10 Rides Owned By ‘90s Wrestlers We Wouldn’t Touch (And 6 Who Just Bought A New Car)

It isn’t just spectacular muscle cars, wrestling stars have different tastes in the cars they drive, that’s for sure.

Lots of wrestling fans might argue that the ‘90s was the best era for professional wrestling. Millions of viewers were tuning into the shows every week and the contracts were also thicker than ever. Stars to emerge from that decade included Goldberg, Steve Austin, and Shawn Michaels. Those three spent their money on cars, among other things. In this article, we feature the likes of Goldberg and Austin on both sides of the list. These ‘90s stars are constantly buying new rides but that doesn’t mean they don’t own beaters – in fact, in the case of Stone Cold Steve Austin, the very opposite holds true. His ranch has cars parked everywhere – though some of these rides most of us wouldn't even touch.

We’ll also include lots of other ‘90s stars. The likes of both Billy Gunn and Road Dogg recently bought new rides. We’ll also include lots of wrestlers that should sell their sad rides, though, in truth, they really might not get much. One of the cars on this list is from ’93, even before the wrestler’s fame. Yup, it isn’t just spectacular muscle cars, wrestling stars have different tastes in the cars they drive, that’s for sure.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are ten rides owned by ‘90s wrestlers we wouldn’t touch, and six who just bought a new car. Let’s get started!

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16 Wouldn’t Touch: Shawn Michaels – Kawasaki UTV

via WWE/Twitter

Shawn Michaels really isn’t the biggest car guy. Like Stone Cold, he used to live on a ranch back in San Antonio. Steve Austin filled his ranch up with various cars – HBK instead chose to fill it up with only the essentials, like his pickup and the ride we’re mentioning in this entry, his Kawasaki UTV.

Shawn posted lots of photos of the ride via his Twitter account. In truth, it isn’t the worst ride on the list but one we’ll pass on given its condition. It also doesn’t help the value one bit that animals are constantly chilling around (and on) it.

15 New Car: Goldberg – Dodge Demon SRT F8

via IG

Similar to John Cena, Goldberg is all about the muscle cars. Goldberg really doesn’t have a preference, he likes both the new and old school models, filling up his garage with both. In his recent purchase, Goldberg wrapped his Dodge Demon, the end result was a beauty. Here’s what he had to say about the ride;

“I’m representing with F8 Green!!! @dodgeofficial #DEMON Wrap completed thanks to the awesome staff over at @daleyvisual.” Given his recent IG posts, this seems to be Goldberg’s favorite ride and we really don’t blame him.

14 Wouldn’t Touch: Mick Foley – “Old Russ”

via YouTube/WWE

“This van makes me happy.” That’s what Mick Foley had to say about the van during his reality series on the WWE Network, Holy Foley. Not only that but the family also digs the van given all the memories they shared in the past.

The reality, however, is that the ride is a 2001 Chevy minivan – one that Foley can’t even get a couple of hundreds for nowadays. Foley joked the ride can’t even hit 60 mph, that’s definitely not the greatest endorsement for the ride. Despite its condition and mileage, it remains in the Foley driveway.

13 Wouldn’t Touch: Stone Cold Steve Austin – 2003 Ford Focus

via IG

Stone Cold Steve Austin has his fair share of beaters (as you’ll come to realize in this article). Perhaps the biggest beater on the list has to be his 2003 Ford Focus. Austin admits that he likes to use the ride when heading into the city – driving one of his massive Ford pickups really isn’t all that practical for the LA traffic or parking. The Focus seems to be a much better fit for Steve.

And hey, it is also a ride he typically uses to bring the dogs to the vet with; he posted a photo to his IG account of both his dogs waiting patiently in the passenger and back seats.

12 New Car: Billy Gunn – Ford F-250

via IG

Life really isn’t too shabby for Billy Gunn at the moment. Not only is he about to start a new and exciting gig with AEW, but he also has a son in the wrestling industry as well. And oh, he also bought himself a really nice Ford pickup - posted to his IG account, Gunn showed off his brand new Ford F-250 pickup, 6.5 L Diesel. The pickup looks like a complete beast – Gunn also made some modifications to the ride.

It looks like you don’t need Vince’s steep pockets to make a living in the wrestling industry!

11 Wouldn’t Touch: Kevin Nash – Ford Bronco

via IG

Kevin Nash made a huge chunk of cash during his stint in the wrestling business. A lot of that money came in the ‘90s. When Nash transferred over to WCW, his salary was on par with the most prominent acts in the business. He continues to make money these days with various appearances – that said, you would think he was riding in style.

That doesn’t appear to be the case. Nash is very content driving a car that he bought in ’93 even before his wrestling fame. Here’s what he had to say about the ride via his IG account; “Good to be driving the Bronco this week. Bought it in 93 off the lot. 24 years and 105000 miles still my baby.”

10 Wouldn’t Touch: Stone Cold Steve Austin - ‘96 SUBURBAN

via IG

Stone Cold Steve Austin became the face of pro wrestling back in the late ‘90s. Although he does have a slew of great rides, he also has a fair share of beaters, like this ’96 Suburban.

Austin posted a photo of the ride via his IG account and to his credit, the ride still looks to be in great condition. Though let’s be honest, a car that sells for $1,500 really isn’t of the best quality – not to mention that it is over two decades old. Sorry Steve, but it might be time to take this one to the junkyard.

9 New Car: The Undertaker – Ford Raptor

via IG

We saw The Undertaker’s new ride thanks to Michelle McCool, his wife. She posted a photo of the couple’s new ride via her IG account. It is their second Ford pickup, the couple also has the Ford-250 which is blacked out – it kind of resembles the new Ford Raptor they just bought.

Along with the Ford pickups, Taker also has a pretty sweet Jeep sitting in the driveway and a great collection of motorcycles. Now that he’s finally off the road and enjoying more time at home, he can actually use these rides.

8 Wouldn’t Touch: Lita – Chevrolet Malibu

via Twitter

Lita grew to fame with WWE in 2000, however she got her start in the industry back in 1997 overseas in Mexico. In 1999, she would make a name for herself in the US with ECW.

She would evolve into quite the performer and arguably one of the best female talents of all-time. Despite this status, Lita keeps it low key outside of the ring. She was seen in a Chevrolet Malibu. She also used a Smart Car at one point; the ride was so tiny that her actual surfboard was bigger than the entire car. In truth, we wouldn’t touch either of the cars.

7 Wouldn’t Touch: Stone Cold Steve Austin – Flatbed Ford

via IG

Back in the day, we saw Austin drive to the ring in a variety of different rides. Of course, the most memorable had to be the beer truck. Who can forget Austin spraying The Rock and Vince McMahon? What a moment that was in wrestling history. He also rode to the ring on a Zamboni and heck, even an array of ATVs during his stint as the RAW GM.

He should have brought his Ford Flatbed as well and perhaps, even "Stunned" one of his opponents on the back end of the truck. Let’s face it, the truck doesn’t have a lot of worth. In that condition, he’s lucky to get a couple of hundreds.

6 New Car: Stone Cold Steve Austin – Ford F-150 SC

via IG

It isn’t just beaters in Stone Cold’s collection. He has a lot of top tier cars. Most recently, he added to his fleet with a stunning Z-28. As if that wasn’t enough, he added a new Ford F-150 SC just days later. Here's what he had to say about the ride via his IG account;

“This morning I got on the Mean Streets of Los Angle Eze in the @roushperformance F-150 SC. I headed down the 405 to Long Beach to check this truck out. First time I have driven a supercharged 5.0. The engine makes 650hp and 610lb/ft of torque. Saying this truck is a blast to drive is an understatement. It flat out hauls ass and handles great.”

5 Wouldn’t Touch: Shawn Michaels – MRA Hunting Speed Racer

via Twitter

“The @MRAHunting 14 car takes a 3rd place finish @TXMotorspeedway!! #summerstampede”

HBK tweeted about the MRA car’s performance, finishing in third place. Now we applaud Shawn and his MRA ride, though in terms of looks, it would have finished a lot lower down the list – some might say even perhaps in last place. It isn’t the best looking ride and not what we generally think of when it comes to a race car. Despite its awkward styling, at least it has some serious speed under the hood. Nonetheless, it still ranks in the cars we wouldn’t touch, sorry HBK!

4 New Car: Road Dogg – Ford F-150 Lariat

via IG

Turns out Road Dogg’s doing pretty well in his new gig with WWE working behind the scenes – he recently bought himself an expensive truck with a price tag that starts at $50,949. We can see why he bought this truck; according to Ford, the luxury package also comes with 11 speakers, and given his love for country music he’s likely blasting out some tunes while riding in his new pickup.

He’ll have more time to enjoy the ride nowadays given that he recently stepped down from his old position on SmackDown Live. Surely, he’ll thrive at whatever else he’s given with the company.

3 Wouldn’t Touch: Goldberg – 1999 Dodge RAM

via IG

Goldberg has one of the best garages out there. The ’90s star also has a couple of beaters. One of them is a ’99 Dodge RAM; rides similar to Goldberg’s sell for a couple of thousands via the likes of Auto Trader. Though to Goldberg’s credit, he continues to maintain the truck with a variety of different modifications. Here’s what he had to say via IG;

“The @dodgeofficial #1999Ram has returned home! Great job @atomic_offroad @phoenix_offroad @backwoodsbumpers Next up..... @magnaflow for some awesome exhaust! Then POSSIBLY a hemi transplant by a well-known gear head on @velocity.” Without those expensive modifications, this is a ride we would never touch.

2 New Car: Billy Gunn – BMW i8 (Rental)

via IG

Billy doesn’t have the most expensive rides out there. He did just buy a Ford as mentioned earlier, along with a Hyundai that he posted to his IG account, covered in snow. This ride kicked things up a notch: a BMW i8. Although fans were buzzing about it, Gunn would later admit that he just took it for a ride while his truck was getting fixed;

“Yes, I drove this BMW i8 today. Way too fast for me and a bit of a tight fit. No, I'm not looking to buy way out of my price range it was just on lone while my truck was getting some work done.”

1 Wouldn’t Touch: Stone Cold Steve Austin – 4x4 RAM Charger

via IG

It might be older and used for the rough off-road terrains (whether it be on his ranch or elsewhere), though nonetheless, Austin takes good care of the ride to this day (something we should all take note of).

As shown on his IG account, Steve gives it a good clean once he’s done taking it to the back roads of Nevada. It might be a beater and a ride that most of us wouldn’t touch, but we still have to give Austin some credit for keeping it in remarkable shape after all these years.

Sources: IG, Twitter & Auto Trader

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