20 Sick Rides Hiding In Jamie Foxx's And Katie Holmes' Garage

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes began an unexpected romance after years of flirting in the movie industry. The pair have since become one of Hollywood's most talked about couples while attracting the attention of millions of fans.

Along with their peculiar romance, the pair have a combined net worth of $125 million - leading to an astonishing car collection. The cars of Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes consist of all types of vehicles like SUVs, sports cars and luxury-performance supercars.

Like any other Hollywood actor, Jamie Foxx has dabbled with some of the greatest supercars in the world. Jamie's love for his cars goes beyond the limit as the Django Unchained star painted two of his cars gold: a Bugatti Veyron and a Mercedes-Benz G-class.

Katie Holmes has her share of nice cars, as well. The star that made it big from Dawson’s Creek has a combination of SUVs and low-powered luxury cars. Though Katie’s car selection is rather humble, she does own a supercar: the Aston Martin Vanquish Volante.

If Jamie and Katie decide to start a family, they'll have no problem getting around with their variety of SUVs, such as a Cadillac Escalade, Audi Q7, and their beloved Mercedes-Benz G-Class - all of which both Jamie and Katie own.

These two stars made it through the Hollywood lifestyle by conducting themselves in a professional manner, and their car collection is well deserved after years of offering outstanding performances. Here are 20 rides in Jamie Foxx's and Katie Holmes' garages.

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20 Bugatti Veyron

via 4wheelsnews.com

Jamie Foxx’s success has been well-documented, as the actor from Texas has even won an academy award. As a result of his prosperity, Foxx purchased some of the best gifts in life, such as the highly-coveted Bugatti Veyron. The supercar from France is the symbol of Foxx’s success - a car that's worth about $2 million. According to Motor1, Jamie turned his blue Veyron into a “golden egg” - a completely gold paint job worth thousands of dollars. The Veyron is one of the greatest cars in the world with impeccable luxury features and an extraordinary 1,200-horsepower masterfully designed 8.0L 16-cylinder engine.

19 Mercedes-Benz G-Class

via gotceleb.com

Katie and Jamie had an unexpected romance after years of flirting in the world of Hollywood. The two seem inseparable and share everything, including a Mercedes G-Class SUV. What we do know about Jamie Foxx’s G-class is that he loves it enough to paint the whole thing gold, just like he did with his Bugatti Veyron. The love for G-Class doesn’t end there. Katie even has her own G-Class as well. The pair have been spotted in the Mercedes SUV several times by paparazzi. The G-Class is the ultimate Mercedes SUV and is extremely fast compared to other Benz SUVs with a 577-horsepower, according to MB USA.

18 Rezvani Van

via blog.dupontregistry.com

Jamie Foxx became a household name after many successful TV shows and movies, and he always played a nice guy on TV. However, Foxx does have a rugged side, which he proved when he bought the Rezvani Tank. This car is one of the greatest off-roading cars in the world that costs $185,000 according to Rezvani. It has a 6.4L V8 engine that packs 500 horsepower - pushing it over any terrain. The car is strong enough to be considered an armored car - coming with bulletproof windows and other bulletproof parts. Jamie Foxx could use this car to protect his family against paparazzi.

17 Aston Martin Vanquish Volante

via fastestlaps.com

The prosperity of Katie Holmes started with her role in Dawson’s Creek from which she turned onto fame. Since then, she has accumulated over $25 million of wealth and has purchased her share of expensive and fast luxury cars. Perhaps her most expensive and fastest car is the Aston Martin Vanquish Volante. The Vanquish Volante is an extremely fast 12-cylinder Aston Martin that completes the 0-60 in 3.6 seconds according to Car and Driver. The supercar from the British luxury-performance car manufacturer costs over $300,000. It’s an interesting choice by Holmes who has been known to have modest behavior.

16 Vanderhall Venice

via blog.dupontregistry.com

Jamie Foxx has played a series of humorous characters on television - always taking things to the next level. Perhaps he has made a career out of being unpredictable, and that is no different in his collection - the star purchased a three-wheeled car. The Vanderhall Venice is a three-wheeled automobile from America, and the small vehicle fits two people - perfect for Jamie and Katie. According to Motor1, the Vanderhall Venice has a fuel efficient 1.4L turbocharged inline-4 engine that gets up to 24 MPG in the city and pushes 200 horsepower. The car is one of the first generation three-wheeled vehicles.

15 Lincoln Navigator

via bestcarmag.com

Jamie Foxx earned a decent amount of wealth as a movie star - $100 million, to be exact. Combined with the $25 million that Katie Holmes has, the pair could live out the rest of their days in peace - and what better way to do it than to get around in a Lincoln Navigator? The respected domestic luxury SUV from Lincoln has been popular since the day it came out. With luxury interior features, the full-sized SUV finally offered a taste of American power along with European-type luxury. The Navigator offers power with luxury, and, according to NY Daily News, it can tow up to a whopping 8,700 pounds.

14 Lamborghini Gallardo

via racingadventures.com

As the star of Django, Jamie Foxx has been known to go all the way with his roles. He certainly went all in when he got this Lamborghini Gallardo. As a member of the Foxx-Holmes family, the Gallardo offers a combination of speed and style to the family garage. The Gallardo has 542 horsepower pouring out of a 5.2L V10 engine according to Car and Driver. The Italian supercar is extremely fast - completing the 0-60 in 3.4 seconds and pushing a 201 MPH top speed. With that kind of power, the Hollywood couple will have no trouble making it to the big show in time.

13 McLaren 570S

via mclarenscottsdale.com

The greatness of Jamie Foxx is shown through his accolades, including several awards from different media celebrations of merit. Most notably, Foxx has won an Academy Award, a Golden Globe and a Grammy. Rightfully so, Foxx owns a McLaren 570S, which is also a major award winner. The McLaren 570 S won Motor Trend’s Best Car Award, best of the best at the Red Dot Awards, and has been recognized by JD Power for its greatness. Much like its owner, the McLaren 570S has been recognized for its greatness. Perhaps that’s why Foxx purchased the British supercar - a winner just like himself.

12 Ferrari 488 Spyder

via automobilemag.com

As one of Hollywood’s most surprising couples, Jamie and Katie never fail to be unpredictable. The couple shocked the world when they announced they were dating. With a Ferrari 488 Spyder in their garage, they could elude the press that follows them on the street. The 488 Spyder is a higher-end Ferrari that is incredibly fast with a 661-horsepower V8 engine according to Guide Auto Web. Even with a smaller engine than most supercars, the 488 Spyder keeps up with the fastest cars in the world with an absurd 0-60 time of 2.7 seconds, making this a great car for the elusive couple.

11 Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe

via forbes.com

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are two of the biggest actors and actresses from the '90s, and the pair became superstars through TV shows and movies. Their car collection wouldn’t be complete without a high-class luxury-performance vehicle: a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. The Phantom is one of the greatest cars ever made, and according to Guide Auto Web, the 453-horsepower 6.7L V12 engine empowers its intense luxury features. The Drophead Coupe is the convertible version of the high-class supercar. Foxx and Holmes solidified their status in the '90s just as the Phantom cemented itself in the history of cars.

10 Rolls-Royce Ghost

via motor1.com

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes like to go on luxurious vacations. The pair was even spotted kissing on a yacht in Miami. To adhere to their luxurious lifestyle, they bought one of the most luxurious cars of all time: the Rolls-Royce Ghost. The Ghost is a $300,000 Rolls-Royce that exceeds all expectations of a luxury car with a 6.6L V12 engine. The 563-horsepower British luxury-performance car offers extensive features such as leather seats and Wifi internet access according to Car and Driver. With that kind of luxury, Jamie and Katie will have a great time during their vacations.

9 Porsche Boxster

via youtube.com

Jamie Foxx has traveled all around the world as one of Hollywood’s biggest actors. The former singer even went on six music tours around the world. Well, there's no better way to get away than in a Porsche Boxster, which Foxx owns. The Boxster has long been Porsche’s most graspable vehicle, available to the average public for $59,000. Road and Track calls the Boxster “The Car that Saved Porsche” because it revitalized a company that wasn’t selling much to kick off the 2000s. The Boxster comes with a 375-horsepower V6 engine and is well capable of high speeds. Foxx could definitely complete his travels in this car.

8 Cadillac Escalade

via hennesseyperformance.com

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes seem to be in it for the long run, which means they'll have kids soon. This is perfect because they already have the greatest family car: a Cadillac Escalade. The Cadillac Escalade grabbed the hearts of millions of fans when it first arrived in 1999 and was an icon during the mid-2000s. The domestic power from the 6.2L V8 engine offered something European luxury SUVs didn’t: extreme towing power, according to Top Speed. Along with that power was Cadillac luxury features and a sleek stylish look that made the Escalade unforgettable. It’s the perfect family car for the Foxx family.

7 Lexus RX

via chicagoautoshow.com

Katie Holmes drives mostly chick cars like the Mini Cooper, Benz CLK, and the likes. That is why it doesn’t surprise us that she drives a Lexus RX - one of the most chick SUVs ever. The luxury SUV from Lexus was one of the first sports utility vehicles made by the company. It’s luxury features and medium qualities made it a hit with families. The RX meets every standard of Lexus, and according to Car and Driver, the 300-horsepower vehicle which is perfect for daily driving. It is economical as well as it gets 20 miles per gallon which cements it as a family-friendly car.

6 Audi Q7

via audi-mediacenter.com

Katie Holmes has to run a family while dating Jamie Foxx. The Hollywood actress has children from her marriage with Tom Cruise. As a result, she likes to drive SUVs like the Escalade and Lexus RX. She also has an Audi Q7, which offers the European luxury that the former two cars do not. The Audi Q7 is a mid-sized SUV by the German car company, and it does not skimp on power as it has 329 horsepower with a 3.0L V6 engine. The Q7 offers an economical ride with 25 miles per gallon and the car has a 4.5 out of 5 consumer rating on Kelley Blue Book.

5 Mercedes-Benz CLK

via cargurus.com

Katie Holmes has always played quality roles in her movies. In general, everything about Katie is high-class, and nothing is more high-class that a Mercedes-Benz CLK. The CLK class of Mercedes-Benz offered a classy yet fun ride for drivers. The sports package of the CLK class offers the rush that the C class doesn’t. According to Top Speed, the car comes with a 5.5L V8 engine and pushes out 382 horsepower which makes it incredibly fast for a median-priced sedan luxury car. Perhaps Katie needs the rush of a fast Mercedes to go with her classy but unpredictable personality.

4 Mini Cooper

via minicaribbean.com

The stardom of Katie Holmes is high up there with the likes of every other actress or singer, but she seems to have humility in her demeanor. This much is clear by her purchase of a lowly Mini Cooper. The British car stole the hearts of millions when it made a return after being discontinued. The car was made popular in the movie The Italian Job and has since been a been a fan-favorite. The Mini Cooper has won multiple awards including the "Highest Ranked Compact Sporty Car in Initial Quality” by JD Power and Associates. As the movie showed, Katie could have a fun drive in this.

3 Audi S4

via quattrodaily.com

The fast life of Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes is apparent through their Hollywood lifestyle. Their fast-paced meetings, studios, and family matters keep them on the run. Perhaps no car could be better for their lifestyle than the Audi S4. This Audi sportscar raised the bar for Audis in being a high-performance car while pertaining the same great luxury of the German car distributor. The S4 has a finely engineered 3.0L V6 that produces a great amount of power with 349 horsepower according to Audi USA. With that kind of power, Jamie and Katie will have no problem making it around town.

2 Mercedes S500

via youtube.com

The careers of Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have been very original. The pair have rarely copied their style from another person’s career. Their Mercedes-Benz S500 is as original as it gets in the luxury car class. The legendary S500 has been a household name and has been conquering the world of luxury cars. The legendary German sedan was given a perfect 5-star rating by Car and Driver. However, the car may have been a part of bad luck for Katie Holmes. According to TMZ, Katie Holmes' S500 was smashed by a garbage truck while she was dating Tom Cruise.

1 BMW 7-Series

via republicandebate-cardesign.blogspot.com

With the success of Katie Holmes comes luxurious living. The Hollywood star has $25 million and lives one of the most coveted lifestyles. Her BMW 7-Series delivers the quality she desires. The addition of the 7 series to BMW in 1977 proved the companies ability to deliver large-sized luxury vehicles during their competition with Mercedes-Benz. As one of the best luxurious cars for its price, the 7-Series delivers luxury-supercar qualities for a reasonable price. The 7-Series is BMW’s version of the Mercedes S500 and has a 4.4L V8 engine, according to Car and Driver. Katie could have all the luxury she wants in this revered German sedan.

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