10 Reasons Why Car Enthusiasts Should Use Marvel Mystery Oil

Marvel Mystery Oil might be an unfamiliar product, but if you love your car, there are plenty of reasons to pick up a bottle and start using it.

Car enthusiasts everywhere are raving about the effects Marvel Mystery Oil is having on their vehicle's life span. The red liquid is pure ecstasy when it enters your car's system, providing it with the life-sustaining nutrients it needs to run smoothly and efficiently. It is a miracle more mechanics are not using it, claiming it is another snake oil marketing plot, but they couldn't be more wrong.

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This oil additive is the stuff of legend, destroying rust and lubricating things you didn't even know deserved an extra special touch of love. People are amazed by the outcomes they receive, staring in awe at their car as they are amazed by the improved health of their vehicle. Keep reading to learn about ten reasons any car enthusiast should use Marvel Mystery Oil!

10 You can use it in any type of motor

This oil can be used on diesel and gas motors, whether it's for your small car or big diesel truck, you can use this in your engine. It can even be used in your recreational vehicle or your luxury yacht, the possibilities being unlimited when it comes to this amazing oil additive.

Your engines will sing as you pour the red liquid into them, relishing the feel of its mystery magic as it improves their efficiency and overall performance of your vehicle.

9 Fights Corrosion

Your engine can begin to corrode as time passes by, but Marvel Mystery Oil fights it. This is especially true in winter-wrought areas as the water condenses on the inside of cylinders and within the crankcase, eating through the film of oil and corroding away important pieces of your engine.

Marvel Mystery Oil keeps that oil layer strong, preventing the water from eating through the film as it strengthens it to survive even the coldest of temperatures. When winter is over your engine will be thanking you as the life of your car continues to extend.

8 Increases Gas Mileage

This improves your gas mileage by increasing the efficiency of your engine. You add it directly to your fuel tank and the measure is four ounces of MMO for every ten gallons of gas.

Older cars have a problem of their carburetor shaft bushings wearing out due to extended use, which can raise the RPMs and decrease your gas mileage. This oil works to prevent that from happening by lubricating them, as well as the fuel injectors, allowing them to run smoother to keep you car running at its best.

7 Cleans Engine and Fuel Systems

When this is added into your vehicle's engine it helps to clean it out, as well as the fuel systems. You need to replace 20% of your engine oil with Marvel Mystery Oil and then you can stand back and watch as the magic happens.

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It can be used with any synthetic or conventional oil blend and it is best if you use it at every new oil change. The same conversion goes for both gas and diesel engines, but for diesel, you can also add it in 300 to 500 miles before the next change to obtain a better clean.

6 Stops Ticking Lifters

No one likes ticking lifters, as their incessant noise wears our patience thin as well as the life span of our vehicles. Luckily, Marvel Mystery Oil can help solve this problem, simply by adding it to your vehicle's oil. Many lifter tick sounds are caused by a buildup of oil deposits, as these deposits prevent the push rod or camshaft from making direct contact with the lifter.

If your lifters are ticking this is always a budget-friendly option to try before considering replacing the lifter or the bent rod, both of which will take your arm and leg as payment in order to have it fixed.

5 Prevents Oil From thickening in subzero temperatures

Marvel Mystery Oil is an oil additive, which means it also works to thin oil. This can be especially helpful in the dead of winter when your car has issues starting. When you use this oil regularly it thins the oil enough to keep it flowing smoothly, but not too thin to drop the amount of protection your engine requires.

Your oil needs to make it through your oil filter for it to work, and MMO aids in that as the additive allows your oil to move where it needs to go, keeping your vehicle running despite the negative weather.

4 Removes Rust

When people are rebuilding older vehicles they often soak the parts in Marvel Mystery Oil to break down the rust coating their ancient surface. Many mechanics use it as a scrub, rubbing it over parts and pieces as a faster way to clean up the sections that look anything but pretty.

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It also works in your engine to remove any rust or corrosion which has developed over time, cleaning the interior of it to allow it to run as smooth as butter.

3 Controls Sludge

It not only cleans your engine but also controls the amount of sludge within it. People have claimed that when they look inside of their engine before and after a few oil changes with Marvel Mystery oil the change is tremendous.

They say it starts as a sludge-covered piece of machinery and comes out clear and clean like it's supposed to be. Engine sludge can prevent the proper lubrication of oil upon moving parts, but with this product, you won't have to worry about it.

2 Keeps rubber parts from drying out

There are multiple rubber parts in your engine, which you need to keep properly lubricated. The most important are diaphragm pumps and carburetor accelerator pumps as their job is to inject fuel to smooth the gear shift transition as the engine works to speed up your vehicle.

Marvel Mystery Oil keeps these properly lubricated so you don't have to worry about them drying out. When it dries out your car can begin stalling or sputtering as you gain speed on the roadway, none of which you want happening to your vehicle.

1 Aids in the removal of Seized Spark Plugs

The removal of spark plugs can be a tough business, especially when they have seized due to time and plenty of rust buildup. Marvel Mystery Oil can be sprayed or dripped around the edges of your spark plug, eating away the seized portions of metal on metal contact.

You should wait around three hours for it to work, then you tighten and loosen the plug until it comes out. There are reviews where people have said they can remove their spark plug in one go, but either way, Marvel Mystery Oil will do the trick.

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