5 Reasons To Buy A Used Tesla (& 5 Reasons To Avoid It)

Buying used is typically the go-to option for most people, and here are five major differences between buying new and buying pre-owned Teslas.

Tesla's are no longer the rare vehicles that they once were; more and more drivers are opting to pick up a version of the eco-friendly car due to their growing popularity and fantastic performances.

Because there are now more Tesla's on the road, there are also a lot more used Tesla's available for people to purchase, with the vehicles becoming more and more common to buy.

Whilst there are obvious benefits to purchasing a used Tesla, there are also some reasons why people may want to avoid it as well. Let's look at five examples for both sides of the argument.

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10 Reason To Buy: It's Cheaper

The main purpose of buying any used vehicle is down to finance. After all, if you can buy a brand new car for the same price, why would you ever want to purchase a car that already has miles in the tank?

Any used vehicle should be available at a much cheaper cost, so, for those who are desperate to get behind the wheel of a Tesla but don't have the finances to do so at full price, this could be a perfect loophole.

It is important to actually shop around, though, as there will be more expensive and cheaper versions around dependent on what price the seller is looking for.

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9 Reason To Avoid: The Battery Could Be Worn

Obviously, when it comes to Tesla's, the main draw is the fact it is an electric vehicle, and, while that is great, it also means the battery gets used an awful lot. While they are built to last, they are never going to full function forever.

With a car that has already been used for a long period of time, the chances are that the battery isn't quite as fresh as people might like them to be and they could end up needing replacing a lot quicker than expected.

This is obviously a risk most people know full well walking into when it comes to buying a used car, but that doesn't make it any less of a risk.

8 Reason To Buy: It Is Still An Elite Electric Car

The world is gravitating towards electric vehicles at the moment, and, when people pick one up, they obviously want to have the very best. No matter what, Tesla is still considered to be the top of the range option.

When you are driving the car around the streets, nobody is going to know that it is a used model, and therefore, that is certainly a pretty cool feeling for someone, especially those who always want the top quality cars.

With Tesla's still being at the very top of their game, some may even consider a used Tesla to be better than a brand new version of another electric car.

7 Reason To Avoid: Repair Bills

Tesla cars are very advanced with lots of modern changes and tweaks constantly being made available to the owners for them to decide if they want. Because the car will already have been owned, one person might have wanted everything.

However, a new owner might not feel that same way, and, because of that, they are at risk of having to constantly update and change in order to keep up with what the previous person had decided to do with the car.

On top of that, those updates could cause more problems than if the car had been left as its base model, which means somebody might have to pay for constant repairs for something they didn't even want.

6 Reason To Buy: It's Likely To Be Well Looked After

When buying any used car, the risk is always the unknown factor of how the previous owner has treated the car during their ownership, with some people ragging their vehicle around, producing wear and tear.

However, when it comes to more expensive vehicles, that element of risk instantly lowers, as it is highly unlikely that someone would spend lots of cash on a Tesla only to treat it poorly. If anything, the car is likely to have been looked after even more than usual, with extra care being taken. As a result, there should be a lower risk of problems at a later date.

5 Reason To Avoid: You Miss The 'New Car Feeling'

There are a certain experience and feeling that comes with buying a brand new car that is difficult to explain but is something that everyone has felt if they have purchased a brand new car from the garage.

From going on a test drive to putting pen to paper on a deal and then having a rush of adrenaline as it is all confirmed, that is something that doesn't really come when you buy a car that someone has already driven around in for years.

For some people, missing out on that feeling to save some money is not even a slight issue. Yet, for others, it is a reason to consider if it is the right choice.

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4 Reason To Buy: Potential Resale

As with most things, if you don't like them, you can always sell them. Right now, because Tesla is such a trending company that has got people talking, there is always going to be a market for someone wanting a used car.

That means that, if you buy a used Tesla and simply don't enjoy it, the chances are you will be able to turn around a similar price for it straight away due to how popular the vehicles are at the moment.

This means that buying a used version is much less of a gamble than it might be with a different car that could be more difficult to sell on once again.

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3 Reason To Avoid: You May Miss Out On Certain Features

Tesla is always innovating, and, because of that, the newer models of the cars often bost many cool features that previous versions didn't have in order to try and make people interested in upgrading.

However, when you purchase a used Tesla, you are getting whatever model that car was, meaning that there is a good chance that some of the newest features will be missing as the car is going to be older.

That means things such as the popular Autopilot mode, one of Tesla's biggest selling points, could be unavailable, which could put some people off buying one.

2 Reason To Buy: They Are Built To Last

One of the big selling points of a Tesla is its durability, the cars are built with long-term goals. After all, scrapping cars constantly doesn't scream good for the environment, which is why they are built to last.

While a used Tesla is obviously going to have plenty of miles on the clock, that should not affect the performance of the vehicle in any way, meaning that buying one that has already been used should be a safe spend.

It has been claimed that Tesla's are built for a lifetime, so there is no reason to believe that the car should have issues outside of needing to replace things such as the wheels, which isn't a major surprise.

1 Reason To Avoid: Risk Factor

Ultimately, when it comes to buying any used car, there is always going to be an element of risk, as you are having to place all your trust in the fact that the person selling the car is telling the exact truth about the car.

When documents are handed over in a deal such as this, it is expected that everything is exactly the truth, with the cars history and any problems all being openly discussed before any purchases are made.

However, many people have been caught naively trusting a seller in this situation in the past, and therefore, this is something that people have to be wary of when choosing this method of purchase.

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