15 Reality TV Stars Who Drive Beaters...In Reality

Who knew that being yourself could make you a lot of money? Television producers recognized the viewers' desire to watch programs that are real, so they started producing reality programs.

Following people with a camera while they run errands and bicker might not seem like an interesting premise for a show, but it is how many popular programs such as The Osbournes and Catching Up With The Kardashians garnered popularity.

Reality television has become big business, and shows such as Big Brother, The Grand Tour, and Jersey Shore have raked in millions of dollars for networks. The producers recruited regular citizens to carry on with their lives while the cameras rolled. Considering that viewers tune in to see what the regular folks are doing, the show's producers had to reward the so-called stars of the show. Some reality television stars are making as much as $250,000 per episode.

That is a lot of money for not having to act, sing or dance. Since many reality television stars have accumulated a lot of money in their appearances, they've had the opportunity to buy expensive cars. Although they had the money, not all of them opted for purchasing lavish vehicles. We gleaned photos of subpar cars that reality television stars drive.

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15 Mick Foley - Old Red Mini-Van

via WWE/Jalopnik

Yes, that's right, WWE Superstar and former star of the reality show Holy Foley still drives an old red minivan from the '90s. In fact, Foley used the car on the show bringing Noelle to her wrestling practice class in the ride.

Foley amassed lots of wealth throughout his career, so he can definitely afford a much better-looking car. Nonetheless, he isn't worried about the ride, as long as it can get him from a to b. For Foley, the best thing about the car is the fact that it came in red, his favorite color cause it reminds him of his favorite holiday, Christmas.

14 Jenni Farley - Ford Transit Connect

via Ford/YouTube

Better known to viewers as JWoww, Farley gained prominence as the main cast member of Jersey Shore. She also featured in the Jersey Shore spin-off, Snookie & JWoww. She has also appeared in shows such as Disaster Date and Marriage Bootcamp. Although Farley has earned a significant amount of money as a reality tv star, she isn't afraid to get behind a wheel of a Ford Transit Connect, not that there's anything wrong with the vehicle.

While many viewers would expect her to drive a fancier car, Farley is a mom who needs safety and space for her kids.

13 John Cena - 1989 Jeep Wrangler

via YouTUbe

Cena isn't only a former WWE Champion and a Hollywood movie star, but he has also starred in the reality television program Total Bellas. The show documented the lives of the Bella twins and their relationship with wrestlers John Cena and Daniel Bryan.

Cena's multimillion-dollar paychecks led him to purchase several cars. Some of the better cars in his collection include a Lamborghini Gallardo and a Corvette C7. One of the car's that Cena owned was a Corvette that had a wrecked chassis and engine, according to Celebrity Carz. He also bought an '89 Jeep Wrangler that's in rough condition, he explains to Jalopnik; “This antenna does nothing,” Cena explains. “I just bought it because I thought it looked cool. And it just goes to show I have no clue what cool is.”

12 Snooki - Honda Accord

via Zombdrive

Nicole Polizzi, better known as Snookie, was a member of the reality TV shows Jersey Shore and Snookie & JWoww. Her participation in Jersey Shore spawned numerous talk show appearances and event hosting. Polizzi appeared as a guest hostess for WWE Raw and competed at WrestleMania.

Jersey Shore producers valued her participation in the show so much that they offered her $150,000 per episode in the last season. Considering she earned that much money, one would expect her to drive a more lavish car than a 1994 Honda Accord.

11 Ludacris - Acura Legend

via Mashable

One would believe that a rapper and a star of the Fast and Furious movies would not settle for anything less than a supercar. I have to commend Ludacris for not falling into the hip hop culture trap of driving only fancy cars. After all, a car doesn't determine a person's value to society.

Ludacris didn't want to be a stereotype, so he restored a 1993 Acura Legend. Although the Acura Legend won't win any aesthetics or performance awards, Ludacris deserves credit for driving what he wants, not what others expect of him.

10 Snooki - Fiat Multipla

via Daily Maail

Check the Consumer Reports Least Reliable list for the past few years, and you shouldn't be surprised to find a Fiat featured. It seems that a Fiat isn't the only problem that the Italian police had to deal with, but it was Snooki's driving that was a bigger concern.

Not only is the Fiat Multipla one of the least attractive cars on the road, but it was Snooki's driving skills that were less appealing when she crashed into a police car, putting two Italian officers in hospital, according to Daily Mail. The police took Snooki into custody and stated that she could face charges.

9 Barry Weiss - Chicken Car

via Reddit

Storage wars was a reality television program that documented professional buyers who visited storage facilities throughout California and bid on the storage container, which sold at an auction.

One of the main buyers on the program was Barry Weiss. He made a name for himself as an antique collector. Weiss is a proud car collector and has several unique rides that most people won't see any other place other than his garage. Audiences fell in love with Weiss for his personality, which was different from the other buyers. Although Weiss has several modified cars that classify as vintage, the chicken car wasn't his great purchase.

8 Mike Henry - SmartForTwo

via Pinterest

Counting Cars was a spinoff of Pawn Stars and chronicled the daily activities at Count's Kustoms, an automobile restoration company that Danny Koker owns. The series followed Koker and his team while they restore and modify classic cars and motorcycles.

One of the restorers that Koker brought onto the team was Mike. He got his nickname from the horns that he wears on his head. Horny Mike became fascinated with horns and that still holds true on the show. When he got a SmartForTwo car, he had to fit horns on the vehicle and paint it green.

7 Jay Leno - Shotwell Three Wheeler

via Hemmings Motor News

Considering Leno has more than 150 cars in his collection, one shouldn't be surprised that he has a few beaters. After the host of The Tonight Show called it a day on hosting the show, he pursued his passion - cars. Jay started showcasing his vehicles on Jay Leno's Garage. One of the cars that Leno showcased was the Shotwell.

According to Auto Evolution, a 17-year old boy called Bob Shotwell built it in 1931. Shotwell used many parts from the Ford Model A to construct the vehicle. Shotwell called Leno to sell him the vehicle, which Leno obliged. The car was in bad shape when Leno received it, so he restored it.

6 Hulk Hogan - WWF Vintage Car

via Youtube

Hogan Knows Best was a reality television program that featured the former WWE superstar and his family. The premise of the show was Hogan and his wife raising their children to be successful and polite. Considering that Hogan blew most of his money, he might not know best when finances are involved.

During his time in WWE, Hogan was one of the biggest stars in the company. Hulkamania ran wild, and the company wanted to make a car for him. Not only does the car not provide enough interior space for the big man, but I wouldn't be surprised if he weighs as much as the car.

5 James May - Triumph 2000

via Flickr

When BBC fired Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear for a dispute with a producer, May and Hammond followed their colleague to star in Amazon's The Grand Tour. Clarkson stated that The Grand Tour wasn't a car show. Regardless of how Clarkson categories the show, he is quick to take jabs at May's car selection.

One of the cars that May owned is a 1971 Triumph 2000. Triumph produced the 2000 model from 1963 until 1977. Although the car isn't easy on the eye, the manufacturer produced more than 300,000 units during the production run.

4 Jeremy Clarkson - Ford Escort RS Cosworth

via Flickr

Some say that he drives supercars such as the Ferrari F50 and the Lamborghini Aventador on his car shows, but some also say that he has a peculiar personal collection.

Clarkson has owned superb cars such as the Range Rover and the Porsche 911. To balance the good with the bad, Clarkson's first car was a Ford Cortina 1600E. That wasn't the last Ford that Clarkson owned, as he purchased a 1995 Ford Escort RS Cosworth. Considering that several Ford models have appeared on Consumer Reports' least reliable list, Clarkson could've chosen a better car.

3 Jarrod Schulz - Customized Outlaw Bike

via Youtube

Apart from Barry Weiss, Jarrod Schulz was part of the cast on Storage Wars. Schulz is an entrepreneur and fashion designer who loves motorbikes. Schulz was satisfied that the storage units contained motorbike parts that he needed.

When he's not collecting valuables, Schulz enjoys modifying bikes. The pictured bike is one of the ones that Schulz modified. It contains an Outlaw symbol. Schulz attached that symbol to the bike to pay homage to his apparel brand that caters to the biking community. Although the bike is modified, it doesn't look too good. Schulz could have done a better job with the modification.

2 Richard Rawlings - Modification Project

via Motor Trend

Consumers who want to restore a jalopy into a superb machine should head down to Rawlings' garage for a fix. Rawlings is an entrepreneur, a media personality and a star of the reality television program Fast N' Loud. He's the owner of the Gas Monkey Garage, as well as Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill and Gas Monkey Live music venues in Dallas, Texas.

The 1970 Lincoln Continental isn't a terrible car, but it's impractical. Finding parking for the car is a nightmare, as the trunk would stick out from the parking bay. The car above is a creation from Richard and the crew, one that isn't comparable to his other rides.

1 Jesse James - Ford 5

via Nicki Swift

Car enthusiasts know James as the host of Jesse James Is a Dead Man and Monster Garage. Most people wouldn't argue that James knows a lot about vintage cars and motorbikes. Driving classic cars can make many men jealous, but the driver has to be careful not to go overboard with the restoration.

While the Model T and the 1956 F-100 will remain timeless Ford classics, the Ford 5 is outdated. James has done a magnificent job on the restoration, but the vehicle is too retro for the modern world. The Ford 5 isn't a bad car, but James could've chosen a better one.

Sources - Daily Mail, Auto Evolution & Celebrity Carz

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