11 Rides In Barry Weiss’ Garage We Can Only Dream Of (9 Rides From Other Storage Wars Cast Members)

The hit reality television series premiered in December 2010. Perhaps not even the cast itself could have predicted such success. We drooled at some of their ridiculous findings in abandoned storage units. Although finding cars or other vehicles wasn’t common ground, the cast did find lots of car and motorcycle parts. Selling them to a mechanic, these finds can hold a great value (depending on the condition, of course). Ironically, outside of Storage Wars, we’ve also seen examples of unit hunters finding cars in abandoned units!

To be clear, the cars featured in this article weren’t dug up in some unit. These are top-tier rides. Storage Wars personality Barry Weiss is not only popular for his wacky personality, but the collector has the same type of mindset when it comes to his car collection. In this article, we’ll showcase some of his most stunning rides, from the 30s, 40s, and 50s - Weiss has some serious gems from back in the day.

His motorcycles aren’t too shabby either, a chromed out Moto Guzzi - that sounds pretty darn cool. We’ll explore further throughout the article.

As a bonus, we’ll also feature the rides from some of the other cast members. Darrell Sheets, in particular, loves to collect vintage models. We’ll feature those along with Jarrod’s slew of motorcycles. Sadly, you won’t see anything Dave Hester related!

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started!

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20 Barry Weiss - Blastolene Decoliner

via Pinterest

For the average consumer, such an RV might make little sense. However, for those that are familiar with Barry Weiss, such a ride makes total sense!

According to Randy Grubb’s website, the creator of this RV, the ride can easily fit five passengers. Talk about a wacky road trip huh? Maybe Barry can bring some of his other Storage Wars cast members?

As one might expect, the purpose of this custom made vehicle was for promotional purposes back in its day. According to Silodrome, it uses a chassis of a 90s GMC along with a cab from the 1955 white COE. Yes, the car is made with aluminum, resembling a spaceship more than a car or RV.

19 Barry Weiss - 1951 BSA Custom

via via Instagram

Weiss is a mainstay at various meets across to the US. If it deals with rare motorcycles or cars, chance are he’s around somewhere lurking. This photo was snapped at the Hansen Dam Classic Motorcycle Rally. The meet is an exclusive one showing some of the rarer and vintage bikes out there.

Barry’s '51 BSA custom certainly fit the bill. Talk about rare, BSA Motorcycles went extinct back in the early 1970s. The company first issued in the early 1900s, 1919 to be exact. It wouldn’t be the end, they would re-launch shortly after and maintained its new identity till 2016. They recently sold once again to a group out of India. Here’s to hoping the BSA name can maintain its legacy despite the ownership change.

18 Darrell Sheets- 1963 Coupe Deville

via Instagram

Most celebs have that one ride they cherish the most. For reality star Darrell Sheets, that ride is the 1963 Coupe Deville. The Deville line began back in the 50s - this car came out of the second generation collection. With a marvelous back interior, it is easy to see why this is one of his favorite rides.

He showed some love towards the ride via a recent Instagram post. Nicknamed “Black Betty,” Sheets took the ride out for a spin last Christmas. We expect the same predicament with the holidays looming. Who wouldn’t take this black on black beauty out in the warm beautiful weather during the holidays?

17 Barry Weiss - 1940 Ford COE Truck

via Dragon Images

The front of this ride kind of resembles a bulldog. Compared to the current truck models, this ride definitely has an unconventional look to it – hence the reason Weiss likely purchased the truck. Who needs a regular truck like the rest of the Storage Wars crew when you can buy a Ford COE from the 40s!

During its arrival, the truck was actually purposed as a work truck, though evidentially, that wouldn’t last. According to Hot Rod, Barry would add a ’95 Chevy-inch small-block to the truck along with a Turbo 350 in order to improve its towing and driving capacity.

16 Barry Weiss: Vintage Triumph Motorcycle

via Zimbio

Talk about a brand name synonymous with the world of motorcycles, Triumph is a recognized brand name around the world especially to those in the UK. Started by John Bloor in 1983, the company continues to hold the standard for what a great motorcycle should be like. As of the summer of 2017, the company sold over 63,000 bikes, this according to Robert Lea of The Times.

Weiss was lucky enough to snag a vintage model from the brand. Although the company became established in the 80s, they began manufacturing bikes in the early 1900s.

15 Jarrod Schulz – Duo Harley Davidsons

via Instagram

Along with exploiting storage units on a regular basis, Jarrod also has a passion for motorcycles. So much so, that the Storage Wars star has his own motorcycle apparel company, Outlaw.

Just imagine digging through your garage - things you’re likely to find don’t hold much value. That wasn’t the case for Jarrod, who proudly displayed the duo Harleys from the photo above. Not only does he use the rides for everyday purposes but he also brings them to various motorcycle meets across the US.

14 Barry Weiss - Beatnik Custom Hot Rod With Vintage Ford

via Cccae.mforos

Top Gear dubs this ride as “strange but wonderful.” Seriously, there isn’t a better explanation for this unique concept. According to the same publication, this 1955 ride comes with an electric mood board. As you might expect, the ride was custom-built by Gary Fioto, a builder out of New York.

Of course, the true gem is the bubble top, something we don’t see on most cars. The hot rod is also quite low, one must drive this car with care, as we assume Barry does when he takes it out. Believe or not, the bubble top is retractable – just when you thought this car couldn’t get any better!

13 Dan Dotson – ’31 Rat Rod

via Instagram

Typically, the Rat Rod is known for its origins back in the 40s, 50s and into the early 60s. However, this particular ride is that much rarer given that it’s from the early 1930s before the Rat Rod really became as common as it would become later on.

These days, the ride is basically referenced as an earlier form of a hot rod. Although some still work thanks to modifications, most are used as discussion pieces. In all likelihood, auctioneer Dan Dotson used this ride for both reasons.

12 Barry Weiss - 1947 Cowboy Cadillac

via Autordee

According to Road Kill Customs, Frank Derosa is the genius behind this mesmerizing hot rod. Visually, the ride is a stunner. On the inside, according to AM Car Guide, it contains at GM 502 cubic big block engine.

Although Barry did touch it up here and there, the car remains in remarkable condition to this day. He isn’t shy when it comes to using the ride, we’ve seen as such on the Storage Wars program. According to the popular reality star, this is one of those rides that he’ll never sell, no matter what. That's quite the shock for a dude that made a living on buying and reselling rare and expensive items as such.

11 Darrell Sheets – Polaris Razor 1000

via Instagram

As evidenced by the photo above, which was posted to his personal Instagram account, Darrell doesn’t limit his driving to on-road only. Darrell gets a kick out of going off the road, similar to lots of other motor enthusiasts.

The photo above shows Darrell’s Polaris Razor 1000s. A noticeable add-on, the Polaris rides contain four-seats, large enough to get the entire family in on the fun. Unfortunately for Darrell, he was tucking them away in this particular instance. Surely, once the weather meets his expectations, he’ll be pulling these bad boys back out.

10 Barry Weiss - Lincoln-Zephyr

via Drive Mag

As per Hemmings, Weiss purchased this ride back in 2013. He was quick to make modifications. The Zephyr came with purple body color, though Weiss would decide to restore its original color, black. According to Hemmings, the other modifications included darker tints, new hubcaps, and a modern airbag suspension. Wisely, Weiss kept the same interior intact.

The end result was a sleek looking car and one that is sure to turn heads. Looking at the prior purple version that he purchased, this ride likely went up a couple of notches in terms of overall value. It looks like a Batman car circa 1939 (ironically when both the car and Batman were first introduced).

9 Darrell Sheets – 1962 Chevy

via Instagram

Posted back in September, Sheets claims that a fan requested a photo of this ride. Although that might be true, there’s no doubt Sheets was proud enough to post it without any requests.

Like the other cars in his garage, the 60s Chevy appears to be in great condition, that’s thanks to modifications as well. Yes, the car still runs and in fact, the convertible version sells for quite the penny on platforms such as Classic Cars. It might be the standard version but Sheets is a proud owner regardless.

8 Barry Weiss - 1932 Ford Edition Forge Rod Run

via YouTube

We saw this ride during an episode of Storage Wars. Although Weiss was proud to showcase the car, things didn’t end up all that smooth for the mogul. Due to an engine issue, the car was unable to accelerate. The result, a car from the 1930s that needed to be pushed on top of a tow truck, yup, cringe-worthy stuff folks.

Despite the engine failure, boy is this ever a thing of beauty. A little-known fact, it also contains two extra seats in the back. The seats are retractable and can be easily pushed back in when not in use. It’s like they were never there.

7 Jarrod Schulz – Customized Outlaw Bike

via Instagram

What better way to showcase your motorcycle apparel line than paste the emblem on a customized bike? That’s exactly what the Storage Wars star did with this particular ride. This is another one of his many bikes just hanging out inside of his garage. For those that are wondering, he didn’t find the ride in a storage unit.

However, it isn’t uncommon for Jarrod and the others to find motorcycle gear or parts just lying around in a storage unit. Reselling them to a motorcycle shop, those in the same line of work as Schulz can make quite the pretty penny.

6 Barry Weiss - Moto Guzzi Dustbin 750

via Frost Now

The chrome on this bike can make anyone salivate, even the those that aren’t motorcycle enthusiasts. According to the Hollywood Reporter, this ride was made as an homage to the Jet Age theme. This bike was customized and designed by a shop out of Glendale - Weiss was lucky enough to own this magnificent gem that looks capable of space travel, let alone riding on the roads.

It doesn’t look reminiscent to an everyday rider but nonetheless, when in use, it is sure to turn heads.

5 Darrell Sheets – Motor Home Trailer

via Instagram

Another proud IG post, Mr. Sheets showcased this photo amongst his various followers. This is no ordinary RV, heck most of us would live in that thing - let alone ride around the country in it.

Unfortunately, most recently, Sheets sold the motorhome. With his kids getting older and starting families of their own, perhaps it saw limited usage. To Darrell’s credit, he found a proud new owner who has a family of his own. At the very least, the good times are going to continue.

4 Barry Weiss - 1958 Gilera

via Flickr

Weiss might have a thing for rides made and hand-crafted in Italy. This stunning Gilera is yet another example. In the photo above, the bike shines with its glossy light blue and dark black paint. Similar to the Moto Guzzi Dustbin 750, the handles bar look a little more unconventional in comparison to the average speed bike. The head of this beast is the real kicker, looking like something out of the future.

Founded in 1909, Gilera knows a thing or two when it comes to manufacturing breathtaking speed bikes. Just before the 70s, the company was sold to Piaggio.

3 Darrell Sheets – Ford Super Duty Truck

via Instagram

Unlike most of the other rides featured on both sides of the list, we head back to basics with Darrell’s everyday rider, a Ford Super Duty truck. Given his line of work, Sheets needs a strong towing capacity not to mention cargo room. A Super Duty accomplishes both, with ease.

Similar to Darrell, most of the other Storage Wars cast members also drive a pickup, as seen on the show. The infamous Dave Hester has his own pickup truck, Jarrod alongside his wife Brandi also ride around in a pickup on most Storage Wars episodes.

2 Jarrod Schulz – Ice Bear Scooter

via Instagram

Who needs a Harley when you can have an equally as impressive Scooter? Okay, that’s a lie, but it’s still pretty cool to own a scooter nonetheless. Cruising around can be just as fun – just ask Jarrod who has a need for speed but purchased this Ice Bear product nonetheless.

The company is synonymous with various types of vehicles, they aren’t limited to scooters. Ice Bear also has ATVs, motorcycles and a slew of dirt bikes meant to perform off the road. Maybe a dirt bike is next on Jarrod’s agenda?

1  Barry Weiss: Tim Burton Batmobile

via YouTube

Did anyone else gasp when Barry crashed the Batmobile during season one of Barry and Kenny the Mission? Thankfully, it was only a minor ding but man could that have escalated into something really bad. Given that you really can’t see the rear view, Weiss dinged up the car while parking it. The ride wasn’t exactly comfortable on the inside either, he barely fit alongside Kenny. It was an uncomfortable driving experience, to say the least.

Disaster averted aside, the look of this ride is the true hero. Who needs a rear view mirror when you’ve got such a stunning piece of history!

Sources – YouTube, The Times, IG & Hemmings

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