10 Rappers Who Couldn't Afford Their Nice Cars (And 10 Who Drive Beaters)

Rappers are notorious for spending beyond their means because once they gain a little fame, they think it will last forever. But sadly, that’s not the case for most artists—there are certainly more “famous” artists out there with one single hit to their name than there are rappers with successful careers.  A few of the rappers on this list you might never have even heard of before, so what are they doing driving around cars like Bentleys and Lamborghinis?

Well, it’s because everyone wants to look good to the public and in front of their peers. They want to look wealthier than they actually are, which can seriously come to bite you in the rear end. You see, when you lease, say, a $250,000 supercar, you’re expected to make exorbitant payments every month—well into four figures. And once you start missing payments, the banks and car dealerships don’t take long to repossess that car from you. Once it’s clear you don’t have the means to afford your exotic car, or that you’re just deliberately not paying, all the flashy things go bye-bye.

For others, the opposite is true. They are humbler, don’t care about their outer image, or simply don’t care about cars, so they drive beaters. Most of the rappers who drive beaters could easily afford the cars that their flashier contemporaries drive but they opt not to. And it’s usually a wise business decision—they keep their wealth, invest it, and end out on top. Investing is how a “one hit wonder” becomes a lifelong success story.

But this isn’t an economics class, so let’s just get to the list. Here are 10 rappers who lost their fancy cars, and 10 who drive beaters.

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20 Lost: Tyga’s Ferrari 458 Italia

via Hollywood Street King

Tyga (a “backronym” for Thank You God Always) is a rapper best known for signing with Young Money in 2011, dropping “Rack City”, and for starring in the MTV reality show “Kingin’ with Tyga.” The young rapper is one of the future stars of the genre, no doubt, but he’s already had his share of failures and successes. For instance, one failure is that he’s not worth as much money as people might think he is (or he wants people to think he is). This is evident when he was shopping with his girlfriend Kylie Jenner and then had his supercar Ferrari 458 Italia repossessed in the parking lot. Ironically, he was shopping for Bentleys for Kylie when his Ferrari was repo’d. He’s also had his Maybach 62S almost repo’d, as well as his mom’s Range Rover.

19 Lost: Lil’ Kim’s Bentley Continental GT

via Listal

Lil’ Kim is a rapper and fashion icon who has influenced tons of artists. She was discovered in 1994 by The Notorious B.I.G. and she carved out her own successful career following his passing. She’s sold 15 million albums and 30 million singles worldwide and has been called one of the most influential rappers of all time—the “Queen of Rap” or “Hip-Hop Goddess” by VH1. Unfortunately, she’s had her share of troubles as well. As of 2018, she was broke and had to file for insolvency to keep her house. Her financial woes ended up costing her the 600-hp V12 Bentley Continental GT that was parked in her New Jersey home.

18 Lost: Sean Kingston’s Bentley Mulsanne

via DUB Magazine

Sean Kingston is a rapper from Jamaica, whose first self-titled album was released in 2007. He’s also been associated with Flo Rida, Justin Bieber, Soulja Boy, and more. The rapper went through some hard times, though, which is more likely to happen when you lease a $300,000 car like the Bentley Mulsanne! He had his hit single, “Beautiful Girls”, but then kind of fell off. In March of 2014, he had not one, not two, but three cars repo’d: a Mercedes-Benz G-Class, this Bentley (three weeks later, which was towed away while he was inside a flashy hotel), and a Lamborghini, which was loaded up onto a flatbed and carted away.

17 Lost: Bow Wow’s Lamborghini Murcielago

via duPont Registry

Bow Wow has been around for a while, using various names, since 1998. Rising to fame as Lil’ Bow Wow, the former child rapper was also a movie star in the early 2000s, first appearing in All About the Benjamins, then The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, and later, Entourage. He’s also gone through some financial troubles in his day (and personal struggles). His success, apparently, was not very lucrative, as his beloved Lambo was repossessed from him for missing payments and to add insult to injury, the banks then slapped him with a $25,000 repossession bill. His woes continued when his Ferrari was also repo’d.

16 Lost: Young Dro’s Maserati Quattroporte

via The CEO Magazine

Young Dro is a rapper who gained recognition for his hit single, “Yes Sir”, which allowed him to align himself with heavy-hitting Atlanta-based rapper T.I. He’s been a member of T.I.’s Grand Hustle since 2004 and had a brief burst of fame. But not enough fame to account for owning a brand new Maserati Quattroporte, apparently. According to TMZ, Young Dro missed the payments on his Maserati and owed over $60,000 on the car, which forced the leasing company to repossess the car. The $130,000 car was a beauty, but it was evidence that Dro couldn’t quite step up to the level of the big dogs in the rap game.

15 Lost: Rich The Kid’s Maybach 62

via Car Magazine UK

You would think someone named Rich the Kid would have all sorts of money, rather than just showboating as he did. And no, his name isn’t Richard (it’s Dimitri!), so that doesn’t fly as an excuse. The rapper is currently signed with Interscope Records and his debut album was only released on March 30, 2018. He clearly did not have the rep or means to own a Maybach 62, one of the most expensive luxury cars on the planet! Despite selling quite a lot of records last year, it wasn’t enough to keep the repo man away from his beloved luxury vehicle. He loved the car so much, he even made a song about it, called “Maybach”. Unfortunately, that didn’t help his case.

14 Lost: Jermaine Dupri’s Lamborghini Murcielago

via Ryan Friedman Motorcars

Jermaine Dupri is a rapper who’s been in the game for quite a while. He’s been on the scene since 1984 and has produced records for some of the biggest names in entertainment, such as Mariah Carey, Usher, Jay-Z, Nelly, Janet Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Ludacris, Bow Wow, and Alicia Keys. He’s also a rapper. In the early 2000s, Dupri’s success was well known in the rap community. After accumulating some wealth, he bought himself a Lamborghini Murcielago—or leased it. He ended up losing the supercar later when he failed to make payments to his bank. To make matters worse, he was then sued by the lender and had to pay about $80,000 more to even out the loan.

13 Lost: The Game’s Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

via Mike Anderson Chevrolet of Chicago

In the mid-2000s, there was probably no other rapper more popular than The Game. The West coast rapper signed with Dr. Dre on Aftermath Records and had a spree of hits, especially in the underground scene. I mean, how many people can get away with naming themselves after a phrase? Anyway, after a brief stint of success, The Game purchased a 600-hp Chevy Corvette (which only costs about $60,000, mind you). In 2011, however, the car was repossessed from his house, after he was allegedly unable to return the leased ‘Vette because he was on tour, which forced the leasing company to repo it. After that, he told TMZ he wasn’t phased, saying, “I have so many cars.”

12 Lost: Diamond’s Chevrolet Camaro

via Reddit

Diamond is a female rapper who has been present in the hip hop scene since 2004 as a member of the group Crime Mob. She’s also had a semi-successful solo career, though she hasn’t had any charted hits. Now, the Chevrolet Camaro is one of the most affordable sports cars out there, starting at just $25,000. With just a net worth of $100,000, though, she wasn’t stable enough to hold onto it. According to Hip Hop DX, Diamond’s Camaro was repo’d during a music video shoot with Young Money. According to internet rumors, she was involved in a “creative financing” scam with a dealership, which led to her losing the car she’d purchased.

11 Lost: Young Buck’s BMW X5

via BMW Blog

Young Buck is a rapper who’s a former member of the group UTP Playas and a music executive who heads his own label, Cashville Records. He was also a member of the infamous G-Unit. He made headlines as 50 Cent’s sidekick during the mid-2000s and he even bought himself a brand new 2002 BMW X5 while he was with G-Unit. However, Baller Status reports that Wells Fargo foreclosed on Buck’s BMW in 2011, due to nonpayment, after he fell $5,000 behind in his payments. After G-Unit split, he was only worth $100,000, which simply not enough to hold onto the $60,000 BMW X5.

10 Beater: Cam’ron’s Pink Range Rover

via Complex

Cam’ron is a rapper who has been around since 1992, formerly known as Killa Cam. He’s the leader of the East Coast hip hop group The Diplomats and was also a part of the popular Children of the Corn before the group was disbanded in 1997. Back in the early 2000s, Cam’ron was frequently seen zipping around town in his pink Range Rover—an odd color choice for a rap star, no doubt. In trying to be over the top, Cam’ron beat out all the competition and he was frequently seen wearing the color like some male version of Pink gone overboard. The rapper’s choice was met with mixed reactions, most of which could be summed up as dumbfounded.

9 Beater: Ludacris’ 1993 Acura Legend

via Mashable

Now, this one actually has a pretty cool history, so we can’t fault Ludacris for hanging onto it. The actor-turned-movie star is obviously best known as one of the most influential “Dirty South” rappers in the early 2000s, before starring in films like the Fast and Furious franchise and making it big on the silver screen. Unlike other rappers these days who are always trying to prove their worth and wealth, Luda is humbler than that. He’s been driving around in his 1993 Acura Legend since before he was famous. He became such an unofficial poster boy for Acura that the company actually restored his Legend to its perfect 1993 glory for him, free of charge, which made a big spectacle in the tabloids.

8 Beater: Lost Boyz’s Mazda MVP

via Car Specs Database

The Lost Boyz are a hip hop group from New York, currently featuring Mr Cheeks, K Chrys, and Freaky Kah (the son of the late Freaky Tah, a founding member). In 2019, they returned with a smash hit, the first since 2003, after reuniting. In the early 1990s, the Mazda MVP was popular among artists because of its seating space and cargo room—it was great for carrying band members and musical instruments. It also wasn’t nice enough to attract attention on the streets, if you were to be carrying any (ahem) elicit things in your van. The Lost Boyz could’ve chosen any of a million vehicles that are also spacious— Escalades, G-Wagons, or Range Rovers—but they still stick with Old Faithful.

7 Beater: Chingo Bling’s Toyota Tacoma

via Zone Offroad

Chingo Bling is a rapper who first gained notoriety in the early 2000s, with videos on MTV and such. The funnyman and rapper frequently uses other mainstream artists’ samples to create cool remixes and such. He’s also known for his strange car collection, which includes a taco truck, some old lowriders, and this Toyota Tacoma. He used his taco truck for promoting his 2007 album They Can’t Deport Us All. He never used the Tacoma to promote anything, probably because it’s not a great vehicle to sell stuff with—but he did use it as his personal car, despite having a ton of money.

6 Beater: T-Pain’s Nissan 240SX

via Noizz

T-Pain is a super popular, talented rapper who keeps getting more and more famous year in and year out. He also has a pretty incredible car collection, which includes such gems as a Bugatti Veyron, but also beaters like a Fiat 500 (with the name “Gucci” on it), and this Nissan 240SX. He has a total of 32 cars, including a hearse. His style is unique and awkward, and despite many people thinking he’s gone bonkers, he’s actually a pretty smart guy. According to People magazine, T-Pain says that inside his hearse is a fiberglass coffin. Wonder why he needs that. What makes T-Pain's 240SX so ridiculous is its green paint job and Pickle Rick (of Rick and Morty fame) decal.

5 Beater: Will.I.Am’s Volkswagen Beetle

via New York Post

Okay, you can’t really call Will.I.Am’s VW a Beetle because it has completely taken on the appearance of something new and unique (and pretty absurd, if we might add). But it does use the Beetle as the base for what the car was built on. The Black Eyed Peas-turned-solo star has always been pretty out there and he apparently has a huge love for cars. So much so, in fact, that he created his own car company, IAMAUTO, which builds ridiculous-looking, futuristic cars. He has already ruined plenty of perfectly good cars with his eclectic style, such as a DeLorean DMC-12, a 1959 vintage Corvette, and this $900,000 build: a Dick Tracy-looking sci-fi Beetle.

4 Beater: Marky Mark’s Toyota Sienna

via Motor1

Ah, bet you haven’t heard that name in a while! Those who are young enough might not even know who Marky Mark is—Mark Wahlberg might simply be one of the top Hollywood actors in the game. But before he was the face of Boston and the Transformers franchise, he was simply Marky Mark: a white rapper that the chicks loved. Despite being worth $255 million these days and leaving hip hop well behind in the dust, Marky hasn’t outgrown his taste for weak cars. He still drives a Toyota Sienna around quite often but we can see why he’d drive this car: because it’s reliable and a good family car. Still, you’d expect such a Hollywood celeb to be driving around in something a little flashier, not a minivan.

3 Beater: Justin Bieber’s Smart Fortwo

via Just Jared

To give the Biebs credit, he does have some pretty awesome cars in his collection—and very expensive ones. The boy star (who’s now all grown up, maybe), owns cars like the Fisker Karma, Porsche 997 Turbo, Ferrari F430, Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 458 Italia, and Audi R8. But he also owns this: a black matte Smart Fortwo, one of the weakest cars on the planet. His collection might be full of awesome vehicles but not all of them are gems. This Smart car already looks bad but with its matte black paint job, it’s just asking to draw attention to itself, which is really not the point of a Fortwo. Still, it probably blends into LA traffic a lot better than a gold-plated Lamborghini.

2 Beater: Dee-1’s 1998 Honda Accord

via Car Domain

Dee-1 is probably the least well known person on this list but the New Orleans-based rapper does have a statement to make. He’s also performed alongside some of the biggest acts in hip hop, such as Lil Wayne, Lupe Fiasco, Drake, Akon, The Roots, Fat Joe, and more. The statement he has to make is this: Dee-1 drives around in a 1998 Honda Accord in order to make a point about financial literacy. In his music video for “No Car Note”, he brags about the joy of driving a fully paid-off Honda, as well as low banking costs and insurance. He’s showing how he stacked up his savings and didn’t spend it all on frivolous things.

1 Beater: Harry Mack’s Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

via Mitsubishi Motors

We take it back about Dee-1 being the least known person on this list—at least he has a Wikipedia page. The most famous Harry Mack in the world is a silent film actor from the 1910s and 1920s. But this Harry Mack is indeed a rapper and a pretty good one, as shown in a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross commercial where he freestyles. He got the gig when he was found freestyling on the streets. Granted, many people believed the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross freestyle was utter garbage and awkward but one thing’s for sure: people aren’t forgetting Harry Mack’s name any time soon.

Sources: TMZ, Complex, and Highsnobiety.

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