Renault Unveils EZ-GO Driverless Concept Electric Car

Renault has unveiled its driverless future at the Geneva Motor Show, and it’s called the EZ-GO. The electric autonomous car carries up to six passengers and can be flagged down from a fixed or mobile position via an app. Riders will also have the option to head to brick-and-mortar stations set up throughout a city.

According to Engadget, Renault’s EZ-GO has a Level 4 autonomous rating, which means it has the ability to change lanes, turn at an intersection, and manage its distance from the vehicle around it. The car also features Renault’s four-wheel steering technology, 4CONTROL.

This is the future car for sociable groups on the go. It features six seats in a U-shape—allowing all passengers to face each other—and is wheelchair accessible. It’s panoramic glass roof and sleek cocoon structure makes it the ideal vehicle for a night on the town. The design is functional as well, as it was developed to maximize the autonomous sensors’ field of vision. The Renault EZ-GO, however, is not the car for those in a hurry. It tops out at 50 km/h (about 31 mph).



Passengers can enter the vehicle via a boarding ramp at the front, which features lights to show where the platform will land for easier access. Riders will also be able to enjoy access to a WiFi hotspot, making it easy to get any of that last minute work done before you reach the office.

The price point for the EZ-GO will be more expensive than getting on a bus but aims to be cheaper than hailing an Uber or taxi. Thierry Bolloré, Renault’s chief operating officer, said in a statement, “Ride-hailing and shared mobility services represent an important opportunity for Renault, especially in cities. Many have aging - or very young - populations, and people looking for new mobility solutions.”

The EZ-GO is the first in a series of concepts Renault is set to unveil throughout 2018, as they continue to study car sharing, carpooling, and other autonomous vehicle services. The French car manufacturer says it will be ready to release the first EZ-GO electric autonomous car in 2022.


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