4 Rides In The McMahon Family Garage (Plus 7 From Undertaker's And 8 From Batista's)

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has become a powerhouse on television. The people involved in the business have made it one of the most viewed television programs. Although hard work is the name of the game in the WWE, some participants have found love. Vince McMahon's daughter, Stephanie, and Triple H fell in love while working together to build the WWE brand. Considering that Stephanie's dad is a billionaire who designated his daughter to a high paying position, and Triple H is a multi-millionaire now working behind the scenes, the married couple isn't short of money.

When you have millions in the bank, one of the material possessions that you spend your money on is cars. We wanted to find out what the wrestling couple is driving when they're not in the ring, so we peeked inside Mr. and Mrs. McMahon's garage. The wrestling business is lucrative, and the sportsmen and women who participate make good money.

Apart from the McMahon selection, we wanted to find out what other prominent wrestlers had stashed in their garages. Although The Undertaker needs five minutes to walk down the ramp to get into the ring, he possesses cool rides that enable him to get around town at blistering speeds. We also included rides from Batista's garage, as The Animal has an affinity for lavish, fast cars.

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19 McMahons: Embraer Phenom 300

via Wikimedia Commons

Triple H and Stephanie have a demanding career that requires them to travel the U.S. and the rest of the world. Considering that daddy's little girl has a lot of money, we shouldn't be surprised to discover that the happy couple globe trot in a private jet.

Why travel on commercial flights when you can use the Embraer Phenom 300. The jet is the most efficient and longest-range single-pilot aircraft produced. The cabin provides generous space, an upper technology panel and best-in-class cabin altitude.

18 McMahons: Cadillac Escalade

via Wikipedia

The rich and famous enjoy fast and lavish cars, but they need a safe car to commute to events. Triple H used a Cadillac Escalade to get to the different centers for his appearances, as well as getting to the venues for his matches.

One of the main reasons that SUVs have garnered a tremendous amount of popularity is due to the safety that the vehicles provide. SUV drivers feel safer due to the special safety features, and the car's elevation enables them better visibility of the road.

17 McMahons: Bentley Continental

via Hamptons of Surrey

Stephanie McMahon might be Vince's daughter, but she has worked hard to become the company's Chief Brand Officer. When Stephanie isn't globetrotting or at the arena during the filming, she is taking time off with the family.

Vince on the other hand, is always working and he's riding around in this Bentley. That purchase makes sense since the Continental GT is a favorite amongst wealthy people. Bentley has garnered a reputation for producing cars that are luxurious but provide ample power for drivers who want to step on the gas. Wise purchase, Vince.

16 McMahons: Chevrolet Corvette

via Hemmings Motor News

Getting your first car is one of the most memorable moments in a person's life. The joy of knowing that you can reach destinations without needing to take public transport or waiting for the taxi is surreal.

Stephanie claimed on an episode of Raw that the Corvette was the first car that she got, which was her pride and joy. Vince chose a red Corvette for his daughter. Great choice, Vince. The Chevrolet Corvette is an amazing sports car that has been in production since 1953. Vince also used one on-screen.

15 Undertaker: Black Hot Rod

via The Road Devils

Mark William Calaway is one of WWE's biggest superstars. Better known by his ring name The Undertaker, Calaway hails from the ground and intends to bury every opponent.

Although he plays the deadman role well on the screen, he takes the role seriously when off-screen. One of the vehicles that Calaway uses to intimidate road users is the Black Hot Rod. Considering that he enters the ring with eyeliner, a black outfit and a hat, the Black Hot Rod is the perfect match for his dark persona.

14 Undertaker: Chevrolet Tahoe

via GM Media

Even The Deadman needs to lighten up a bit after the match and get away from the dark persona of being the Undertaker. The one way that Calaway leaves his persona in the ring is by driving a Chevrolet Tahoe. The vehicle is perfect for drivers who seek safety, as SUV manufacturers have ensured that the cars contain the latest safety technology.

U.S. drivers who want to purchase one of the best local SUV models will not make the wrong choice if they select the Chevrolet Tahoe. The car has a wireless charger, seat heaters and multiple charging ports.

13 Undertaker: Ford Mustang

via The Cheat Sheet

Regardless of your personality, who can't love the Ford Mustang? The U.S. manufacturer has outdone itself with the production of the F-series, but the Mustang is one of the best cars that Ford has manufactured, in my opinion.

When you talk about one of the best muscle cars produced, you can't leave the Mustang out of the conversation. Not only does the car provide incredible performance, but its dashing looks turn heads and make you yearn to own one. That's a great choice, Mark.

12 Undertaker: Harley Davidson Breakout

via Autostar

Apart from the several cars that the Undertaker has, he has built a reputation for being a bad boy. One of the ways that the WWE conveyed Calaway's bad boy persona is by making him enter the arena with a motorbike.

Calaway is the proud owner of several bikes, and one of them is the Harley Davidson Breakout. The Breakout doesn't look like the typical bulky Harley Davidson, as the design is modern, making the bike look stunning. Motorbike enthusiasts can purchase the Breakout for $20,000.

11 Undertaker: Harley Davidson Fatboy

via Car and Bike

Considering that Calaway is in love with motorbikes, it makes sense that he would own a few. Since he fancies Harley Davidson, The Breakout isn't the only one he owns. The Undertaker also cruises around on the Fatboy. The bike is a popular V-twin Softail cruiser motorcycle with solid-cast disc wheels.

Motorbike experts claim that the name Fatboy stems from the bike's massive presence. Since The Undertaker is all about presence, it makes sense why he opted for the Fatboy.

10 Undertaker: Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

via Smolich Nissan

Off-road enthusiasts will attest to the Rubicon providing amazing off-road capability. Although the Rubicon might not be the most comfortable vehicle on the road, its off-road capabilities make up for it.

When The Undertaker wants to get away for the weekend to head up to the mountains, he needs a tough car such as the Rubicon to maneuver over the boulders. The fuel economy on the vehicle isn't great, and the reliability is questionable, but it is an absolute monster while traversing over inhospitable terrains.

9 Undertaker: West Coast Customs Chopper

via Pinterest

Jesse James designed the special Chopper that went to The Undertaker. Fans who wanted a ride on the bike had a chance to win it. The West Coast Customs Chopper was raffled for the benefit of the Mighty Warriors & the SPUR Compassion Ministries of Lake Hills Church of Austin, Texas.

Tickets for the raffle were $10. Undertaker dubbed the bike the Western Club Chopper, a custom-made bike that cost $150,000 to manufacture. That is an amazing bike that one lucky person won.

8 Batista: Bentley Continental GT

via Bentley Tysons

The Animal has an impressive collection of white cars, and the Bentley Continental is one of those. Many rich and famous people have chosen the Continental as their daily drive. In the British luxury segment, the Bentley Continental is one of the best cars.

Production of the first generation Continental GT commenced in 2003 and had been going strong. After Volkswagen's acquisition of the company, the Continental GT was the first Bentley that the manufacturer mass produced.

7 Batista: Chevrolet Impala

via FHM

Although Batista enjoys fast vehicles, he also appreciates the classics. Since Batista wanted to drive an Impala that looked different from the others on the road, he requested that modifiers do their best work on his 1964 vehicle.

Batista bought the Impala as a tribute to his late friend, Eddie Guerrero, according to Top Gear. Considering that Guerrero was a fan of classic vehicles, Batista's purchase was the right choice. Although the car looks amazing, it represents sentimental value to Batista.

6 Batista: BMW 750

via Carland

Before Batista bought supercars, he drove a black 2003 BMW 750. What's there not to like about one of the most luxurious and reliable vehicles on the road? German manufacturers know how to make strong cars, and they didn't disappoint with the 7-series.

Batista's BMW has tinted windows, sporty rims and looks like a performance machine. Although the 7-series is supposed to be a family car that provides good performance, Batista ensured the car looked like a sports demon that he could drive in alone.

5 Batista: Hummer H2

via MoiBibiki

Big boys like big toys. Considering that a Hummer is one of the toughest cars on the road, Batista purchased it to match his personality. The Hummer's strength complements Batista's muscles, so they make a good match.

The only problem that Batista had while driving the Hummer was ensuring that he didn't knock on coming cars since the Hummer takes up more than one lane. The other problem that Batista had was finding parking for the gargantuan vehicle, not to mention the exorbitant gas bills for the guzzler.

4 Batista: Jaguar F-Type

via Coolhd.today

When the Jaguar executives asked the designers to make a sports convertible, their answer was the F-Type. The Jaguar designers have focused most of their attention on making luxurious vehicles, but the automaker needed a sports car to compete with Mercedes and Audi.

When Batista starred in the James Bond movie Spectre, he drove a C-X75, considered the most advanced Jaguar produced. Although Batista didn't buy the C-X75, he wanted to drive a Jaguar and settled for the F-Type.

3 Batista: Lamborghini Murcielago

via Youtube

One of the supercars that Batista owns is the Murcielago. A car top tier collection would be incomplete without a Lamborghini. What's so special about the Murcielago? A better question to ask is, what isn't special about it?

The car has a 6.5-liter V12 engine that is capable of pumping out 641 horsepower and needs 3.4 seconds to reach 0 to 60 mph. The top speed of the Murcielago is 209 mph. Lamborghini lovers who want a Murcielago should be prepared to part with around $300,000 to become owners.

2 Batista: Land Rover

via Gumtree

Regardless of which type of vehicle Batista purchases, he ensures that the vehicle provides ample speed. When Batista decided to purchase an SUV, he wanted one that provided luxury and speed. He purchased a Land Rover to satisfy his rush for adrenaline and the sophistication that the British vehicle offers.

Batista chose the right SUV to satisfy his stringent requirements, but fans who wanted to purchase it had the chance for $75,000. Batista also listed his Bentley Continental GT on the market for $172,999, according to Top Speed.

1 Batista: Mercedes Benz SL500

via Autozel

Research has proven that people who drive convertibles are go-getters who live life to the fullest. That describes Batista's personality and justifies his choice in the popular SL500 convertible.

Since Batista has an affinity for white cars, the obvious choice was a white SL500. Since Batista gets only performance vehicles, the SL500 will satisfy his need for speed, as it needs 5.4 seconds to reach 0 to 60 mph and a top speed of 155 mph. The engine pumps out 383 horsepower.

Sources - WWE, YouTube & Instagram

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