Repo Man Gets Arrested & Has Truck Seized After Attempting To Tow Detective's Car

New York Police don't want their cars getting towed...

A repo man has incurred the wrath of the NYPD after attempting to tow a detective's car.

NY1 is reported that Jose Rodriguez spotted a Nissan Maxima wanted by a bank because the owner missed three payments while driving near a police station. Normally, this would have been a standard recovery, but Rodriguez is likely regretting he got involved now.

Rodriguez told the publication he'd logged the car into the system and loaded it onto his truck but, while walking to the station to notify the police, he was confronted by an off-duty sergeant who told him he was taking a police officer's car.

Rodriguez was then cornered and asked to unload the car. The owner is reported as having shown up moments after and said that he'd make good on the payments. The repo man told him that the car becomes the bank's property as soon as it's logged into the system.

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The officers proceeded to arrest Rodriguez for being in possession of stolen property and unloaded the car themselves. He spent over 20 hours in custody.

The stolen property charge was quickly dropped but "falsifying documents" and "possession of police scanners" charges were then preferred.

Rodriguez denies the allegations but has not gotten his truck back, with two weeks already gone by since the incident. He claims that the loss of his truck is costing him thousands of dollars in earnings and says the police haven't returned his phone, laptop and iPad.

Another report from NY1 claimed that the police couldn't offer an explanation for their holding onto Rodriguez's truck. The NYPD has since confirmed that an "internal review" is ongoing, however.

This is certainly puzzling. According to the reports from NY1, Rodriguez doesn't seem to have done anything wrong. But all of this could have been avoided if the detective had simply made his payments.

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