10 Rich Kids That Don't Deserve Their Cars (And 10 Celebs Who Show No Respect To Theirs)

History has consistently revealed that the celebrities being worshipped are mere humans just like their fans.

The wide world of celebrity has opened up in the last decade as the internet has allowed the general public access into the lives of just about anyone, rather than just the Hollywood stars and starlets of yesteryear. Rather than becoming famous for being in blockbuster films, the new crop of megastars have somehow managed to turn sheer opulence and the illusion of drama into fodder for public consumption.

In the past, the world's richest and most famous people might have allowed newspapers an opportunity to catch a picture of limousines pulling up to their houses, or dropping off stars at the red carpet for another go-around of the Academy Awards. They didn't want too much of their personal lives being spread out into the world around them; whether it was a sense of privacy, impropriety, or embarrassment that their lifestyle might have seemed, in some, over-the-top.

But over-the-top is exactly what social media craves these days, and an entire sub-genre of celebrities has emerged that reveals just how different the lives of the rich and famous are from the average person. Flashing cash, cars, private jets, and private mansions, the rich kids of the internet reveal exactly how out of touch a few million (or billion) dollars can leave a person.

But fear not, as the more basic stars these days are engaged in exactly that kind of self-promotion, using social media to further their acting, singing, or business careers. But history has consistently revealed that the celebrities being worshipped are mere humans just like their fans and some celebs have managed to become equally famous for being poor drivers.

20 Rich Kids of Dubai

via YouTube

The internet is chock full of images from the Middle East depicting the lavish lifestyles that oil-wealthy citizens of countries like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman enjoy. Dubai, located in the UAE, is perhaps the most famous for being as lavish as humanly possible—though the limits of what is humanly possible seem to expand every day.

With one of the world's most extreme humanitarian crises going on just across the peninsula, it's nice to know that rich kids in Dubai are getting together to celebrate the many colors that they can custom order to coat their many Lamborghinis.

19 Lil Tay

via South China Morning Post

Lil Tay is an online persona utilized to garner social media followers. But when an 11-year-old child is flashing ridiculous amounts of money in her posts, especially while seated on the hood of a G-Wagen she can't even come close to driving, there's bound to be some drama developing. In this case, a fierce media campaign has developed between Lil Tay's parents, her manager, and her promotor—all of whom have raised numerous claims of misconduct and levied them and everyone else.

With a potential TV show in the works and a music career planned, clearly, no one has stopped to wonder whether this was all a bad idea, to begin with.

18 Jack Watkins

via Us Weekly

Jack Watkins is an infamous rich kid who constantly posts images online featuring his ridiculous car collection. The most hilarious part of the puzzle is that Watkins started showing off cars, like this 991-generation Porsche, at the age of 17.

He had only just passed his driving test, though his parents had already bought him a car that most drivers can only dream of. And the Porsche isn't all, he's also got a couple of Mercedes models and a Range Rover Vogue—plus a BVLGARI watch valued at $700,000. And yet, Watkins complained to The Mirror that, "all my cars don’t automatically fill themselves with petrol. My dad has to make the money to do those things. It takes a lot of maintenance."

17 Arina

via Daily Mail

Little is known about this rich kid who posted a pic of herself alongside a Porsche Panamera. All that is clear is that she's got gobs of money, lives in Russia, and her name is probably Arina. And while the Porsche Panamera, especially in range-topping Turbo format with all-wheel drive—which it's safe to assume she's got—may be a good choice for those cold winters in Russia, there's no doubt she did nothing to earn such a luxury car other than being born into a wealthy family.

A look at her outfit, rife with fur, and this kid will have gearheads and fashionistas jealous after just a single glance.

16 Julia Stakhiva

via The Sun

Julia Stakhiva is perhaps one of the most famous of all the rich kids who flaunt their absurd lifestyles on social media platforms. And while she lives in London and can afford million-dollar cars and millions of dollars worth of clothes, at the very least she's providing inspiration for the rest of the world to work hard and achieve their goals. Or does her materialism, which has led to quotes like,

"Anyone can be rich but not everyone can be beautiful," and "I’m not suitable for an office job because of how well I dress and how educated I am," serve only to highlight the iniquities of a world that's increasingly divided between the haves and the have nots. Sounds complex.

15 Azerbaijan Affluence

via Rich Kids

This young man is dressed to the nines and clearly on the phone for some important business that couldn't wait until after the wedding he's attending. Luckily, the valet has managed to park all the cars in nice, neat rows to match his pinstriped purple suit.

At first glance, there appears to be two BMWs, a Porsche Panamera, and a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen—all in white, of course. Hiding in the back is an unidentifiable, black sedan. The chances seem high that this wealthy socialite specifically asked the valet to make sure that the fancier white cars be parked out front so that his photo would turn out nicer.

14  Jacky Changzhou

via Slaylebrity

Jacky Changzhou belongs to that rare breed of online personalities known as 'influencers' due to their wide reach into the depths of internet semi-stardom.

Changzhou is located in Vancouver, Canada, and constantly posts photos of his car obsessions. Why, exactly, people feel the need to follow a young man with the means to acquire exceedingly expensive cars at a young age (for no apparent reason other than that he's got to fill his time and improve those follower stats) is a mystery that remains to be cracked. But be honest, most car buffs would probably pick up a McLaren or two given the chance, as well.

13 Victor Yanez

via Miami Herald

If Victor Yanez looks a bit mopey next to his epic BMW i8—a hybrid sports car that should be elevating his spirits thanks to its style, performance, and eco-friendly efficiency—perhaps the reason is that he knows he doesn't deserve this kind of wealth, at all.

While most of the rich kids online are merely the beneficiaries of familial circumstances and parents with a complete disregard for any kind of discipline, Yanez's story is actually a bit darker. He'd been flashing a life of luxury around the web, even getting involved with rapper Rick Ross, before the Miami police picked him up for possession and distribution of arms and illicit substances.

12 Dhillan Bhardwaj

via The World News

Dhillan Bhardwaj is a young fashion millionaire who made waves when he appeared on a TV show called Rich Kids Go Skint. Translated, that means that rich kids were forced to act like the rest of the world for a while, living with a family that receives government assistance. To his credit, Bhardwaj says it reminded him a bit of his earlier childhood—not that his family was receiving benefits or anything, but they did have to use a budget.

Bhardwaj's brand is worldwide, and he's even worked for Rihanna and Miley Cyrus. It's up to the rest of the world to decide whether he deserves a Rolls, though.

11 Evan Luthra

via Evan Luthra

Evan Luthra is perhaps the most serious of all the rich kids that flaunt their wealth online. To some extent, he's earned his extravagance himself. Though he was raised with quite a few privileges, he has taken the next step in acquiring serious wealth.

Now an angel investor and entrepreneur in his 20s, part of Luthra's branding clearly requires that he sit on top of a Maserati next to his private jet. But while he's helping startups create mobile apps, is there any time for Luthra to consider the fact that the world that surrounded him in India growing up was full of kids his age struggling to make it on a day to day basis?

10  Halle Berry

via Geek Tyrant

Halle Berry may have risen to stardom thanks to her action roles in some early-2000s  films like the James Bond movie Die Another Day and the X-Men franchise, but her crowning achievement was earning an Oscar for her performance in Monster's Ball. Other action films that she has been featured in include SwordfishKingsman, and the forthcoming third installment of the John Wick franchise. But don't let all those high-octane thrillers fool you, as Berry has had some problems while driving, including being fined for a hit-and-run in 2000.

She may have been brave enough to pilot a Ford Thunderbird across a frozen lake, but perhaps the director should have known better than to allow it.

9 Kris Kardashian (Jenner)

via Just Jared

Kris Kardashian is the infamous 'momager' of the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan, and her iron grip over the careers of her children is always fodder for tabloid speculation. Just how in-depth her participation has been—specifically in the more questionable reasons for why Kim blew up so fast—may always remain a mystery, but one thing's for certain: she should use all the money the entire family has earned to hire them all chauffeurs for life.

Of course, with Kris as a role model, it's no surprise the group has issues driving—take a look at this picture that was snapped of Kris prioritizing yelling into an iPhone over driving. Speakerphone doesn't fool anyone!

8 Justin Bieber

via Heightline

Justin Bieber should almost belong in the rich kids of the internet because he sure was rich while still a child. But while Bieber's talents as a singer speak for themselves, his talents as a driver are questionable, at best. Bieber antagonized the entirety of Calabasas by routinely taking any one of his plethora of supercars for 100 mph sprints down the San Fernando Valley town's streets.

In Bieber's defense, while behind the wheel of Lamborghinis and Ferraris, the urge to put the pedal to the metal can easily become exciting—but perhaps some track time would be a good outlet for this kid, where accidents won't be so potentially dangerous for the rest of humanity.

7 Cristiano Ronaldo

via AS English - Diario AS

For the world outside of the United States, Cristiano Ronaldo might be the most famous celebrity of all. The world-class striker has been an elite athlete for more than a decade, and his speed on the pitch combined with a laser focus on scoring goals all the time makes him a defensive player's worst dream.

With all his wealth, Ronaldo has acquired some dream sports cars, though, and who could blame him? One thing he was blamed for, however, was totaling his Ferrari near Manchester on the way to practice. But luckily, he walked away without a scratch and was still able to practice—though presumably he was too shaken from the accident to do any defensive drills.

6 Chris Brown

via Mass Appeal

Chris Brown has enjoyed many hits in his lifetime, ever since his first single "Run It" topped the charts in 2005. His career has included further smashes like "Kiss Kiss", "Shortie Like Mine", and "Look At Me Now".

Everything hasn't been all hunky-dory, though, and the last few years have included some questionable incidents including a hostage situation at Brown's house and a number of accidents. Although Brown was reported not to be the driver of one of his Lamborghinis that ended up totaled in Beverly Hills, his penchant for getting into accidents includes totaling a Porsche while trying to evade paparazzi.

5 Eddie Griffin

via Jalopnik

The fact that Eddie Griffin can manage a smile with one foot up on the front fender of a crashed Ferrari Enzo truly proves that this comedian has some serious acting chops. With roles in ConeheadsArmageddonUndercover Brother, and John Q, Griffin has successfully parlayed his brand of humor into Hollywood's bankable blockbusters (well, other than Coneheads, maybe).

Griffin crashed the Enzo during a practice lap ahead of a promotional race for the movie Redline, and told reporters that "Undercover Brother's good at karate and all the rest of that, but the brother can't drive."

4 Kelsey Grammer

via Pinterest

The man known for playing Dr. Frasier Crane on the long-tenured sitcom Frasier, Kelsey Grammer, has had some seriously dark moments in his life that have left him needing a psychiatrist like the one he played on TV. Grammer points to a few early tragedies in his life as the reason he fell into addiction and it's a testament to his talents, abilities, and willpower that he has managed to enjoy such a prolific film career. But driving doesn't fit into the picture, as he's notorious for having flipped his Dodge Viper back in the 1990s.

These days, it's probably best if he sticks to being chauffeured around, as he is in this still from his recent project, The Last Tycoon.

3 January Jones

via Pinterest

January Jones starred in Mad Men as the troubled wife of the show's star, Don Draper, played by John Hamm. The actress hails from South Dakota and made steady appearances on Mad Men for eight years while simultaneously appearing in films like We Are MarshallPirate Radio, and X-Men: First Class.

Despite her character learning to drive as part of the story arc on Mad Men, Jones has had a rough time on the road in the real world and was involved in a strange occurrence when she hit three parked cars and then called celebrity chef Bobby Flay for reasons unknown.

2 Lindsay Lohan

via Celebrity Cars Blog

Lindsay Lohan's long and storied history as one of Hollywood's biggest tabloid draws includes plenty of instances where she's gotten in a bit of trouble while behind the wheel of an automobile. But the life of a child star is hard, so much so that plenty of Hollywood films now even satirize the struggles that the young, rich, and famous have to endure.

Lohan hit it big with her starring role(s) in the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap, and would go on to star in Herbie Fully Loaded, another borderline remake-sequel about a Volkswagen Beetle that loves to race—perhaps the rear-engined bug inspired her to purchase the Porsche Carrera she's been spotted driving around town.

1 Rowan Atkinson

via CNBC

Rowan Atkinson may be a national treasure in the UK thanks to his iconic role playing Mr. Bean, but it would appear that the character's clumsy nature may, in fact, not require too much acting on the part of Atkinson.

In real life, Atkinson has been involved in classic automobile racing, usually behind the wheel of vintage Jaguars, but he also managed to make headlines when he crashed his million-dollar McLaren F1 supercar not once, but twice. At some point, the situation almost borders on Mr. Bean-like comedy, as the insurance claim to get the F1 fixed the first time itself made headlines as the largest insurance claim up to that point in UK's history.

Sources: TMZ, Wikipedia, and IMDb.

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