Watch This RENNtech Powered AMG GTR Drive The Nürburgring In 7 Minutes

New video features a RENNtech-modded Mercedes-AMG GT R for a full record-setting lap at Germany's famous Nürburgring.

Aftermarket tuning company Renntech brought their modified Mercedes-AMG GT R to the Nürburgring last week for a record-setting attack, lapping the entire track in only 7 minutes and 4 seconds. Now, the entire run is available for enthusiast enjoyment with two camera angles thanks to a video Renntach has posted to YouTube.

The clip shows GT3 race driver Andreas Simonsen at the helm of the GT R, which has been packed to the brim with Renntech's full R760 package. The heart of the kit includes an ECU upgrade, blow-off valve apdapters, high-flow air filters, a Stage II turbocharger swap, and stainless steel downpipes with high-flow catalytic converters.

The turbocharger upgrade itself utilizes a larger impeller and turbine cartridge with a beefed up shaft, as well as lightweight forged billet wheels to reduce rolling resistance, improving spool-up and reducing turbo lag. The result is a claimed 761 horsepower and 632 lb-ft measured at the crank—compared to the original 4.0-liter BiTurbo V8's stats, which Renntech claims leaves the factory with 609 horses and 541 lb-ft.

The whole setup will cost more than $21,280 with tax thrown in, not to mention the already stratospheric price tag of the Mercedes-AMG GT R from the factory, which starts at over $155,000. Throw in additional style and performance upgrades that Renntech brought to the 'Ring, from the upgraded seven-speed transmission to improved brakes, Bilstein suspension, and Michel Cup2 ZP semi-slicks, and there's a good chance that the car featured in the vid could easily climb north of $200,000 depending on options packages from the factory.


via sports.yahoo.com

Of course, all that money sounds a lot more reasonable given the fact the 7'04" time is the fastest Nürburgring lap ever recorded by a street-legal Mercedes-Benz product. The Renntech package buys a seven second advantage over a stock GT R, which may not sound like much but is essentially an eternity in race car terms. And the record came during a normal day of driving for Simonsen and the Renntech team, as the track was not even cleared for official time trials.

The record not stand for long, however, as Renntech owner Lukas Domagalia told Top Gear later, "That’s not enough for us. We are currently working on several intelligent solutions to unlock even more hidden potential from the AMG GT R.”


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