Rezvani Reveals Powerful Tank X With A Hellcat V8 Engine

Rezvani is a California-based carmaker designing armored SUVs powered by Hellcat engines. Which is awesome.

Rezvani Reveals Powerful Tank X With A Hellcat V8 Engine

Rezvani Motors has created a powerful military-esque SUV thanks to the Hellcat’s supercharged V8 engine.

A lot of crazy companies based in Irvine California: Acer Inc., Billabong, Obsidian Entertainment, and Taco Bell, just to name a few. But perhaps the craziest is Rezvani Motors, who specialize in making futuristic-looking SUVs that use Dodge engines and off-road knowhow to scoff at a lack of pavement.

They started with the Rezvani Tank, appropriately named for its boxy, almost armored appearance. Rezvani would make an armored version of the Tank (how could they not?) called the Military Edition, but the regular Tank just comes with standard aluminum body panels.

Under the hood is the same 6.4-L HEMI V8 that powers some higher-trim Challengers but tuned to produce 500 hp. It also comes standard with FOX off-road suspension, 16-inch rotors, and powerful 8-piston brake calipers to get the Tank stopped in a hurry.

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On the inside are a luxurious leather interior and a massive 7.9-inch infotainment screen that handles a whole host of high-tech apps. Google maps, Pandora, Stitcher, and more are all a swipe away. There’s even a heads-up-display and optional thermal night vision to really feel like you’re driving an armored personnel carrier.


Next came the Tank Military Edition, which had all the above plus B7-rated armor plating, gas masks, and a smoke screen system. And you could upgrade to the 6.2-L supercharged V8 from the Hellcat.

Since they already had a Hellcat-powered Tank, Rezvani finally decided to pull off the armor and smoke launchers and just have a regular Tank with a Hellcat engine. That’s 707 hp and 717 lb-ft of torque, for those that don’t have the Hellcat’s power figures memorized.

Rezvani Reveals Powerful Tank X With A Hellcat V8 Engine
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Besides the Hellcat engine, the Tank X is the same as the regular Tank but now comes with a sporty red leather interior and some additional suspension stiffening for the more road-focused version. It still retains the on-demand 4x4 system that the other Tanks get, so it can be just as off-roady as the other two.

Getting your own “Tactical Urban Vehicle” will run you $259,000 for the Tank X, but just $165,000 for the regular Tank. The top of the line Tank Military starts at $295,000 but would be the most stylish way to survive the zombie apocalypse.


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