add a speaker or two to your car, and it's a completely different thing to jam-pack as many speakers into the car as physically possible. We agree that a good sound system can really improve the overall driving experience, especially if you're a music enthusiast as well as a car enthusiast, but the sound system in the picture could do not only that; it could also probably blow out windows. So, just like with basically anything in life, there's a fine line between doing things the right way and going completely over the top. We can all agree that in this case, that line has been crossed—and not by just a little. In fact, this car’s owner is so far from the line, he or she can’t even see the line anymore. On the other hand, the owner's probably well known to organize cool parties on road trips, so here's to that! Just hope that this car owner won’t be staying anywhere near you.

9 The Broom Vroom

via betrending.com

Out of all the crazy car modifications we've seen so far, one must admit that this one is definitely among the funniest ones. Somebody obviously got tired of cleaning the snow off of his or her car, so the owner came up with this cute little patent that was supposed to help with that. And while this is actually kind of a smart idea when you think about it (assuming it actually serves its purpose), there's no denying that this looks completely ridiculous. In fact, it looks like one of those pictures people would end up sharing on social media forever, as this is definitely not something you get to see every day. But kudos to whoever came up with this Broom Vroom idea, and let’s just hope that now that the summer is approaching, he or she's taken the brooms down.

In fact, let’s hope the brooms were installed on the car just because of the snow in the first place and not because the owner thought that having a broom sweeping the windshield would look cool.

But for the record, the actual windshield wipers would probably get the job done, too, so there was no need to do this. However, we agree that this car owner’s way is way more interesting and original.

8 The Smart Tank

via Ranker

What do you do when you own one of the smallest cars in the world yet you want it to look big and powerful? Well, you turn it into a tank. Or better yet, you don’t—because it might end up looking pretty awkward. And while many people seem to like the camouflage pattern and often paint their cars like that, this car enthusiast has decided to take things one step further and to turn his tiny Smart into a Smart Tank. And the result? Well, for starters, the car looks much more like a children’s toy than like a real car, and that's not really a look many people would go for.

And while the military-inspired look is something many people enjoy when it comes to their clothes, boots, and accessories, having a military-inspired car that strongly reminds of a tank can give other people a completely wrong idea.

After all, there's nothing really cool about wars and things associated with them, and it's especially risky to own a car like this in Germany where this picture was actually taken. With all that in mind, it's no big surprise that this Smart Tank found its way into our list of the worst car mods we’ve seen this year.

7 I’m Batman

via Ranker

If you're a Batman franchise fan, you've probably tried saying “I’m Batman” in the distinctive Batman-like voice at some point. But you know what would be even more impressive? Saying that while stepping out of your own personal Batmobile. Or at least, that's what the owner of this vehicle probably thought. However, this isn’t just a simple Batmobile. Actually, what we have here is an upgraded version, and we're going to call it a "Batlimo"—as if a Batmobile itself wasn’t enough. However, this is something that often happens with the biggest fans of certain comic books, films, TV shows, or video games; they want everybody to know how in love they are with their favorite superhero or story, and they tend to go overboard with doing that. And while most of the people stick with simple cosplay, the owner of this car probably didn’t think that was enough, and he decided to customize his whole car and basically turn it into Batman’s vehicle. There definitely are other Batman fans out there who find this customization really cool, but for the rest of the world, this is just another modder’s idea gone wrong—unless if the owner, in fact, is the real Batman.

6 The Red Supercar

via Ranker

Every real car enthusiast wants his or her car to look better, more powerful, and ultimately, more expensive. In order to give a car that little extra edge, people are often willing to add all kinds of features to their vehicle, and while most of the times, the results are pretty impressive, there are also those instances where people go so overboard that the result is more ridiculous than impressive, actually. We're guessing that's what happened with this car, which probably started out as a nice Mercedes and ended up looking like something from another planet. First, there's the combination of the red car and the gold details, which, in theory, can look good, but if you take it too far, it ends up looking kind of trashy. Then, we have the gull-wing door mod that really wasn’t necessary with all the other things going on around here. And don’t get me even started on the front… The main problem with this car is that there's just too much stuff going on. In an attempt to create a really cool supercar, whoever modified this car actually created something that gives the impression that he or she was trying way too hard for this vehicle to look impressive, and the result was the exact opposite of that.

5 It’s A Jaguar–Pun Intended

via Ranker

A well thought-through pun is something many people enjoy, but when you turn your whole car into one giant pun, things can turn pretty ridiculous pretty fast.

So, the owner of this car obviously rides a Jaguar, and he probably wanted everybody to know that his car was, in fact, a Jaguar, so he painted it into–yes, you guessed right–a jaguar.

Let’s take a moment to congratulate this person on a dose of good visual humor before we start bashing the whole idea. After all, seeing things that make us laugh or even smile is always nice to see. But that being said, this is still one of the worst car mods we've had a chance to see this year because a car mod is supposed to be many things, but laughable probably isn’t the first thing a true car enthusiast would go for. If making a good joke was what the owner was actually going for, then he's succeeded admirably. However, if impressing everybody with his cool car was his actual goal, then this car is, in fact, an epic fail because it's just another case of a person trying way too hard to impress.

4 The Post-Apocalypse Corvette

via Buzzfeed

Most car owners in the world don’t modify their cars in any way, simply because they trust the designers and the experts in their field to do their work for them. Today, with so many different cars that are available for purchasing, you can really choose the design that's most appealing to you and be happy with the way your car looks. That being said, there are also some iconic car designs, and one of them is, without a doubt, the good old Corvette. Not many people would customize a Corvette, simply because it's not a car that needs a lot of changing to look good–it looks awesome as it is. Of course, some minor modifications in order to personalize your car are fine and acceptable, but changing your beautiful car beyond the point of it being recognizable is something that shouldn’t be done with cars that are gorgeous, to begin with. Yet, some people still feel the need to do it, and here, we have an example of that. So, if you were wondering, the car in the picture indeed is a Corvette–or what’s left of it. However, there was so much work done here, the car ended up looking like something you’d expect to see on the Mad Max set.

3 Homemade Pickup

via Buzzfeed

There are some things that simply don’t mix; you know... like oil and water or like a Corvette and a pickup truck. However, the modder behind the car in the picture obviously thought it would be a good idea to turn his Corvette into a pickup. In all fairness, if it serves its purpose, we can partially understand why he'd do that. But on the other hand, no matter how practical, the whole thing seems quite bizarre.

We can try and stay open-minded, but the longer we look at this concept, the worse it gets.

However, the aesthetical part of this awkward design isn’t the only issue here. In fact, the purpose of any pickup truck is to transport whatever it is that you need transporting, and in order to do that, your car has to be able to endure a significant weight, and a Corvette was definitely not made for doing that kind of heavy lifting. All of that being said, if a person wants or needs a pickup truck, the best way to go would probably be buying one instead of trying to make one at home. All we can do is hope that the owner of this car is happy with this unfortunate customization.

2 The Unfortunate Six-Wheeler

via Ranker

In the past, we've had a chance to see people adding all kinds of things to their cars. From additional lights to crazy accessories, people’s creativity has no limits when it comes to personalizing their vehicles. However, what you don’t see all that often is somebody adding an additional pair of wheels to their car–mostly because it's completely unnecessary. Having four wheels supporting your car has proven itself to be just right; you don’t want to have less, and you don’t want to have more than that. Or do you? Well, somebody obviously thought it would be a good idea to turn his car into a six-wheeler, so he actually did it. But not only is it not necessary to add wheels to your car; it also creates a whole new set of issues. For example, just by looking at this picture, one can’t help but wonder where the driver sits with the middle wheel being where the driver’s seat would normally be or how the driver even gets into this car. So many questions and so few answers, but the biggest question still remains: why would anybody even do this to his car in the first place?

1 Big-Boy Rims

via Ranker

The way this car was modified opens up a whole series of questions, and when you think about it, it's quite puzzling. First of all, it's not that the mod itself looks as horrible as some other things we’ve had a chance to see on the road in 2018. The problem we have with this mod actually goes a bit deeper. First of all, it was obviously modified by a person who didn’t lack money to do all these little customizations. So, the question is, why would somebody buy a cheaper car and then spend nearly as much money on the custom parts as they spent on the whole car? Why not simply buy a better car, to begin with? When you look at those rims in the picture, they alone cost more than some people’s entire cars, and while they indeed do look quite impressive, the whole vehicle looks more awkward than impressive, considering the car those rims were installed onto. And, of course, there's the color of this vehicle that'll definitely ensure that nobody misses this car on the road, as it definitely stands out for more than one reason—all in all, quite a puzzling concept.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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