Like The Look Of Older F-150s? Get A Retro Package From An Ohio Ford Dealer

A Ford dealer in Ohio is offering a retro package that turns a modern F-150 into a '70s-styled pickup.

2019 Retro BFP F-150

A Ford dealer in Ohio is offering a retro-themed F-150 package for those looking for a little nostalgia in their pickup.

Retro is in. Jeep has brought back the Gladiator, Ford is bringing back the Bronco, and Chevy has already brought back the Blazer. With all these old names coming back into the fold, it makes sense that some automotive enthusiasts out there are getting a little misty-eyed for the good ol' days.

Ford’s F-150 has been around since the dinosaur age, and its evolution makes it hard to look at a modern version with any hint of nostalgia. That’s why Beechmont Ford in Cincinnati, Ohio is offering a retro-themed appearance package to make you think of classic F-150s from the ‘70s and ‘80s.

2019 Retro BFP F-150
via Beechmont Ford

You might remember Beechmont Ford from an earlier story where we found out that they were selling nitrous-equipped Mustangs with a warranty. These were being sold as 800-horsepower drag monsters ready to tear up tarmac without so much as a “by your leave.” It was also probably the cheapest we’ve ever seen an 800-hp Mustang priced at, which is a big plus in our books.

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This new truck package is called the “2019 Retro BFP F-150.” It’s available on any F-150 trim or body style you’d like since it’s mostly a few select add-ons to give it that retro feel.

First, a Satin Pearl white wrap is placed over the factory paint to give it that old-school two-tone look. Next, a 3.5-inch Ready lift kit boosts the chassis up to fit 35-inch BF Goodrich K02 off-road tires around 17-inch Mickey Thompson wheels. In the bed, a Black Horse chrome chase rack is fitted with KC HiLite halogens.

2019 Retro BFP F-150
via Beechmont Ford

A Roush cat-back exhaust is fitted as well, but if you go for the 5.0-L Coyote-equipped trucks, you can also get either a Roush or Whipple supercharger upgrade.

According to The Drive, the price is $9,995 over the cost of the base pickup. The supercharger is probably another $3,000-4,000 on top of that, but you’ll have to call Beechmont to find out for sure.

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