Ranking The 8 Best Choppers From OCC (And 8 From West Coast Chopper)

Orange County Choppers and West Coast Choppers make incredible bikes, but which are their best has been up for debate.

Orange County Choppers is working hard to become one of, if not the biggest names in the world of customizing motorcycles. Their amazing work has been featured on the reality show American Chopper and this past May fans got another look at the company with the reality show, Orange County Choppers. But if you have stumbled into this list with no idea what the company is, then don't worry, because it isn't going to take very long for you to figure out why they are as popular as they are.

Many of the amazing motorcycles that you will see by the company are centered around specific themes, such as an outstanding one that Spider-man would be tempted to drive around in. Or are for a good cause, like one they did to raise support for Prostate Cancer.

But what is life without a little competition? Which is where West Coast Choppers starts to factor into our list. Because while making a motorcycle that is themed around Spider-Man is cool, just wait until you see some of the motorcycles hat WCC created for various celebrities. You can imagine they were nervous to create one for someone as large as Shaquille O'Neal, but you'll understand why they must have been happy with the results once you see the motorcycle. And to be fair, you'll also see one they made for The Undertaker. Which perhaps prove there is no person too big for them to make a motorcycle for!

These are the 10 best choppers from OCC (and 10 from west coast choppers)

16 OCC: Odell Beckham Jr. May Be Tempted By This

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The New York Giants may have some very tough weeks this upcoming season, but no matter how their year goes, Odell Beckham Jr. should always have a smile on his face. Because even if he gets frustrated on the field, maybe he can just think about the fact that he is the highest paid wide receiver in the game after just signing a contract for $95 million. Which means that Odell has already probably spent some time looking at some of the nicest cars in the world, and best customizers, to get something really special to commemorate the occasion.

15 OCC: Spider-Man Fans May Have Never Wanted a Bike More

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There is no telling which superhero you love the most, but in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, no one person may be of more importance than Spider-Man; who is currently being played by Tom Holland.

His standalone movie - Spider-Man: Homecoming - was a huge hit and Holland is still young, whereas others like Robert Downey Jr. may be getting tired of the whole genre.

Though I wouldn't be surprised if Marvel would also make sure that even if this motorcycle is themed after his character, that it would be far too dangerous and would prefer he doesn't ride something like it!

14 OCC: Getting Creative With A Themed Chopper

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I'm not going to sit here for a second and get into a debate about how arms control should be talked about in the United States. Regardless of what your opinion on the matter is, I just hope you can talk about it respectfully and agree that this bike looks so cool. I'm also sure Orange County Choppers was thinking a lot less about their stance on the matter, and more just about how they could come together to create an amazing themed Chopper for this organization that garners more attention than they probably wish in recent times.

13 OCC: The Aventador Chopper

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If you had the choice to drive around in any vehicle, it is possible that you may pick the Lamborghini Aventador. And if that was the case, I definitely would not blame you because I am sure driving around in that car would be an experience that you would never forget (and probably never stop talking about!). But if you had to pick the best motorcycle for you to drive, you may pick this Aventador Chopper that was brilliantly put together by Orange County Choppers.

Anything that looks like a Lamborghini has to be cool.

This chopper is absolutely no exception to that rule.

12 OCC: NY Yankees Fans Would Love This

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The New York Yankees have had their ups and downs this past season and very well may finish behind the Boston Red Sox in the AL East. But the fanbase has definitely had plenty to cheer about in the past and will have plenty to also get to cheer about in the future. Which means that whoever it is that owns this New York Yankees themed motorcycle that was created by Orange County Choppers is probably always going to feel comfortable driving around in it; regardless of how that particular season is going.

11 OCC: Teaming With Gillette For A Good Cause

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Orange County Choppers has had the opportunity to work with various different celebrities or organizations over the years. This includes the chance to pair up with Gilette to create the Gillette M3Power Nitro Chopper. Talk about an awesome name right?

The motorcycle was put on sale to try and raise support for the National Prostate Cancer Coalition.

Paul Teutul Jr., who works for Orange County Choppers spoke out on the matter saying, "The owner of this bike will enjoy the ride and the experience of owning a customized chopper. We were honoured to work on this project with Gillette and are pleased that the money raised will go to the National Prostate Cancer Coalition.” (Source: BusinessWire).

10 OCC: This Dragon Breathes Fire

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There is definitely going to be a very high chance that if you had the idea to turn your motorcycle into a dragon, that you were going to come away with results that look cheesy. But with Orange County Choppers, their slogan isn't "You Dream it, We Create it, You ride it" if they weren't willing to back that up. And there is no question that they absolutely hit it out of the park with this amazing motorcycle. I'm not sure what part of the dragon is the most impressive to you, but I love how they've done the tail. (Source: OCC).

9 OCC: A Beautiful Use Of The Colour Yellow

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One of the most popular movie franchises - at least if you want to ignore the opinion of critics and look at the pure box office numbers - is the Transformers franchise. That even with a change in lead actors has continued to churn out movies that make hundreds of millions.

There's even a new movie coming out centered around Bumblebee.

And considering the bright yellow that Orange County Choppers elected to go with for this motorcycle, I wouldn't be surprised if the owner is at the very least a fan of the fact that the yellow Bumblebee is getting more love!

8 WCC: Flames Can Be Any Color And Look Cool

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West Coast Choppers has a few trademarks that you may notice on a lot of the motorcycles that they tend to work with. Such as the fact that they love to embrace flames as an aesthetic. Though whipping around on these motorcycles may as well make you feel like you are prone to catch on fire because of how fast you are going! And while you may think of the colour red when you think of fire, this motorcycle proves that you can go unconventional with the scheme and still have a winner.

7 WCC: We Wouldn't Want To Upset The Undertaker

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There has been no shortage of legendary wrestlers who have entered the ring over the years. But there is definitely something to be said about just how iconic The Undertaker is.

In fact, if we said he was the most legendary superstar of all-time, I don't think we'd have too many people disagreeing with us.

And while he didn't always drive a motorcycle to the ring, in real life, it's always seemed to be a passion for 'Taker. As perhaps evidenced by the motorcycle that was created for him by West Coast Choppers.

6 WCC: Kid Rock Must Rock Out On This

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I'm not too sure if you are a fan of Kid Rock. But if you aren't, I'm sorry if hearing his name is still going to get one of his popular songs stuck in your head. Though if you need something to perhaps distract you from thinking about his music and in the process save you from humming along for the next few hours - much to the annoyance of everyone around you - then you should take an extra few seconds to take a look at his motorcycle that was put together by West Coast Choppers for him.

5 WCC: Keeping It Subtle With Their Logo

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There are some companies who tend to throw their brand name everywhere. Something that while I'm sure the company likes when people look at the product, can also take away from the overall aesthetic of the item.

But in the case of this next motorcycle, West Coast Choppers did a great job of keeping their logo on the seat of the motorcycle.

Which may have also been some extra motivation to have the seat be comfortable and not wear out after a lot of use!

4 WCC: They've Made Motorcycles For Other Big Names

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Now that you are close to the end of our list, you may find yourself wondering who else has amazing motorcycles that have been created by West Coast Choppers. Because while some of the motorcycles on our list are the ones celebrities rode around in, other celebrities have worked with the company but not had photos as easily accessible. This includes renowned action star Keanu Reeves and the former (and potential future Hall of Fame) NFL player, Ty Law. And if John Wick 3 hits for Reeves, I'm sure he'll be in the mood for a new motorcycle!

3 WCC: Shaq Must Have Loved This

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There is no question that if you are playing in the NBA as a center, that you are going to be a very big guy. But using the phrase "big guy" doesn't seem to even come close to doing justice to just how giant Shaquille O'Neal must have seemed when he was dominating his opponents on the court. Shaq also must have required things in his personal life to often be built to fit his size, such as this motorcycle that he asked West Coast Choppers to create.

2 WCC: Goldberg Would Look Awesome On His Bike

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You definitely never want to be on the receiving end of a "finishing move" if you were a professional wrestler. Because even if the move is executed perfectly, there is probably still a pretty real chance that you were going to wake up the next day feeling the effects of that move. Especially in the case of someone like facing off against Goldberg whose spear looked like it would at times rip a person in half! The success of Goldberg's career allowed him to have many luxurious things, including this motorcycle by West Coast Choppers.(Source: Ronsusser).

1 WCC: Looking Sleek In Black

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Some of the motorcycles that you are going to see on our list from West Coast Choppers were created for celebrities. Which means that even if you may not be a fan of how they look, you can't really fault the company for that as they were probably just following the vision of the celebrity. But in this case, it looks like this was just an outstanding opportunity for West Coast Choppers to do what they perhaps do best and create a sleek looking bike that would surely catch the attention of everyone around you.

Sources: IMDB.com, OrangeCountyChoppers.com, WestCoastChoppers.com

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