20 Rides Michael Jackson Completely Left Behind

Music has a way of penetrating our souls and making us move our bodies. Nobody knew that better than Michael Jackson, who used his unique voice and dance movies to make us buy his CDs and DVDs.

Dubbed the King of Pop, Jackson was one of the greatest entertainers in history. He started his career at age eight by appearing as one of the members of the Jackson 5. Jackson began a solo career in 1971 and gained acclaim for his songs Beat It, Billie Jean and Thriller. He has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice and made Thriller the best selling album in history. Jackson is the third best selling artist of all time and has won hundreds of awards. With an estimated fortune of $500 million, Jackson made several extravagant purchases.

Besides buying his Neverland ranch, Jackson was a car lover. Most people weren't aware of his car collection since Jackson didn't flaunt his wealth on social media. Jackson's passing was unexpected, so he left numerous possessions behind. One of those possessions was his car collection. We were curious about the cars that Jackson owned, so we peeked inside his garage and looked into the history of his automobile ownership. We discovered a vast collection of cars that Jackson left behind.

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20 Mercedes Benz 500 SEL

via Reddit

The 1985 model that Jackson owned might not be a big deal now, but it was in the '80s. Mercedes Benz had garnered a reputation for producing luxurious, reliable vehicles. To see what the fuss surrounding the vehicle was, Jackson purchased a 500 SEL. The car's 5-liter V8 engine was capable of pumping out 228 horsepower and reached a top speed of 137 mph.

The cabin provided a luxurious, comfortable interior. Most Mercedes owners have attested to the engine's endurance of prolonged miles. What's there not to like about a car that provides luxury and reliability?

19 GMC High Sierra Firetruck

via Mejorimagen

Who said that Jackson wasn't out of the ordinary? His dance moves, voice, and looks were different, so it shouldn't be a surprise that he owned a firetruck. Some people might wonder why Jackson would purchase a firetruck.

Considering he owned Neverland, a theme ranch that provided entertainment for children, he could have used the firetruck as a prop. That wouldn't be the first time that Jackson had used a vehicle as a prop since he had done that with several cars in his music videos. Regardless of the reason for his ownership, who wouldn't want to own a firetruck?

18 Peter Pan Golf Cart

via Gizmodo Australia

Several of the vehicles at Neverland were used for display, and some were used for getting around the massive property. One of the golf carts that Jackson left behind at Neverland was the Peter Pan golf cart. Jackson's picture appears on the hood of the golf cart, in a fantasy tale theme.

The ranch provided entertainment for children, so Jackson ensured that the property depicted a fairy tale. One of the ways that Jackson did that was by having Peter Pan golf carts. The pictured golf cart looks like a real car that Jackson transformed into a cart.

17 Ferrari Testarossa

via Youtube

The Testarossa is a 12 cylinder mid-engine sports car that Ferrari produced from 1984 until 1996. Considering Jackson became the King of Pop, the biggest brands in the world propositioned him to endorse their products. One of the companies that Jackson signed an endorsement deal with was Pepsi. To make the commercial special, Pepsi commissioned a convertible Testarossa and put Jackson behind the wheel.

According to Motor Authority, the car was on sale at an auction for $799,900. A rich, die-hard Michael Jackson fan won't have a problem with paying so much for the car.

16 Cadillac DeVille

via Youtube

During the shooting of his music videos, Jackson featured an array of vehicles as props. One of the cars that Jackson used in his shots was a 1964 Cadillac DeVille. It seems that Jackson was a fan of classics. The car was a convertible and boasted an impressive 6.4-liter V8 engine. Consumers in the '60s had the option of a 7-liter engine, capable of pumping out 340 horsepower.

The DeVille proved to be an extremely popular model, as sales exceeded 110,000 units, accounting for nearly two-thirds of all Cadillacs sold at the time.

15 Lancia Stratos Zero

via Yelp

When Marcello Gandini designed the Lancia Stratos Zero for the 1970 Turin Auto Show, he said that his intention for the car was "to create an ‘object’ that may attract the attention of visitors, and especially of people working in the field. All that mattered was to get people talking," said Gandini. When Jackson unveiled the Moonwalk, people were stunned.

To make the Moonwalk video more intriguing, Jackson featured the 1988 Lancia Stratos. The car's futuristic design combined well with Jackson's futuristic dance moves that have stood the test of time.

14 Neverland Valley Electrified Horse-Drawn Carriage

via Motor 1

Another classic car that Jackson owned was an electrified horse-drawn carriage. Considering Neverland ranch was an amusement park, the horse-drawn carriage fit into the backdrop of property. Jackson would've used the horse-drawn carriage for display and when visitors wanted to tour Neverland in a carriage.

Although the carriage is old, Jackson ensured that it was in tip-top shape. The carriage looks elegant gives passengers the feeling that they are in an early 1900s era while touring the ranch.

13 Simpsons Mini Car

via Motor 1

If you thought that Jackson's firetruck was an eccentric choice in vehicle, then the Dodge Viper mini car should come as a surprise. Considering the Neverland ranch spanned over 2,800 acres, Jackson used golf carts to get around while at home. One of the golf carts that he used was a Dodge Viper mini car.

The car had a black interior and exterior, as well as The Simpsons decals. It seems that Jackson was a fan of The Simpsons. When you have as much money as Jackson had, any automaker will assist you in manufacturing a customized vehicle.

12 Neoplan Touring Bus

via Morison Hotel Gallery

Superstars like privacy and luxury. When Jackson was touring, he needed a bus to get to the gigs. His bus was a 1997 Neoplan. It seems that Jackson used the tour bus during the History world tour. The bus contained all the luxury that Jackson needed to feel comfortable.

The Neoplan touring bus had individual seats and booths and a king's crown embroidered in the carpet. The bus also had a bathroom line in porcelain, gold, and granite. I didn't expect anything less in luxury from one of the biggest stars to live.

11 Harley Davidson Road King

via YouTube

Some of the vehicles that Jackson owned were for the collection. While most people didn't see Jackson riding a bike, he used the police spec Harley Davidson Road King as one of the props in his music videos. Top Speed reported in 2009 that the Harley Davidson was on sale to pay off Jackson's debts.

The 2001 model went on sale at an auction along with 2,000 items from Jackson's Neverland ranch. Despite earning hundreds of millions of dollars, Jackson found himself cash-strapped. Jackson had an excellent taste not only in cars but also in motorbikes.

10 Cadillac Escalade

via Pinterest

Since Jackson wanted to make a lasting impression wherever he went, he got on the roof of his Cadillac Escalade and greeted fans. The Escalade is the preferred SUV of many singers such as Eminem and Justin Bieber. Escalade was Cadillac's first model in the SUV market and went into production ten months after approval.

It seems that the car has made an impression on the market since Cadillac has managed to keep it in production since 1998. The Escalade provides ample space in the cabin and has a unique exterior design. The 6.2-liter engine is capable of pumping out 420 horsepower.

9 Rolls Royce Silver Spur II

via Pinterest

One can't be a worldwide superstar if they don't own a luxury car such as a Rolls Royce. All the biggest names in the music industry have owned a Rolls Royce. While most musicians have owned a Ghost or a Wraith, Jackson upgraded to a Silver Spur II limousine. He opted for a 1990 model.

According to Motor 1, Jackson's Silver Spur was trimmed in contrasting white leather and black fabric. The car had tinted windows and adorned in white curtains. The limo also had a full-service bar. Finding a 1990 Silver Spur II limousine for sale isn't easy considering the cars are scarce.

8 Cadillac Fleetwood

via Pinterest

Wanting to get to venues in style, Jackson ensured that he had several limousines in his garage. One of the limousines that he bought was a 1956 Cadillac Fleetwood, according to Motor 1. The car wasn't famous only because Jackson was the one owner, but it also appeared in one of the most classic movies of all time, Driving Ms. Daisy.

The four-door sedan provided ample space and luxury inside the cabin. Although the car is more than half a decade old, Jackson ensured it remained in pristine condition. The car is a gem.

7 Rolls Royce Silver Seraph

via Yelp Hong Kong

Rolls Royce unveiled the Silver Seraph at the 1998 Geneva Motor Show and kept it in production until 2002. Jackson's Seraph was a 1999 model, boasting a 5.4-liter V-12 engine, capable of pumping out 322 horsepower. Rolls Royce produced just over 1,500 units during the five-year production.

The car had a base price of $220,000, making it one of the most expensive Rolls Royces at the time. Motor 1 stated that Jackson had designed his Silver Seraph. That would explain the generous use of the 24-carat gold that covered the interior.

6 Lincoln Town Car Limousine

via Auto Trader Classics

Motor 1 reported that Jackson had four limousines. One of the limousines in the collection was a 1988 Lincoln Town Car. The Town Car was a model line of full-size luxury sedans that Lincoln produced from 1980 until 2011. During its production, the Town Car was the longest car that the Ford Motor Company had produced. Since ceasing the production in 2011, Lincoln has not introduced the replacement of Town Car.

Jackson's Town Car had gray leather and fabric. The windows were tinted, and the exterior was white. Jackson traveled in luxury wherever he went.

5 GMC Jimmy High Sierra

via Pinterest

Jackson's collection consisted of vast vehicles. Not only did Jackson like firetrucks and limousines, but he also enjoyed SUVs. One of the SUVs he owned was a 1988 GMC Jimmy High Sierra. Although the car is more than thirty years old, I love that Jackson kept the car in excellent condition.

That shows he is a car connoisseur. Anybody who doesn't look after their vehicles shouldn't be in possession of it. Jackson's car looked great in black. Some owners of the car reported that the steering-wheel rattled at high speeds.

4 Detamble Model B Roadster

via Motor 1

Picturing Jackson behind the wheel of this replica Model B Roadster might not be easy considering we're used to seeing him in the back of limousines, but Jackson didn't buy only cars that he drove; he bought some as memorabilia. Jackson's roadster is a 1909 model and two-seater with a crank-start combustion engine.

The side panels display the code of arms with monogrammed initials MJJ. Considering Jackson was a unique individual, I'm not surprised that he bought a unique car. Although not an original, Jackson's car is awesome.

3 Ford Econoline Van

via YouTube

The Ford E-series, otherwise known as the Ford Econoline, was in production from 1960 until 2014. Jackson thought that the car would be a great vehicle to transport him to his appearances, so he had the customizers fit tinted windows and paint it in black. Jackson's Econoline was a 1993 model.

Although the van provided ample space for passenger and cargo, one of its drawbacks was the poor fuel economy. Since Jackson made a fortune from tours and album sales, he wasn't perturbed by the frequent visits to the gas station.

2 Suzuki Love

via Fanpop

Big brands knocked on Jackson's door when he became a big star. One of those brands was Suzuki. The brand wanted to promote its Love scooters, so they hired the services of the biggest singer in the world. Jackson appeared in the commercial, standing next to the Suzuki Love. One of the reasons that Jackson joined the campaign is that he loved Suzuki's message of spreading love.

He thought that the motorcycle manufacturer's mission statement was aligned with his philosophy. Jackson's involvement in the campaign boosted Suzuki's credibility.

1 AMC Matador

via Gatsby Online

The AMC Matador that Jackson owned was another vehicle that he featured in his videos. Although the Matador might not be the most elegant vehicle, Jackson thought it would be a perfect fit for his Black and White music video. In the long version of the music video, Jackson smashes the Matador's window.

Car and Driver editors named the Matador as the Best Styled Car in 1974. Although some AMC Matador drivers weren't thrilled with the vehicle, Jackson thought that it was good enough to feature in one of his most famous music videos.

Sources - Motor 1, Motor Authority & Top Speed

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