10 Rarest Porsches Currently Owned By Collectors

Car collections became a thing since the first-ever car was sold and the culture remains with us today. People collect cars for different reasons; as antiques, for history, to reminisce on glory days, while some use it to gain attraction. Apart from the pleasure derived from collecting cars, the rich also do it as a means to invest their money, knowing that collected cars often become more expensive over time.

After the 356—which many regard as the first Porsche—was certified roadworthy in 1948, the Porsche team hasn’t relented in producing the world's best cars we’ve ever seen. From the 356 down to the recent 968 and Panameras, Porsche has constantly produced enviable cars to the utmost delight of enthusiasts and collectors.

A few of these productions are very rare to come by, therefore we have brought you a list of 10 rarest Porsches currently owned by collectors.

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10 PORSCHE 718 RS 60 (CHASSIS NUMBER 718-044)

Introduced in 1960, only 18 of these racing Spyders were produced. 14 were sold, while four were kept and specially optimized for racing. With an aggressive four-cam engine and a reinforced chassis for torsional rigidity among other things, the 718-044—along with the other three—took the racing world by storm with great track performance.

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The current owner acquired it in 2015 after being initially sold to Clarence Catallo in 1965 and Warren Eads in 1978. Employing the best Porsche experts like Urs Grentener and Paul Willison, the car has been given a total restoration and exceptional drivability. With its three sisters residing in the Porsche Museum, the 718-044 remains the only optimized car from its model in public ownership.


The Porsche 356 is a legendary car and it carries a lot of significance being the first Porsche’s production automobile. The Speedster being among the earliest produced Porsche is highly coveted by collectors and enthusiast world-wide because of its design, strength and sporting performance.

Even though significant units of this car were produced, the high demand from collectors all over the world as made the Porsche 356 so rare to find. And it’s also estimated that collectors should be ready to part with a whopping $2 million to get this asset.

8 PORSCHE 935 K3

In 1976, Porsche introduced the 935 as the factory racing version of the 911 Turbo. Fitted with 3.3L type 935 twin-turbocharged flat-six engine using a mechanical fuel injection system, this racing car with yearly variations is a track star winning 123 of the 370 races it was entered.

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Porsche’s racing team–Kremer Racing, based in Germany—built K3 as the third variant of 935 in 1979 and recorded massive success. Klaus Ludwig drove it to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1979 beating all prototypes during heavy rainfall.


Exclusivity is one of the main–if not the main–attribute people watch out for when collecting cars, and the best way to achieve this is to call the car manufacturer, give them your specifications, and have them build the car you want.

Mansour Ojjeh, a business mogul did exactly that. Inspired by the massive success of the 935 racer, he ordered for the Porsche 935 Street – the only type ever built. Made from the 930 body shell, 3.3L turbo flat-six from the 934 and 550 other modifications, this Porsche is as rare as it can get.


Carlo Abarth was approached by Porsche to construct a new lightweight body for the 356B Carrera and that resulted in the class victory at the 1960 24 Hours of Le Mans; one of the best designs of Porsches ever. The typical engine for the 356B is the 4-cylinder boxer air-cooled naturally aspirated Pushrod OHV with two valves per cylinder valvetrain producing 59 hp.

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With only 20 of it ever made, this car is a collector's dream. Refurbished and upgraded by the Porsche team, the 1960 Porsche 365B Carrera can be seen at the Porsche museum.


The late John Dixon was a renowned car enthusiast and collector. He owns the famous Taj Ma Garaj which houses his great collection of a different brand of classic cars. Each year, hundreds of Porsche and Volkswagen enthusiasts troop into this facility to see his collections.

This 1953 Porsche 356 Limousine Custom was specially built on John’s request for his daughter’s wedding. He got Porsche specialists to cut and extend a basket case pre-A 356 he owns while throwing in the 912 engine for more power. The car can be seen at the Taj Ma Garaj.

4 PORSCHE 914-8

If you’re a chef at a restaurant, you can easily whip up different ingredients and form a new recipe – this explains the birth of Porsche 914-8. Ferdinand Piech (Ferdinand Porsche’s grandson) who was the head of the racing department, built the 914-8 to prove the concept to the company’s board. Using the 914 bodyshells, the car is fitted with a type 908 flat-eight racing engine producing up to 350 hp.

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The concept was not proven as only two of it was ever made – the second was a birthday present to Ferry Porsche. These cars are still at the Stuttgart museum.


There is nothing more prestigious for a car enthusiast than being the sole owner of a particular car variation model. It’s an awesome feeling – although in this case, there are two owners. Jerry Seinfeld the popular TV comedian and car enthusiast and the late Alexander Porsche own the only two 993 Speedsters ever made.

Without an official release, the Speedster which is a variant model of the 993 has a re-engineered interior, lowered hood and a low raked windscreen. Although, Jerry got his three years after Alexander. Nonetheless, he’ll still be proud of his collection.


When the total produced unit of a car is 25, then you have to count yourself lucky if you bump into one on your road. The Strassenversion is the street-legal variant of Porsche 911 GT1 and it’s a limited-production. Developed strictly as a requirement for homologous purposes, this car has become a must-own for some enthusiastic collectors.

The Stassenversion is fitted with a flat-six engine fed by Motronic 5.2 fuel injection, generating a power output of 592 hp. Khalid Mohammed Abdulrahim, a Bahraini business tycoon currently owns one of these priced assets.


In a bid to manufacture a street-legal racing car, Porsche built the Carrera GT. Powered by a 5.7L V10 engine with a power output of 603 bhp, the Carrera is notoriously powerful and speedy. It’s luxuriously crafted with trimmed soft leather interior, Bose audio system, and a unique left-hand ignition common with race cars.

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But no thanks to the famed death of Paul Walker in a Carrera—and the almost incessant irreparable wreckage after an accident—the Carrera is fast becoming a rare car. Jerry Seinfeld is said to have placed his Carrera on auction in 2016 and no one bought it.

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