Fan Recreates Toyota 2000GT With Iconic Render

Fan Recreates Toyota 2000GT With Iconic Render

An industrial designer has created a new version of the classic Toyota 2000GT sports car with this incredible new rendering.

We love that Toyota is bringing back the Supra. We love that the Supra has 300 horses, an enviable engine sound, and a sleek, streamlined body. We’re less enthused about the fact that it seems to have many more BMW parts than Toyota parts, but we’ll at least cut Toyota some slack for their choice of BMW to mooch bits and pieces off of. At least they decided to go with quality.

While the Supra is the sporty Toyota that everyone remembers, it’s not the only sporty Toyota to have existed. There was the Celica of course, before it went the way of the dodo as with so many sports cars in the early 2000’s, but way before even then there was the Toyota 2000GT, a 1960’s grand tourer that showed the world Japan could build a sports car just as well as anyone else.


Made between 1967 and 1970, only 351 Toyota 2000GTs were ever made. It was Japan’s first sports car, modeled after the successful European fastbacks of the era, and was even favorably compared to contemporary Porsche 911s. One was featured in the James Bond film You Only Live Twice, but Sean Connery was so tall they had to cut the roof off so that he could actually sit inside of it. The world’s only convertible 2000GT now sits in a museum.

Examples at auction tend to sell in the 7 digits range. One sold in 2013 went for $1.2 million.

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Even though it’s an extremely old car, not everyone has forgotten about the 2000GT. One industrial artist in Taiwan who goes by 李 奕霖 posted a fan-made rendering of a potential redesign of the GT that takes many of its styling cues from the modern A90 Supra.

We have Motor1 to thank for pointing us toward this incredible rendering, with its sleek lines and double-bubble roof clearly inspired by the upcoming Supra. Notable is the complete lack of grille, which might mean we’re looking at an electric vehicle. If so, maybe we can convince Toyota to make their first electric supercar?

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