Lamborghini’s Revamped Huracan Spyder Spotted With New Bumpers & Exhaust

Lamborghini is revamping the RWD Huracan ahead of deliveries of their Huracan Spyder Performante.

Lamborghini’s Revamped Huracan Spyder Spotted With New Bumpers & Exhaust

A refreshed Lamborghini Huracan Spyder has been spotted in the wild with new front and rear bumpers and a new Performante-like exhaust.

The old LP 610-4 Huracan Spyder is on its way out, about to be replaced by the Huracán Performante Spyder so recently revealed at the Geneva Motor Show. However, the smaller, rear-wheel-drive-only Huracan is going to carry on as revealed in these new photos from Motor1.

In its RWD form, the LP 580-2 Huracan gets only 575 hp from it’s slightly detuned naturally aspirated V10. That’s only 30 less than the outgoing AWD Spyder, but nearly 60 less than the incoming Spyder Performante. That said, we’re still glad that Lamborghini is keeping their “entry level” vehicle and even keeping it up to date with a few new toys.

Spotted around Germany is the likely 2019 refresh that makes some significant changes to the Spyder, most notably at the front and back. In front, the entire bumper and signature air intake have been altered. It’s still definitely Lamborghini levels of lunacy, but the air intakes seem a touch smaller and more angular. It’s possible there might be some active aerodynamic elements from the Performante hiding within all that camouflage.

The headlights look mostly the same, as does the hood and windshield. By the time we get around to the side skirts we’re seeing a few minor updates with a pair of tiny fins installed on the side air intakes and a somewhat redesigned shape. Maybe yet more active aerodynamics are at play here.


Out back, we see almost as radical a redesign as up front. The exhaust is now a dual setup that closely mirrors the Performante, while below that is a redesigned rear diffuser that seems even angrier than the previous version. More air vents can be seen on the engine cover, possibly indicating more power, or more likely indicating vents are cool.

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Coolest of all is a tiny lip spoiler that now graces the redesigned rear fascia.

According to Motor1, the interior will also get a redesign. A new center console will sport a larger, Tesla-style infotainment touchscreen to hopefully keep the tech-enthused one percent interested in a naturally aspirated V10 over electric shenanigans.

This seems like a relatively early model, so don’t expect a reveal until 2019.


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