10 Reasons To Buy A Japanese Car

Japanese cars are practical, low cost, and fuel efficient. These are just some of the many reasons that you should consider purchasing a Japanese car.

There has recently been a boom from European and US manufacturers in the automotive industry. Nowadays, there are so many options available from around the world, it is hard to choose which make and model is right for you. Do you want looks over efficiency? Perhaps you're looking for a safer model instead of the way that a car looks? Whatever your preference may be, there is bound to be a Japanese manufacturer suited to you.

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To find out more about why you should purchase a Japanese car over any other, read on and see for yourself why it would be such a wise decision!

10 Efficiency

The majority of cars on our roads are Japanese, and it was only two decades ago that Japanese carmakers produced fuel-guzzling machines. However, this is now changing for the better. Companies such as Honda and Toyota are now producing some of the most fuel-efficient cars around, with their new hybrid, and even electric powered models.

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Because of this, other car manufacturers, perhaps more high-end such as Audi and Jaguar, have followed suit. What most people don't realize, however, is that Japanese manufacturers are way ahead of its competitors when it comes to elegant looking, hybrid vehicles.

9 Practicality

Being some of the most popular cars on our roads, it is only fitting that Japanese cars come as the most practical. Not only are they now more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly, since there are millions of them, repairs and spare parts won’t cost you an arm and a leg as opposed to some other manufacturers like Volkswagen and Renault.

Not only are parts cheaper, but mechanic costs will also be much less as there is less chance of encountering any specialized repairs.

8 The Future

Japanese cars are where smart, futuristic hybrid meets cool and contemporary. Although most manufacturers now produce hybrid cars, you can safely put all of your money on the idea coming from the Japanese market.

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One thing that separates the American and Japanese markets is the fact that Detroit is not going to change its ways any time soon, whereas Japanese makers are constantly looking for ways to make their products more appealing whilst keeping them as low a risk as possible for the environment.

7 Technology

Asia is the biggest tech savvy region in the world. They are always coming up with new phones or tablets, and even a phone tablet. 

Japanese manufacturers have passed this quality over to their products and they are always the first to feature that new, unexplored gadget. Not only do they use technology for our ride comfort benefit, but they also use technology to produce more fuel-efficient cars!

6 Pickup Haven

Up until the 1970s, American born and bred trucks were the way to go. Nowadays, and since the late ’70s, this has changed, as Japanese manufacturers have built pickup trucks that are a better bang for your buck. Sturdy, comfortable and smooth ride, fuel-efficient, and packed with technology, all for a competitive price.

But, what pickup buyers love the most about Japanese trucks is that there is a storage space almost anywhere you look! Plus, they are cheaper to fix IF anything were to happen.

5 Constant Availability

Because there are so many Japanese cars, if you want a specific type of Japanese car, whether new or used, chances are there will be one close to you. There are many online Japanese exporters who will help you find what you want, if on the odd occasion, it is not available in a car yard.

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Moreover, being readily available, this means the prices are much lower for us consumers, so it is a win-win all round! Bottom line is...if you want one, you got one. Not only is this good news for dealers, but consumers simply love availability.

4 Testing, Testing

Yes, all cars go through specific testing before they are released on to the market, but what you may not know is that Japanese cars actually have the most rigorous testing found around the world. Each individual car is inspected by an expert and critiqued before being sold, so you know that you are going to get a quality and efficient machine.

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Also, due to strict car safety laws in Japan, cars must be updated more often, meaning a constant flow of cars on the second-hand market.

3 Low Cost

Not only are Japanese cars low-cost in terms of maintenance and fuel intake, they are also excellent low-cost alternatives for developing and emerging countries.

Low-cost, reliable and fun to drive cars are all what Japanese manufacturers are about which is why they appeal to the worldwide market, as opposed to select, niche, markets, like cars out of the United States or Europe.

2 Good-Old Classics

Most people think that the Muscle Car era began in the US. Sorry to spoil the party, but the Japanese were the first to come up with the concept of Classic/Muscle Cars and put them in to production. It is only in the last 2-3 decades that the restoration of vintage cars has taken-off in the United States, and what cars do they mostly use? Japanese cars!

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It is also interesting to note that 25 years ago, some iconic Japanese cars could never actually be sold in the US. Nowadays, they can be legally imported and restored, so really, destiny is in your hands.

1 Beautiful Performance

In every sense of the word. It has to be said that Japanese cars that have been tuned and enhanced, do in fact look more slick and upmarket than ones out of the United States. That being said, it does depend on what car and model you do decide to fine-tune, but overall, it is Japanese manufacturers who have won this category.

Subaru, Toyota, Mitsubishi and Nissan all dominate the rally championship in performance and looks, and guess where they are from? Japan!

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