18 Rare Collectible Cars That Are Actually Pretty Cheap

Car collectors are always searching for rare cars at affordable price points to add to their collections.

There are many reasons why people decide to collect cars. Some people collect cars to bring back good memories or because they really wanted a car they couldn't have before. Sometimes people collect cars just because they like them, they have the room and can afford them. Many people who love cars can't collect cars because so many become classics or are not being made anymore, and some are very expensive. Whatever the reason there are many nice car collections that are publically and that are privately owned.

People think they can't obtain having a car collection but that's not necessarily true. If you have the room don't think you can't have a car collection, you can. There are many cars that are affordable that you can buy to start a collection of your very own. There are cars available between $10,000 to millions of dollars that any collector would enjoy. It takes a lot of time and research to find the car you might want to add or start a car collection with. As much as someone wants to start a collection they might not have the time. If you are interested in being a car collector this list will hopefully help you get an idea of which cars are affordable that you might like.


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The Chevy Nova was a popular car and produced five generations of this car but the 1962 one is a classic to collect. According to My Classic Garage, this car was very popular for drag racing back in the day.

The Chevy Nova was made out of steel unlike most cars today.

This car features a V8 engine, manual 3-speed transmission, and hit 100 mph in 13 seconds. Drag racing began in California in the 1930’s and continued to grow in popularity. People would gather together on weekends and race the fastest cars they owned. People made wagers on who would win and sometimes the drivers would bet the titles to their car.

17 AMC AMX (1968- 1970)

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The AMC AMX was produced by the American Motors Corporation in Kenosha, Wisconsin. According to AMX 390 Homestead, the AMX broke 106 National and International speed records before it was ever on the market. The American Motors Corporation was so happy about winning so many time that they created 52 Craig Breedlove special editions AMX in red, white and blue. This car could hit 200 mph unofficially. With so few special editions AMX made you really be fortunate to stumble upon one. Even to this day, this is a nice looking car with its aerodynamic design. To find the special edition AMX would be a feat in itself.


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According to Hemings, the Volkswagen Corrado is a cult classic. The Corrado came equipped with a VR6 and hit 60 mph in just 6.8 seconds. This car had front wheel drive, three-door coupe and was available with either a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission.

The car has a boxy design and the front end is lower than the back giving it a sportier look.

Volkswagen began in Germany in 1937. Volkswagen continued to grow despite its checkered past and stayed in business producing cars. If you come across one it would be worth adding the Corrado to your collection.

15 TOYOTA MR2 (1984-1989)

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Toyota introduced the MR2 in 1984 and there were three generations of cars produced. This sports car has a light body, and was and was equipped with a four-speed automatic or five-speed manual transmission for your preference, a transverse mid-engine, and rear-wheel drive. This car can go from 0-60 in 7.7 seconds and has a top speed of 116 mph. According to Automobile Magazine, the 1986 Toyota MR2 was featured on the cover and back of their premiere magazine. The MR2 beat out the Ferrari 308 in style and is considered a special car not only in looks but because Toyota manufactured it.


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According to Hemings, the Chevrolet Suburban has been in production for over 75 years making it the longest built model in automotive history.

The 1967–1972 Suburban is the 6th generation that Chevy produced and only 27,000 were made during that time.

The Suburban had a single driver-side door and two passenger-side doors and had different engines available. Engines included 350 CI small block V8, and 396/402 CI big block V8 giving this vehicle power. This is classic America car that you can still find for less than newer cars on the market. This car is one to be proud of in any car collection.

13 FORD MUSTANG (1979-1993)

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The 1979–1993 Ford Mustang is the third generation produced by Ford and is a classic car for collectors. The Mustang was available in three different styles, a 2-door convertible, 2-door coupe, or a 3- door hatchback. This car when it was produced was sold for a low price and in many cases weren't taken care of properly this has caused this rare to find. If you are interested in this car and find one, try and buy it. According to Foxstang, there is an increase in value for the 1979–93 Ford Mustang. This car one day will be a one of a kind find.

12 OLDSMOBILE Delta 88 (1965-1970)

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The 1965–1970 Oldsmobile 88 is a yacht compared to cars today and was a top selling car. The 1965–1970 Oldsmobile 88 is the sixth generation that the company produced. This car was known under a few different names, also known as the Jetstar 88, Dynamic 88, Delmont 88, and the Delta 88.

The cars had some body differences but all had a V8 engine.

The 88 was also available with a 2- speed, 3-speed or a 4- speed automatic or manual transmission. According to Film Buff Online, film director Sam Raimi has used the Oldsmobile 88 in twelve of his films.

11 MERCURY MONTEREY (1962-1964)

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The 1961–1964 Mercury Monterey is a full-size car and had a longer wheelbase compared to other cars being manufactured at that time. This car featured an FE V8 engine and was also available with a 3 or 4- speed manual or a 3-speed Merc-O-Matic automatic transmission. According to Hemmings, the Merc-O-Matic automatic transmission was produced by Ford Motors and designed by Borg-Warner. It was made with an iron case and started in second gear. The Mercury Monterey is a nice looking car and is roomy inside. They certainly do not make cars like this anymore, people seem to more interested in compact cars today. Any collector would enjoy adding this to their collection and taking it out on a drive.


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According to VW Trends, American industrial designer Walter Dorwin Teague listed the Volkswagen Karmann Ghia as beautifully designed. Each year the car was produced some changes were made. Changes include the car's horsepower, which after improvements made this a very quick little car. Other changes were also made to the steering wheel, a vacuum-operated clutch was added, the engine size increased, headrests were added to the seats, and rear fenders were also added. This car is nicely designed and only 445,000 were manufactured in Germany.


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The Alfa Romeo Giulia Sedan was produced between 1963- 1978 and is a family sedan. The Giulia was a five-person car with plenty of room for everyone, making trips very enjoyable.

This Italian car was made well with a twin cam engine, a rear anti-roll bar, and a wooden steering wheel.

According to The Drive, this car was not equipped with air conditioning but the design allowed you to stay cool with all the windows down and you wouldn't have to worry about your hair to get blown around. This is one to add to a car collection if you haven't already. The prices of this car are increasing so it would be worth the investment.

8 MERCURY COUGAR (1967-1970)

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The Mercury Cougar is a classic car and Motor Trend named the 1967 Mercury Cougar car of the year. This car was a 2-door coupe was equipped with a V8 engine, 4- speed manual transmission, rear-wheel drive, and hideaway headlights. The Cougar could also go a quarter of a mile in 16.6 seconds looking like a blur going by. This car was three inches longer than the Ford Mustang which was the Cougars competition at the time. The design of this car was sleek with a long front end. This car was actually better than the Mustang but sales were lower due to not having enough dealers available around the country.

7 STUDEBAKER LARK (1959-1966)

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The Studebaker Lark is rare with only 54,946 built. The Lark was popular and helped the Studebaker company stay afloat for a few years after they had had major financial issues but it wasn't enough to stay in business. The Lark was compact but a spacious car with enough room to fit six adults comfortably. According to Automobile Magazine, this car came equipped with an OHV V8 engine, 4- speed manual transmission, and could get you where you wanted to go. The Studebaker Lark is rare and would be a welcome addition to any collection. If you find one it is worth taking a look at.

6 SUNBEAM TIGER (1964-1967)

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The Sunbeam Tiger is a British car that was produced by the Rootes Group. This sports car is a 2-door roadster, with an OHV 16-valve V-8, 4-speed manual transmission, and rear suspension solid axle.

According to Top Speed, the Sunbeam Tiger is the most iconic British sports cars made in its time.

This not only is a car worth collecting but if you are a fan of Britain and their history, this is a choice then.

5 FERRARI DINO 308 GT4 (1973-1989)

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The Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 is a special car and set the way for future cars made by Ferrari. This was the very first car the automobile company ever used a mid-sized V8 engine. Ferrari has used the mid-sized V8 engine ever since.  According to Ferrari, the Dino 308 GT4 was designed by Bertone which was the first time they used a different designer for any car. The Ferrari Dino name also had special meaning for the car company. The name Dino was in honor of Alfredo Ferrari. Alfredo Ferrari was the firstborn son of Enzo Ferrari and was nicknamed Dino. Alfredo passed away at the age of age of 24 from Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

4 FORD RANCHERO (1957-1979)

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The Ford Ranchero is not just an ordinary pickup truck. The Ranchero came from an idea based on the station wagon platform It was designed to look like a station wagon but the back end had no roof and had an open bed like a pickup. It was popular among many people and it allowed the feeling of a sedan while being able to get work done that was needed. According to Dearborn Classics, Ford Motors created the original car-truck in which other companies copied and made their own designs. Knowing this is an original design it is well worth adding to your collection or starting one with it.

3 SUBARU SVX (1991-1996)

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The Subaru SVX was also known as the Subaru Alcyone SVX, was only in production for five years. According to Jalopnik, the SVX is one of the most interesting cars that suffered out of Japan during that time. This was Subaru’s first car manufactured by the company who wanted to mix performance and luxury into one.

The SVX came equipped with a 3.3-litre 24 valve 6-cylinder engine, with 230 hp and a 4- speed automatic transmission.

This car could go from 0-60 mph in only 7.3 seconds and has a top speed of 154 mph. This car combined the best of both worlds and it is worth taking it into consideration to add to a car collection.

2 MAZDA RX-7 (1993-1995)

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According to Hagerty, the Mazda RX-7 had two different designs 2- door convertible and a 2- door coupe. Only the 1993–1995 version of the Mazda Rx-7 was sold in the United States and was considered the poor man's Porsche. This is a nice looking car that is equipped with a Wankel rotary engine, 255 horsepower, and 5- speed transmission. The RX-7 is also capable of going 0-60 mph in only five seconds, which means on the open road you can fly. When Mazda first introduced the RX-7 it was accompanied by a high price tag which hurt sales and Mazda decided to discontinue selling it.


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The Volkswagen Scirocco is a nice compact sports car that has been on the market two separate times. The first two generations came between 1974–1992 and then the third between 2008–2017. There were only three generations of the Scirocco manufactured and during that time 5 different engine sizes and three different types of transmissions were added. According to Jalopnik, the Scirocco was the best car Volkswagen ever made. This car drives well, goes fast and is a lot of fun to drive. This a car to keep an eye on to collect especially since no more will be made. Don't pass it up.

Sources: TopSpeed.com, Hemmings.com, MotorTrend.com

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