15 Pictures Of Keanu Reeves' Car And Motorcycle Collection

In real life, Reeves is private and when he’s in New York, he rides the bus and subway. But his garage has plenty of stellar rides, too.

Keanu Reeves is probably one of the most impactful cinematic legends the big screen has ever showcased. His slow start began in films such as the Bill and Ted franchise (which will be having a third installment in the works shortly) and, of course, the cult classic and original Point Break in which Reeves starred alongside another screen legend, Patrick Swayze. His meteoric rise in fame began when he starred in Speed, The Matrix, and, of course, his resurgence in some epic films of the modern era, including Knock, Knock and every gearhead’s favorite, John Wick.

But all of this aside, the man is very different from the persona he puts out there. In real life, he’s private and when he’s in New York, he rides the bus and subway. To say he’s really down-to-earth would be pretty accurate. No real pretension can be sensed from this actor, and really, that’s pretty refreshing to see in this day and age. What’s even more refreshing is that he steers clear of any and all social media and just moves forward with his career like he always has. Publicists speak for him, just like they always did and when he runs into fans, he’s kind and pretty shy.

So, we decided to take an in-depth look at his collection of vehicles and by his own disclosure, he actually prefers bikes to cars, despite how awesome he looks at the helm of a cool-looking car like the Mustang in John Wick. Join us as we take a look at his rides and bikes.


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Well, Keanu isn't just an aficionado, as he also builds the bikes he loves so much. The bike seen here is, in fact, based on his very own designs. He met up with a local bike builder from California and together, they created the very first ARCH Motorcycle. Its design was very original and its fabrication is something Keanu is very proud of. Known as the KRTT-1, it has a V-Twin engine and is capable of achieving 121 horsepower. The bike is definitely as powerful as it looks and we would expect nothing less from Keanu, a man who tinkers with engines in his spare time—when he isn't traveling through technological worlds and realities and saving the day.


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We'd have to say that any motor enthusiast, whether it be exclusively cars or motorcycles that he or she loves, we'd all have to concur that anyone can more than respect and admire the titans in the field. For example, Keanu loves motorbikes, but we're more than sure that he respects some of the greatest cars ever created and manufactured. Proof of this is in his very own collection and, of course, in images captured of the man, like this one here as he gets into the driver's seat of this beautiful Ferrari at a local car show he attended a little while back. And we all know he'd rather be at the helm of a motorbike but he looks pretty excited here, regardless, eh? I mean, come on! It's Ferrari, for crying out loud!


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Now, it's no mystery that Keanu has driven some of the most iconic vehicles known to man in his films, particularly the Mustang in his epic film, John Wick, or even the Lincoln Continental in The Matrix. But to fans of the motorbike, the motorcycle he drove in the nineties classic, Chain Reaction, is probably the most notable. The film was about a student machinist who gets caught up in a mystery involving some state-of-the-art technology he was working on. The film proves to be an action drama and we certainly recommend it. The KZ1000 was a great looking machine and there are many shots of the film where Keanu can be seen riding it, particularly a scene in which he tries to outrun a catastrophic incident that is fully intent on catching up with him. Spoiler alert: the bike holds up just fine.


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Here's yet another example of the knowledge Keanu brings to his love of motorcycles. We're sure that there are many out there that would just buy a bunch of random motorcycles, paying no mind to the styles, makes and models; ignoring the history of the brands, and there are many collectors out there like this, let's all face it. But to that, we also say, to each his own. But Keanu shows us a deep interest, especially when we look at this beautiful Norton. Norton was founded in 1898 and was then relaunched in 2008. Keanu rides an older model, not one of the relaunched models circa 2008. His is a 1973 Commando and it is a model sought after by many collectors.


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And of course, any fan of the motorcycle has definitely got to own a chopper. These days, many can take their pick of chopper manufacturers. Myself, I'd probably go to OCC (Orange County Choppers) or even PJD (Paul Junior Designs), as they make great bikes, but Keanu went with West Coast Choppers and they are pretty well known for their El Diablo design. Rock star Kid Rock owns one and so does Keanu. His seems to be a throwback to simpler designs, the ones favored by the bikers of the late sixties and early-seventies era. Oh yeah, we totally see the late, great Dennis Hopper atop this model, riding around in Easy Rider.

10 VOLVO 122

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Now, if a dude that says he prefers bikes to cars actually does have a few cars in his private collection, rest assured that these cars will be very rare and impressive. Case in point, the car pictured above. One of the more rare models of Volvo cars, the 122 coupe has a home in Keanu's garage and trust us when we say that the vehicle in question is a definite gem of gems. He restored this one here and it was actually one of his first cars when he went to LA back in 1985. Over the years, it has gone through many makeovers and is still one of his most prized items—and why not?



Now, we know that the man loves to ride bikes. At this point, that's pretty redundant. But just how many bikes he has in his collection remains to be seen. We know he designed his very own model and if that doesn't prove his dedication, we don't know what will—perhaps his inclusion of this classic pictured here. Any motorcycle enthusiast can have a bunch of bikes but choosing the right ones shows everyone else just how much knowledge and wisdom a collector has, and personally, we'd be wary of any collector that shies away from buying perhaps one of the greatest steeds in motorcycle history, the Harley-Davidson. Luckily, Keanu isn't one of these, as he has the bike pictured here nestled safely in his possession.


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Apparently, his love for motorcycles came when he was only twenty-two years old. He was in Germany filming one of his earlier projects when he was astonished to see a woman pass by the set on one of his breaks from filming atop a Kawasaki Enduro. It was at that time that he became a true fan of the motorbike and vowed to purchase himself a bike just like that one. It's unclear if he ended up purchasing an Enduro for himself but we're sure the bike has always remained special to him all these years because he still remembers the precise moment he saw it. And what of the woman? Was she just a passerby in his life, or was there more to this encounter than meets the eye? Ah, the mysterious lives of celebrities.


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He's not one to shy away from traveling to promote the films he stars in. This, in and of itself, isn't always the easiest part of being an actor and celebrity, and yet he does it, and with a happy face set on his stoic features. This work ethic has translated also to his endeavors in the motorcycle fabrication aspect of his life. This portion of his life is a little more private but that doesn't mean he has shied away from promoting the thing which he has built and designed. He is equally intent on delivering the message that his bike is, in fact, a strong offering in the motoring world and he shows just as much energy here as he does in the acting world.


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Despite the fact that Keanu is a self-proclaimed aficionado of motorcycles and likes them much more than cars, he still knows a good car when he sees one. He's the proud owner of a Porsche 911 and doesn't mind showing it every now and again. But as we can see from this picture, one of his bikes is never all that far behind. The Porsche 911 is one of the most respected cars under that brand name and many enthusiasts are the proud owners of one or more—depending on their financial bracket, that is. As it turns out, Keanu didn't mind the expense, despite being known for his frugality and smart spending ways. Hey, everyone deserves to splurge every now and again.


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Despite the fact that he's sitting atop one of his very own designs in this photo we supplied, he is also apparently a very big fan of Suzuki's motorcycles and has ridden them often in his life, particularly when he was first a novice. Suzuki bikes are a good way to get started as a rider, especially the more affordable models found out there. Everyone knows that when Keanu was starting out, he wasn't rolling in dough, so we can easily imagine him going through the classifieds, trying to find a good deal on such a bike. That's the way anyone should start their motorcycle journey. A used bike can only teach you more about your bike, with every problem a new lesson.


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If the paparazzi are going to snap a picture of Keanu, it'll probably be of him behind the wheel of a car or, more likely, atop one of his prized motorcycles. But what can be guaranteed almost assuredly is that he'll be kind. Keanu is definitely a cool guy and you shouldn't expect typical Hollywood behavior like a roll of the eyes or the irate yelling matches some celebrities have with the members of the press. He always keeps his calm and is quite decent, waving hello or even answering questions, no matter how silly they can sometimes be. There doesn't seem to be a mean bone in this gentleman's body and we couldn't like him more for it.


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Although he is a huge celebrity, when Keanu can be seen riding out in the world, far away from the iconic characters he's helped bring to the screen, he looks pretty much like a regular Joe, as they say. In fact, he can at times blend right in, and if your attention hasn't been brought directly to him for some reason or another, he can oftentimes pass you by. You've probably seen him out there, filling up at the gas station in his vintage Porsche or chomping down on a Big Mac and Fries right at the table next to you and you wouldn't have known it. So, yes, at the end of the day, the man is as simple as they come, despite the fact that he loves a great ride out on the open road every now and again.


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He's proven to us fans, time and time again that he loves to ride motorbikes and drive cars in his films, giving us all a great look at some awesome machines. And we hope that this article has proven to you that he does a lot of riding in his home life as well. We wonder only what's in store for this megastar in terms of films, and the great vehicles he will get a chance to showcase. We're waiting for one of his ARCH bikes to appear in one of them, and perhaps we'll soon see one. So, as we enjoy the next installment of John Wick and anticipate with bated breath the return of Bill and Ted, we wait for the opportunity to see this great star in action, in any capacity.


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It's interesting but the Mustang immortalized in the John Wick franchise doesn't seem to be in Keanu Reeves' personal collection. Some actors, like Sylvester Stallone, like to collect the vehicles they've driven in their films, like say the motorcycle he rode in the Rocky franchise, and the Mercury Monterey Coupe he drove in the 1986 crime drama, Cobra. But not all superstars are the same at the end of the day. Keanu seems to like to stick to what he likes and although he looked pretty awesome driving around in that Mustang in the film, don't expect to see him going out to dinner in the very same car. Sorry, folks.

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