Ranking The Top 25 Getaway Vehicles

Car chases are a staple of movies and video games for a good reason. It’s thrilling to see how the criminals will get away or how our heroes will catch the villains. What really makes it more exciting than other types of action scenes is the unpredictable nature of the chase; you never know what’s going to happen. Will there be a simple mistake that brings it all to a stop? Will the chaser be able to make it through the red light? Punctuate all of that with the sounds of engines revving, tires screeching, and metal crunching, and it’s no wonder why almost every movie has some sort of car chase in it.

While we would never want to encourage anyone to get into a dangerous car chase, every gearhead has fantasized about doing it. Of course, the most important part of a car chase is, obviously, the cars. Even though Hollywood movies enjoy showing the flashiest and most heavily modified cars outrun the police, it's probably a good idea to instead look for a car that hides its power from everyone. On top of that, a getaway car is useless if it can't fit your cohorts and, if you’re getting away from a robbery, your ill-gotten goods. With all of that in mind, let’s look at 25 vehicles for the perfect getaway.

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25 Dodge Charger Hellcat

Via AutoWeek

While a Hellcat may seem like the least subtle car you can buy, the Charger Hellcat still has enough in common with the rental Chargers to blend into traffic. However, you’re going to want to pass on the bright orange Go Mango paint job and Brass Monkey wheels.

Of course, when it's time to make your escape, the Hellcat’s supercharged 6.2-liter Hemi will get you anywhere fast and outrun any police car this side of Dubai.

On top of that, the Charger has a spacious interior and a large trunk, making it easy to transport fellow criminals and all of their equipment. Just make sure to be gentle on the throttle when you’re going around a corner. It’d be a little embarrassing to get caught because you oversteered into a building.

24 Chevrolet SS

Via Car and Driver

Many consider the Chevy SS to be one of the most underrated cars in recent years. It had an excellent chassis and a 6.0-liter V8 and was one of the few muscle cars from down under to make it to North America. However, through a combination of a confusing name, a lack of advertising, and plain styling, many people, including car enthusiasts, never heard of the SS. That anonymity is the car’s biggest asset when it comes to escaping a pursuer. When it comes to a good sleeper, the fewer people that can pick your car out of a parking lot, the better. It will certainly confuse your pursuers if you happen to cross paths with a rental Malibu in the same color. However, unlike the Malibu, the SS will give any pursuers a run for their money.

23 Ford Taurus SHO

Via Motor Trend

There’s an old commercial for the Chevy Malibu where a group of bank robbers jumps into a sedan that's so bland, the police completely overlook the criminals. While the Taurus isn’t quite that boring, its styling hardly elicits any strong emotions. Even the SHO version won’t wow anyone, as it’s still just a large, soft American sedan, despite its blacked-out grille and model-specific wheels. And that’s what makes it a great getaway car. Get yours in white or gray, and nobody will be able to tell your car from many others.

However, if you're unfortunate enough to get noticed and a chase ensues, the SHO version produces 365 horsepower from its 3.5-liter EcoBoost.

Even if the police have a similar setup, their Police Interceptors are weighed down by a lot of equipment, meaning you still have a chance.

22 BMW M3

Via AutoEvolution

It’s hard to say anything about the BMW M3 that hasn’t been said before. There are few cars that can perform like an M3 while still being a practical daily driver. On top of all that, it has that understated attitude that only a BMW M car has. While the previous BMW M3 was too aggressive to blend in anywhere, the current model is far more restrained and doesn’t look much different from the standard 3 series. Put all of this together, and the BMW M3 is a capable getaway car that can do everything you need. Hell, using it as a getaway car is a better use of an M3 than using it to sit in traffic. Just remember, if you crash, it’s not the machine’s fault—it’s yours.

21 Alpina B7

Via Car and Driver

There are many criminals who drive BMW 7 series, but they’re generally not the kind of crooks who get into car chases. If you're the type of person who already has all the money you need but still wants a comfortable car that can get away from the police, then the Alpina B7 is the car for you.

The B7 features the smooth ride, comfortable interior, and amenities that make the 7 series great and combines it with a zero-to-60 time of under four seconds and a top speed of nearly 200 miles per hour.

Alpina really makes a car that will make your escape both quick and painless. And for a modified car, its styling is surprisingly restrained. Remove a couple badges, and nobody will realize that you’re driving such an incredible machine.

20 Ford Focus ST

Via Cars.com

There are thousands of Ford Focus models sold every month. That means that there are more and more cars to hide among during your great escape. The Focus ST is the second most powerful Focus you can buy today. While the RS is more powerful and features all-wheel drive, the RS is impossible to find and simply doesn’t look like a Focus anymore.

While the ST is a little slower, it’s not really lacking in the power department, with 252 horsepower while still resembling a Ford Focus.

Its small structure means that you’ll be able to tear down narrow alleys where nobody will be able to reach you. For bonus stealth, install the bumpers from a low-end Focus to your ST. And when you get away, you’ll be able to use your newfound wealth to upgrade to a Focus RS.

19 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

Via Jalopnik

Sometimes, you need to move big things and move them quickly. For that endeavor, nothing will serve you better than the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. With the 707-horsepower motor from a Hellcat, the Trackhawk is the fastest SUV ever made and will easily outrun police cars and supercars.

While the Trackhawk is hardly a stealthy vehicle, due to its aggressive bumpers, bright yellow brake calipers, and raucous exhaust note, it’ll still make a solid getaway car.

And it’s not just a straight-line beast either. It’ll hug corners more than any Jeep has a right to, due to the four-wheel-drive system being designed for the pavement rather than dirt. This physics-bending monster of an SUV is simply the vehicle you need to buy if you need to get far, far away from everything else. Just keep an eye on the gas gauge.

18 Jaguar XFR-S

Via Autocar

With its powerful motor and excellent chassis, the XFR-S makes for a quick getaway car. While it's a very visually loud car from the factory as a result of its huge wing and bright paint job, you can easily tone it down for the big chase. After it's been modified, this sexy Jag looks more like a perfectly pedestrian Ford Fusion.

Its 550-horsepower V8 will most likely be the most helpful aspect when things get rough.

And acceleration isn’t the only aspect where this cat excels either. It’s designed to out-corner smaller sports cars, despite its Jaguar heft. The power and suspension combination means that you'll escape where others are caught. However, Jaguar is no longer selling this variant of the XF, so make sure you chose your used Jag carefully.

17 Mini Cooper John Cooper Works

Via Auto Week

‘The Italian Job’ is classic car-chase movie where the climax revolves around a gold heist that takes place during a traffic jam to make the getaway smoother. The cars of choice for this master plan? Three Mini Coopers. If there’s a car that can be fast, agile, and squeeze through the side streets of a congested city all at the same time, it’s the Mini. If you plan to replicate this movie today, there are faster, albeit larger Minis available than the ones from the film. The one to get is the John Cooper Works version, which has the most power and aggressive suspension. Despite modern Minis being significantly larger than their predecessors, they're still considerably smaller than just about every other hot hatch on the market. Just keep in mind that if you’re stealing gold bricks, you probably should pick something other than a Mini.

16 Tesla Model S P100D


This may be a controversial choice, but a Tesla makes sense if you think about it. A Model S has the same stealthy appearance as many other cars on this list while outrunning almost all of them. It’s also got plenty of room for everything and everyone needed for a heist. But what really makes this car impressive is its extra layer of stealth. Every other car is going to attract more attention while tearing through town than the Tesla for one reason: sound. Sure, we’d all like our chases to be done to an epic symphony of roaring exhaust, but that only makes you easier to find. The Tesla will fly through traffic without making a sound. However, you may want to have a backup car in place once you evade your chasers, as the Tesla won’t get much range while driving flat out.

15 Chrysler 300C SRT

Via Motor Trend

If you’re in the market for a car with a real old-school gangster look, the Chrysler 300 is your best choice, especially if it’s an SRT model in a dark color. This large businessman’s hot rod has excellent, understated looks that don't stick out too much but would still look great in a movie.

While these older Mopars do have to deal with an ancient five-speed automatic, the 6.4-liter Hemi will still get this big car to sixty in under 4.5 seconds.

Just like the Charger, the 300 has plenty of room for everybody when you’re leaving the scene of a crime. It’ll even ride smoothly over potholes. If you judge your getaway car by how well it fits the profile of a criminal vehicle, look no further.

14 BMW X5 M

Via Edmunds

BMW SUVs are hard to beat when it comes to a practical performance machine. Would you expect anything else from the builder of the ‘Ultimate Driving Machine'? With a claimed zero-to-60 time of four seconds flat, there’s not much that will be able to keep up. While it’s difficult to mask the presence of a BMW, much less an M-powered SUV, the X5 M keeps its visual upgrades subtle looking. As a result, a keen eye is needed to tell the difference between a standard X5 and the M model. Combine that with its performance and all-wheel-drive system, and you have an SUV that’s unexpectedly quick. Plus, being an SUV, the X5 will likely take hits better than the sedans on this list.

13 Volkswagen Jetta GLI

Via Motor Authority

Are you going to rob a bank but need a new getaway car on a budget? Volkswagen makes the car for you. The Jetta GLI gives you the exciting performance of the beloved Golf GTI, just in a more pedestrian body. Nobody will suspect anything since the Jetta is about as pedestrian as cars get. However, that’s only true for the standard Jetta. When trouble comes around, and you need to get out of Dodge stealthily, the GLI will get you far away worry-free. This is especially true if you’re in a big city, as the Jetta’s small stature will make it easy to dart through heavy traffic. And if you don’t think the GLI is fast enough from the factory, it’s easy to tune. However, if you do modify it, you’ll want to keep the exhaust quiet.

12 Subaru Legacy spec.B

Via Road and Track

The Subaru WRX is an excellent car due to its all-wheel-drive system and powerful motor. Older WRX models can even be bought for cheap. However, there’s a huge problem with the WRX: it’s too noticeable as a result of its giant wing and aggressive styling over the standard Impreza.

The Subaru Legacy spec.B, however, will deliver all of the WRX’s performance while staying under the radar.

The spec.B drives well since it has the same motor as a WRX and features upgraded suspension and wheels. While it's a little larger, a good driver will be able to make up for that deficit. Best of all, if you lose the cops, your spec.B will blend in perfectly with all the other Subarus on the road.

11 Bisimoto Honda Odyssey

Via Car Scoops

If you want a car that doesn’t stir any suspicion, a minivan will be the best choice. However, if a chase ensues, you’re going to need more horsepower than a standard minivan can provide. If it’s a powerful minivan you want, the Bisimoto Honda Odyssey won’t leave you wanting.

Producing over 1,000 horsepower from its V6, this minivan could probably outrun a helicopter.

Maybe the radio, too. If you need to haul a huge load or move a lot of people, you won’t find another car that has this much room and will still pull ahead supercars. Painted in a perfectly boring brown color, the only two things that give away this Odyssey’s secret power are its wheels and its gigantic intercooler. However, if you go fast enough, nobody will notice those little details.

10 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS

Via Automobile Magazine

There weren’t many cool cars in the 1990s. Muscle cars were dying off, and sports cars didn’t have much to offer. However, in such a time, the Impala SS was different. This big Chevy was packing a Corvette motor under the hood and featured a dark exterior. On top of it all, this huge car was genuinely fast back in the day. In short, the Impala SS was a badass car you didn’t want to mess with. Sure, the car’s performance isn’t too impressive by today’s standards, but it’s hardly a dog. It can still outrun many new cars with a few simple modifications. But what makes this car work so well is the styling. The Impala SS was based on the Caprice police car of the time, and as a result, it looks like a crooked cop. What could be better to use for your escape than a crooked cop car?

9 Dodge Ram SRT 10

Via Ultimatecarpage.com

Let’s say your latest job involves stealing a priceless statue. A car just isn’t going to cut it. You’re going to need something with a bed and a lot of horsepower. 14 years ago, Dodge made the perfect truck for the job. Available with either a nimble regular cab or a roomy quad cab for the whole crew, the Ram will be able to haul whatever you need.

But the real party piece of the SRT 10 Ram is what’s under the hood: the 500 horsepower 8.3-liter V10 from a Viper.

You’ll be able to haul some serious ass in a truck that looks as pedestrian as every other decade-old Ram truck, although you may want to invest in a bed cover to conceal your valuable payload.

8 Hennessey VelociRaptor

Via Hennessy

Not every chase happens in the middle of a bustling city. Sometimes, it’s in the middle of nowhere, and the roads are too straight to ever get out of a pursuer’s line of sight. In such situations, you may not want to stay on the roads. The best vehicle for such a scenario would be the Hennessey VelociRaptor.

Based on the Ford F-150 Raptor, the VelociRaptor has 600 horsepower for passing almost anything on the road.

While its road handling can be impressive, the VelociRaptor comes into its own when you leave the pavement. Unless the local precinct has a fleet of dune buggies ready for such a situation, nobody is going to be able to catch you as you fly over ruts and dunes with your foot to the floor.

7 Audi RS 3

Via Autoblog

The Audi RS 3 is a small sedan that can do zero to 60 in less than four seconds. That alone should be enough to make it a great getaway car, if not for the fact your pursuers will be blown away that such a little car could go so fast.

While there are faster and arguably better Audis for this job, the RS 3 really combines all the performance of bigger fast cars and the maneuverability of smaller cars like the Mini.

It’s truly incredible that such a car is available from the factory. If there’s a single vehicle that can make the perfect escape from a city, it’s the RS 3. Just remember, no matter how cool the orange paint job is, it’s not the color you want when you’re trying to stay out of sight.

6 Volvo V60 Polestar

Via Motor1

Yes, Volvo, of all car manufacturers, does, in fact, make an excellent getaway car. Don’t let the badge on the front fool you—this isn’t the wagon that preppy parents used to drop their kids off in the late ‘90s. The V60 Polestar is basically a modern rendition of the amazing Volvo V70R that came out 20 years ago. While that Volvo certainly had a more anonymous design due to its brick-like shape, the new Polestar really doesn’t look much different than the standard V60. The wagon body can also haul 3,500 pounds of ill-gotten goods in a small body. As long as you cover up the bright blue paint, nobody will be able to spot you. And even if they do, the Polestar will be able to get you away.

5 Cadillac CTS-V

Via GTSpirit

The Cadillac CTS is a very capable sedan available in many different flavors. Of course, the recommended model is the CTS-V, which has a supercharged V8 that makes over 600 horsepower. Despite the car’s large footprint, the CTS-V is able to corner better than considerably lighter vehicles. The CTS-V can accomplish things that many other cars are incapable of doing, and the CTS-V does it with four doors. Some may argue that the CTS-V is simply too flashy to make a good getaway vehicle. If you feel this way, look at previous CTS-V models, as they don’t look as race-ready as the current one. Regardless of which you get, you’ll have plenty of power and control. Old models even offered a manual transmission if you want to row your own gears while on the run.

4 Mitsubishi Evolution X

Via Top Speed

While there are many car enthusiasts who are able to recognize an Evo X the second it comes into view, most ordinary people wouldn't be able to tell one apart from a base Lancer. Not to mention, Mitsubishi isn’t as well known in comparison to Subaru, so fewer car-illiterate bystanders will be able to properly name it. Simply unbolt the spoiler, and you’ve got a fairly subtle car. Of course, you’re probably familiar with the Evo’s legendary abilities both on the road and off. Even though the Evo left us two years ago, it's still agile enough to get away from just about anybody. On top of it all, the Evo has standard all-time, all-wheel drive if things get wet or muddy. If this combination is good enough to compete in rally races around the world, it’s good enough for your escape.

3 Buick Regal T-Type

Via Hemmings

Fans of American cars from the ‘80s probably know all about the Buick Grand National. It was an all-black beast that defied expectations with its V8 destroying the turbocharged V6. And it was a Buick! Of course, this car’s outstanding paint job makes it a popular target for passing Instagrammers and car enthusiasts, which damages its stealth factor.

Thankfully, there exists a stealthier version of the Grand National: the T-Type.

The Buick Regal T-Type had the same hardware underneath as the Grand National but retained the same woefully bland styling of the standard Buick Regal. While the car’s performance holds up surprisingly well to this day, you can easily get more power out of it if you really need to. If you absolutely need a classic muscle car for your epic car chase, this car will satisfy without attracting too many eyes.

2 2004-06 Pontiac GTO

Via Car and Driver

You’re forgiven if you don’t remember the excellent Pontiac GTO from the mid-2000s. Its styling said ‘Honda Accord’ to a lot of people, so many favored the Ford Mustang over this amazing machine. The drab styling, however, hid an Australian Holden Monaro underneath. It was a sleek coupe with power coming from an LS motor out straight out of the Corvette. With up to 400 horsepower being sent to the rear wheels, the GTO makes for a surreptitious getaway muscle car. While later examples do have noticeable hood scoops and an aggressive rear bumper, these cars still don’t look like anything special. And being an LS-powered car, you can get much more power out of it without much hassle. Just watch out for the cramped trunk—you won’t be able to fit many of your goods in there.

1 Ford Mustang Bullitt


Yes, the Mustang in 'Bullitt' was driven by the good guy, and it was the chase car. However, if you’re going to get into a car chase, you owe it to yourself to drive the homage to the greatest car chase in film history. Besides, the Bullitt Mustang actually blends in more than a standard Mustang, as it’s painted in a tame color with many of its identifying badges removed. The Mustang might be the least practical car on this list, so make the job a one- or two-person affair that doesn’t involve too much loot to deal with. But once the chase starts, you’ll know that you made the right choice. Just make sure your car is green like the one from the movie, not black.

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