10 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Motorcycle

There are a lot of positives to owning a motorcycle. Here are 10 reasons you might want one as your next vehicle.

Many may dream of owning/riding a motorcycle, yet there are still somethings stopping them. Whether it be financial issues, fears over safety, or conflicts with parents, getting a bike may not be the easiest choice.

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However, although the benefits don't appear to outweigh the costs at first, you will soon realize that it's the opposite in reality. Having a motorcycle for transportation does have some downsides, but almost all are negated by the huge benefits and overall experience of riding. Either way, these ten reasons are great examples as to why you should own a bike...

10 It's A Good Workout

Although, as a spectator, riding may not seem that difficult. However, avid motorcycle riding can serve as a healthy workout. Unlike a car, the rider and the bike must move in conjunction to point the direction they want.

Thus, this extra movement cause more energy exertion to be spent by the rider; serving as a small cardio-workout. To see just how far you can take this, look to the racing series MotoGP. MotoGP drivers are in peak physical condition. Not only because they are athletes and need to be, but because riding itself is isometric.

9 More Ecologically Friendly

Unlike a standard automobile, motorcycles are much more environmentally friendly. Their engines are significantly smaller, they use less fuel, produce less harmful chemicals, and take up less non-renewable materials to make.

To add to this, there are multiple different manufacturers like Harley, Ducati, and Yamaha that are working towards all-electric alternatives. With the soon-to-be started MotoE motorcycle racing, many more companies have looked towards an electric future.

8 Riding Is More Involved Than Driving

As mentioned previously, the biggest part of the workout when riding a motorcycle is the activity and involvement required to use the vehicle itself. If you don't properly lean, then the odds are you won't make the corner.

Some can see this as a nuisance, but the reality is that it's what makes riding riding. Think of it as driving a car with no steering wheel. It would feel alien and strange; just like riding without extra human inputs. Learning how to really lean into a corner (Almost to the point of touching the concrete) is especially rewarding. Like when you successfully throw the bike around a high-speed corner for the first time.

7 Camaraderie Among Riders

Some motorcycle riders receive a bad wrap. Individuals may think of them as Sons of Anarchy characters, however, the converse is the true. Many motorcycle riders are genuinely nice people who simply enjoy the experience of riding.

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If you ever get a motorcycle (or have one already), you will soon find out about the 'biker wave.' A simple below the waist signal given to a fellow rider. Something as small and simple as this perfectly shows how everyone who rides is a part of a greater community. Nothing else matters about yourself personally, except for your shared love of motorcycles. The true definition of a 'brotherhood.'

6 Unlimited Customization Options

Like a car, motorcycles have several components that can be swapped, modified, or removed all together. With the right mindset and changes, no one bike will look the same. Not only can you customize your bike, but yourself too.

The benefit that riders have that drivers don't is their gear. A smart motorcycle enthusiast will wear the proper protection whenever they ride: A helmet, leathers, gloves, boots, and so on. Each component can be unique to the rider with special helmets and intricate designs throughout every piece.

Nonetheless, the best looking ones are still the most expensive. Just, please, don't skimp on price/quality when it comes to safety gear.

5 Bikes Are Cheaper

One of the most obvious benefits to purchasing a bike is it's M.S.R.P. Compared to a new car, a new motorcycle is often be a fraction of the price. To add to this, a high-speed motorcycle can go for as cheap as a couple thousand dollars, while a car that can reach the same speed will cost tens of thousands.

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The starting cost is definitely cheaper, although, that isn't the only aspect that's more affordable. Maintenance is also less costly. Bikes don't (Usually) breakdown as frequently as cars do and tire changes don't cost nearly as much. It probably doesn't hurt that there's only two of them too.

4 Riding Gives You Valuable Experience

Experience is often be seen as an intangible resource. You can't buy it, but you can earn it. Yet, it's still incredibly valuable regardless. Valuable experience isn't just limited to work or education, but acquired skills and useful information too. Including knowing how to ride.

Knowing how to ride a motorcycle is a lot like knowing how to drive a manual. It's a valuable thing to learn in case, God forbid, you end up in a circumstance where you have to drive that particular vehicle. Knowing how to do so can make you more well-rounded, more knowledgable, and more prepared as a result.

3 Save Money On Gas

Similar to a cheaper outright cost, motorcycles also have less variable cost in regards to gasoline. Bikes are, obviously, smaller than their four-wheeled counterparts, making them more fuel-efficient and less likely to guzzle expensive gas.

Although motorcycle engines typically rev higher than normal cars, they still end up using less fuel. This is because of their lower cylinder count, less weight, and smaller litreage. All in all, a motorcycle can save the environment and your wallet.

2 Speed Past Traffic

If you've ever been in heavy traffic, you've more than likely looked over and seen a motorcyclist speed past all that trouble. This is another great reason to buy a bike: The ability to leave traffic behind.

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Due to a motorcycle's smaller frame and maneuverability, riders can easily get between lanes or around other vehicles to easily get past intense traffic jams. Nonetheless, this can still be a dangerous exercise, so operate with caution.

Be careful to not break any laws either, since some states allow lane-splitting, while others do not.

1 The Thrill Of Riding

The biggest benefit to owning and riding a motorcycle is the most simple one: The thrill of riding. Nothing can quite compare to the feeling of the wind on your clothes at high speeds. The feeling attracts thoughts of freedom and happiness, knowing that at any moment, you could pin the throttle and reach ludicrous speeds.

Going fast on a bike isn't like going fast in a car. With less walls and more exposure to the elements, it becomes a very surreal experience. Your heart racing, vision turning to pin-needles and so on. This may seem scary to some, but is assuredly one of the largest factors behind why so many still ride today.

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