Renault's Next Vehicle Will Be A Crossover

Renault makes almost everything... Except for a crossover, and that's set to change.

Renault has been in the car manufacturing business for quite some time now. Developing and producing vehicles ranging from trucks, buses, SUVs to coupes, vans, and even autorail vehicles. This French company has been in existence for more than 115 years now, and they don't let their customers down. Known majorly for their role in heavy vehicle production, it is no surprise that they want to put in all that skill into the production of a stylish crossover.

Renault has been working on this project for some time now and they are ready to unveil it during the Moscow International Motor Show in Russia. Going by the name Arkana is a derived from the latin arcanium, meaning secret, this car is said to be the next big thing despite all the mystery surrounding it.

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Described as SUVish the Arkana is Renault’s crossover vehicle. With the specs still a mystery, it is good to imagine that this car will indeed be a game changer this us following the leaked teaser images of the car. Renault hopes to cover the wide scope of the global market with the Arkana described as a global model vehicle. This might also be the reason for it's unveiling in Russia other than its home turf in France during the Paris Motor Show that us to be held in October.

In the teasers released a while back, it was clear that this is going to be a beefed-up car. The images show a big part of the derrière which has a spoiler lip that is nicely integrated. The images also reveal the car has wide taillights which are a similar feature to both the Megane and the Talisman. Same to both its predecessors it has its name just at the center of the tailgate and just below the Renault corporate diamond-shaped logo.

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Even with scarce details about this new ride, you cannot miss at least one or two speculated theories about the car. It is said that the Arkana might be based on the infamous Russian-spec Kaptur. This might be true, but the Arkana might be slightly bigger and better.

Fingers crossed we hope that Renault will be able to live up to everybody's expectations and come up with a mind-blowing car.


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