How Bulletproof Is It? Rezvani Tank Tested

The Rezvani Tank is tough, but is it truly tough enough to survive being shot by a high-powered rifle? We find out in this video.

How Bulletproof Is It? Rezvani Tank Tested

Just how bulletproof is the Rezvani Tank? A new video aims to find out.

Earlier last year, we got a good look at the Rezvani Tank. Based on the chassis of the previous-gen Jeep Wrangler, it comes standard with a 6.4-L HEMI V8 sourced from Fiat Chrysler. That’s 500 hp to carry the armored behemoth, but for some that might not be enough. That’s why Rezvani also offers the 6.2-L supercharged HEMI V8 from a Hellcat. We’d suggest that engine if it were our money.

The rest of the armored SUV is pretty much like any other you’d find on the road. Full-time four-wheel-drive is standard, along with 16-inch rotors with 8-piston brake calipers. On the inside is an 8-inch infotainment system that comes standard with Google Maps, Pandora, and Stitcher, along with a heads-up display and forward-looking infrared imaging (or FLIR, as the military acronym goes).

Y’know, basic options you can get on any old Ford Explorer these days.

But the piece de resistance of the Tank is its, well, tankiness. It’s got full B7 armor protection designed to withstand underside concussive blasts and survive being shot by rounds up to 7.62x51mm--the same kind that comes out of certain sniper rifles.

The glass is also designed to withstand rifle rounds, not that we’d ever want to be inside to find out if they work.

But YouTuber Vehicle Virgins somehow wrangled a Tank out of Rezvani’s hands long enough to shoot at it on a firing range. For science.


First, Mr. Virgins took aim at a panel of Tank glass with a 9mm pistol. The glass withstood the rounds with ease, with each bullet not even penetrating the first layer of the 6-layer glass and polycarbonate panel.

Then it came time for the main event: standard 5.56x45mm NATO rounds fired from a SIG Sauer SIG516. These rounds are designed to penetrate body armor and foliage to knock out enemy combatants at 100 yards, but how well will they fare against 77mm of bulletproof glass?

Better than the pistol, but still not enough to defeat the Rezvani’s protection. Each bullet was caught in the panel, and although the glass did seem to turn into a dense spider web of cracks, the bullet failed to penetrate the final layer which remained smooth as a baby’s bottom.

You might be able to penetrate the glass if you fired a full clip into it, but that’d take some impressive aim. Keep in mind this thing has a Hellcat engine and is unlikely to sit still if you started shooting at it.

(Source: Motor1)


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