4 Reasons To Buy A Used Car (& 4 Reasons Why Newer Is Better)

Buying a vehicle can be a pretty stressful experience. Sure, it's a lot of fun trying to decide what you're going to make your daily driver, and with so much to choose from it can definitely be an entertaining adventure. But having to decide between new and used, car and SUV, and a multitude of other details can definitely have you on edge when all is said and done.

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To try and lessen the stress, we've scoured the web and taken a look at some of the key differences between new and used vehicles to help you better decide what you should go for and what is more practical for you in the long run.

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8 Buy Used: Price

This is a fairly obvious one so let's get it out of the way. When it comes to reasons on why to buy a used vehicle over a new vehicle, price is usually at the top of every list. New cars are ridiculously expensive in the grand scheme of things. Depending on what type of vehicle you go after, and what features you decide to include, you're looking at upwards of $30,000 or more in 2019.

Used car prices fluctuate depending on a variety of things like mileage, year, make, model, and condition. One thing's for sure, you'll find prices much lower if you decide to buy used, even with current year makes and models.

7 Newer Is Better: Warranties

It's important to note that some used vehicles come with warranties as well and that it is possible to get some incentives and protection via a Certified Pre-Owned program, but when it comes to large warranties that cover an abundance of repairs and issues, new cars are king.

You'll likely get a fancy long-term warranty from the manufacturer that will cover a range of defects or other problems (as long as they aren't self-caused). These agreements usually last a certain amount of time or after a predetermined amount of mileage has been met, whichever comes first.

6 Buy Used: Lower Insurance Costs

Something not a lot of people consider when looking for a vehicle is how much it's going to cost them to insure. State laws require that you have insurance on your vehicle so you'll need to make sure that you keep that cost of an insurance premium in the back of your mind.

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Newer cars cost a lot more to insure because they have a much higher value than most used vehicles. This higher cost will cause insurance companies to spike your premiums to ensure that they're not paying out too much should an accident occur. Even a $50 a month difference can add up over time.

5 Newer Is Better: Fewer Problems, Fewer Worries

This is perhaps the biggest pull towards buying a new car, specifically if you can afford it and you don't have to worry so much about the financial side of things. A newer car won't just feature a reliable warranty to help you against unforeseen events, it'll be fresh off the factory line, so you won't have to worry about "how it was treated" prior to entering your care.

It's difficult to know where a used car has been (although things like Carfax have helped even the playing field). This is especially true when purchasing a used vehicle from a private individual, because, although we hope people are truthful, we can't really tell if someone is lying about the condition of the vehicle or not.

Buying new will ensure that you're getting a car that is as "mint condition" as possible.

4 Buy Used: Resale Value

This is a big one, and from a logical standpoint, it seems like this would be a favorable tick towards buying a new car. In reality, it's the complete opposite. Newer cars may start at a much higher price point but they will actually lose a massive amount of their value relatively quickly. In fact, it's estimated that most cars lose up to 50 percent of their resale value in the first three years.

Used cars will lose resale value as well, and there are a lot of other variables that go towards how much depreciation will happen over a given period of time, but it's guaranteed to be a much softer hit than you'll see with a new vehicle.

3 Newer Is Better: More Favorable Finance Rates

Unless you're purchasing a vehicle for straight cash, or you have the ability to pay for the car outright, you'll likely have to finance a large chunk of your chosen vehicle's value. There will likely be less to finance with a used car (although that entirely depends on how much the used car is selling for, some can still hit your wallet hard) but you're likely to get better finance rates from the bank if you purchase a new auto.

The reason for this is that newer cars come with a larger price tag, which gives the bank better collateral should they need to seize any property.

2 Buy Used: Variety

Although you might think you'll have a lot of choices when it comes to a new vehicle, remember that you'll only be able to purchase "new" cars, which will only include autos from recent years that have never been on the road. If you're looking for an older model or want a specific car that hasn't been in production for a few years, you're unlikely to find a new one at a dealer.

Purchasing used will give you a much larger set of options to choose from, which can be important if you're looking for something specific.

1 Newer Is Better: Customization

Variety aside, perhaps you're looking for something incredibly specific, and not just from an exterior standpoint. Are you looking for a specific color? Maybe you want a specific material for your dash and seats. Sure, you could search through endless used vehicles in the hopes of finding someone with very similar tastes that are looking to get rid of their vehicle, or, you could just buy new.

Buying new will allow you to have a vehicle ordered for you if you aren't satisfied with what the dealer has on the lot. Money will definitely be a factor, but if you're not worried about the cash then this is the best possible course of action to get exactly what you're looking for.

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