20 Reasons The Ford F-150 Is Better Than The Dodge Ram

If you’ve carefully watched the automotive industry lately, you will agree with us that we’re moving into what could be the most fascinating era in the history of the pickup trucks. Nowadays we see a lot of buyer interests going toward the pickup trucks more than the SUVs, especially in the last 5 years. No doubt over the last decade, the Ford F150 and the Dodge Ram have been the two powerful trucks that have ruled the full-sized pickup truck market. However, for every single year that passes by, the Ford-150 is one pickup truck that has always worked to live up to the competition.

Thus, it won’t be surprising to say that no pickup truck has been able to hold the road as much as the Ford has done especially the F-150, for the past 35 years. From coast to coast, drivers and even critics can tell the Ford F-150 has been one of the bestselling pickup truck in the US today – it is actually. Nevertheless, the Dodge Ram has not been lagging behind. For every model year released by the F-150, the Dodge Ram has equally given it a good run for its money. Apparently, the Dodge Ram has become the main competitor of the F-150 to the extent that they’ve made other pickup trucks appear completely beneath them. That’s why we have decided to help clear the air by listing out 20 reasons why the Ford F-150 is a better choice compared to the Dodge Ram, without being biased.

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20 Better Fuel Economy

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As of the time of this post, the Ford F-150 is known to be the most fuel-efficient pickup truck on the market. It has a 3.3-liter V6 engine that gets 25mpg on the highway and hits 19mpg in the city. Consequently, Ford Motor Company is believed to be getting diesel models for the newest Ford F-150s which would produce an even better fuel economy.

Unfortunately, the Dodge Ram hasn’t been able to give good fuel economy as they deliver 22mpg on the highway and 15mpg in the city.

It’s clear that the Ford F-150 is a better choice in this area, especially if you’re one person that makes a lot of use of his/her pickup truck.

19 The Ecoboost Engine

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In 2011, the Ford motor company first unveiled the turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine which was a far better option to the conventional V8 engine found in most pickup trucks like the Dodge Ram. Just when we thought Ford had nailed it enough when it came to its turbocharged V6 engine, it doubled on its Ecoboost technology. It added a newly developed 2.7-liter V6 engine to the F-150 which generated more power. With the 2.7-liter engine, we saw a new advancement in the engine technology – twin turbochargers incorporated into the exhaust manifold and a compacted graphite iron block, which is usually used for diesel engines. The Ecoboost engine of the F-150 pushes out far more power than the standard V8 engine of the Dodge Ram.

18 The Aluminum Body Work

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One of the biggest features of the Ford F-150, especially from the 2015 model-year, is the newly developed aluminum bodywork. This development obviously sets the F-150 in a class of its own. Why?

Aluminum bodywork is usually reserved for luxury cars or sports cars.

The F-150 is able to reduce weight without sacrificing strength with this new aluminum body. Ultimately, the F-150 became 700lbs lighter than its previous steel models, which also set a pace for it compared to its strong counterpart, the Dodge Ram which is still running on rolled steel until now.

17 Better Price

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Price is obviously a key determinant factor for any successful product or service. That’s one thing the Ford motor company has been able to successfully achieve with the F-150. Apparently, there is this belief that “more expensive products are more quality.” Ford has been able to disregard that school of thought. Because the Ford F-150 with all its qualities still remains more affordable than its strong competitor, the Dodge Ram. Considering the fact that a ton of steel is $800 and a ton of aluminum is $2,000, one wonders how Ford is able to be priced lower than the Dodge Ram. For your information, the Ford F-150 base trim goes for $27,705 while Dodge Ram goes for $31,695.

16 More Precise Electronic Display

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When it comes to the interior of the F-150, what you get is freshness, more space, excellent touchscreen controls, enhanced climate control and a restructured seating position with superior outward visibility. The F-150 has a unique remarkable feature when it comes to its interior – and that is the optional 8-inch digital MyView gauge cluster. Ford describes this feature as an “efficiency screen”. The reason it’s called an efficiency screen is due to its function. This feature permits drivers to configure the gauges in order to display a wealth of information. The information in question is related to off-roading, tire pressure, fuel economy, and other vehicle specifications. All this information is grouped and prioritized in whatever arrangement the driver chooses.

15 External Cameras

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Over time, it has been observed that exterior cameras have gone from exotic to common place in premium segments. Ford took their time on this feature and came up with a fantastic exterior camera for the F-150. They introduced the birds-eye-view.

This is a 3600 camera technology that enables easier parking and low-speed maneuvers in tight quarters.

It also has a rear camera which is very helpful in the full-size truck segment. This camera functions to guide drivers with a dynamic display line toward a trailer hitch. Unfortunately, the Dodge Ram doesn’t have this function.

14 The Special Driver Assist Functions

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Ford has been relentless about infusing high-tech into the F-150 series – from the radar cruise control, forward collision warning, curve control, park assistant, lane-keeping assistant, blind-spot detection, to the hill descent control. The truth is that the F-150 is a better option when compared to the Dodge Ram considering the fact that the Ford is the first company to equip a full-size truck with active parking technology. The active park assist has the ability to identify a street parking space that’s large enough to fit the truck before managing all steering input that occurs during the parallel parking process.

13 More Impressive LED Lights

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If you’re the type that drives a lot at night this feature should be quite relatable. By now, you already know that LED headlights and taillights play a very important role in nighttime visibility. This is why you can’t afford to let go of the F-150. The F-150 has an LED lighting in the tailgate handle, an illumination ante with available LED lighting in the cargo bed, LED lighting in the exterior mirrors’ puddle lamps and LED lighting on the exterior mirrors’ spotlight locations. All these just turn the F-150 into a great, omnidirectional flashlight. With this, your night vision will be greatly enhanced. This makes the F-150 a better option over the Dodge Ram.

12 1700 Door Opening

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When you look at extended cab pickups, you’d notice that they’re a popular choice for truck buyers. The reason is not far-fetched because it’s due to the flexibility they provide for cargo-hauling and/or people without the larger weight or size that comes with a crew cab model. If you intend to load people and cargo into the rear portion of an extended cab, it’s limited by the smaller opening between cab’s B- and C-pillars.

This is the issue that Ford saw and ensured that this limitation was lifted which makes the F-150 a better option compared to the Dodge Ram.

The limitation was removed by taking out the B-pillar and allowing the rear door to rotate 1700. This feature greatly enhances the functionality of extended cabs.

11 The Cargo Box

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The flexibility of cargo is one feature that you can’t overlook. This is the reason why the F-150 has a cargo box that features heavily-reinforced inner panels with so many mounting points. When you have a close look at the F-150, you’d see that the mounting points range from robust, removable cleats that are similar in functionality and appearance to what’s used in securing a boat to a dock. It also goes down to the industry standard e-track system that consists of sliding metal rods. It would interest you to know that each mounting location has a load capacity of 600 pounds. This is more than enough to secure everything from snowmobiles to motorcycles confidently. The F-150 also features optionally integrated ramps. This is used for loading motorcycles, ATVs, etc. which makes the Ford F-150 a better option over the Dodge Ram.

10 The Box Steps

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Over the years, you have been going in and out of your truck’s cargo box and doing this can be really stressful. That’s why Ford had to make the latest F-150 tackle this issue once and for all to ease you from any form of stress. The F-150 has a kick-down box side steps and a totally redesigned tailgate step. It was done in a way that the box side steps withdraw underneath the bed when it’s not in use and deploy down. When this happens, there’s enough space for large work in the boots. This is followed by the full retraction of the tailgate step and grab handle into the tailgate when it’s not in use. This helps keep the tailgate’s inner and outer surfaces flat and clean. This feature makes the F-150 a better option when compared to the Dodge Ram.

9 The Remote Tailgate

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You know, all those extra tailgate features like the integrated step, LED lights and grab handles could be worrisome when it’s time to open and close the tailgate. The good news is Ford saw this issue and “nipped it in the bud” by adding an optional remote locking, unlocking and opening for the body panel of the F-150.

This automatically makes the F-150 a better choice over the Dodge Ram.

Not because it’s the first truck with a remote opening tailgate but it’s built-in not to come crashing down at any point. Also, since the tailgate is aluminium, it’s just like the rest of the body panels. This means they are easy to lift and close.

8 More Engine Options

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The fact that the F-150 has a wide range of 6 different engine options puts it in a strong dominance over other pickup trucks from manufactures such as the Fiat-Chrysler, the Dodge Ram, and others. With this awesome opportunity drivers have multiple options to pick from. Also, you can be rest assured that the Ford F-150 will not be disappointing you any time soon. A six-speed automatic transmission is found on the base engine and the remaining five engines are mated to a 10-speed automatic gear transmission. All the engines that range from the 3.0 Power Stroke turbo diesel, 3.5L Ecoboost, 2.7L Ecoboost, 3.3L TI-VCT V6, 5.0L TI-VCT V8 to the 24-valve high-output 3.5 L Ecoboost are far more robust than the Dodge Ram’s V8 engine.

7 Higher Horsepower

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From the above 6 engine options of the Ford F-150, it’s clear that Ford F-150 has a more powerful capacity than the engine of the Dodge Ram, since figures don’t lie. Even though the reformed Dodge Ram 1500 outputs 305 horsepower from its standard V8 engine, it’s no match for the Ford F-150 engine that generates 450 horsepower from its twin-turbocharged V6 engine. Apparently, the Ford F-150 will comfortably dust the Dodge Ram in a race contest anytime. Thus, if you interested in getting a pickup truck that can fly and tour through the toughest terrain, you know the pickup truck to choose. It’s a Ford F-150.

6 Higher Towing Capacity

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None of the pickup trucks in the full-size pickup truck category can equal the towing capacity of the Ford F-150. This big beast is capable and built to tow up to a whopping 13,200lbs. So far, the Ford F-150 has the highest towing capacity of all trucks.

That’s all to say the average Ford F-150 can tow a bigger vehicle like a trailer or a tractor.

When compared to the Ford F-150, the Dodge Ram is absolutely not in the same class with its counterpart Ford F-150 as it’s only capable to tow a weight of 10,000lbs making it 3,200lbs short.

5 The F-150 Embraces Smart Technology With Fordpass

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If you purchase a new Ford F-150, you are liable to get the new mobile app which was recently developed by Ford. The app, Fordpass, is a one-stop mobile app that can assist you move more freely as you get around your day. The app can help you compare fuel prices at gas stations along your route. Also, it will assist you in locating an available and free space. Thus, you won’t have to spend time driving around looking for parking space. The advent of Fordpass for F-150 drivers shows that The Ford Motor Company has plans to follow current IT trends, something the Dodge Ram isn’t ready to start yet.

4 Safest Vehicle On The Road According To NHTSA

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The Ford F-150 has got an overall 5-star rating for crash safety from the NHTSA. As a way of fulfilling the test, the Ford F-150 was screened on how they perform in the side barrier, front, rollover resistant scenarios and the side pole. The specific tests were taken because they are typically the most rampant type of auto crashes on the US roads. The F-150 came out in flying colours for its entire test. Thus, the Ford motor company was awarded the highest score any pickup truck can get. This affirms a peace of mind for drivers. However, the Dodge Ram hasn’t gotten such a high rating from the NHTSA.

3 Better Cargo Space

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There are 3 different bed sizes in the cargo space of the F-150; an 8-foot bed, a 6-foot-6-inch bed, and a 5-foot-6-inch bed. The F-150’s bed can also have some beneficial features included to it as well; a stowable loading ramp, Ford’s BoxLink system, and an integrated tailgate step. If you are an engineer or a farmer who always loves to carry work tools on board on your way to a site or farm, be rest assured that your tools will stay organized and not get mixed up when you drive through rough terrain. Also, the pickup bed of the F-150 is designed to maximize your productivity and make your work easy.

2 Smoother Ride Handling

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The Ford F-150 feels more stable both on the highway and through twisting roads than the Dodge Ram, considering how a full-size pickup truck should handle. This is thanks to its standard 4-wheel drive and air suspension that add to the easier drive feel. The smooth ride handling comes majorly from its factory-equipped Torque-on-Demand transfer case, the 4.10 front axles with torsen differential. It also has six driver-selectable modes with a terrain management system. The Dodge Ram is no slouch when it comes to ride-handling too. In fact, it offers a smooth ride and it’s quite stable on windy roads. Nevertheless, it can’t stand the F-150’s handling.

1 Stop And Go With Adaptive Cruise Control

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The Stop and Go function with adaptive cruise control function enables you to set a driving speed and distance from the vehicle ahead. The stop-and-go feature accelerates and stops your pickup truck automatically while maintaining your preset distance when activated. This technology can bring your pickup truck to complete halt in a stopped traffic and resume your car’s movement as the soon as the traffic starts. These can help people who may be on a medication and are feeling kind of sleepy on the steering. The Stop-and-go function is not found in the Dodge Ram, which makes the Ford F-150 a better option.

Sources: Forbes.com, TruckTrend.com, Ford.com

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