10 Rides Surviving In Jeff Probst's Collection (And 14 He Should Get Next)

We’ve all seen the TV show Survivor, right? Who hasn’t? It is one of the most popular TV shows to have ever been seen on cable. And, the show wouldn’t be popular if it wasn’t for the charismatic host, who we all known and love as Jeff Probst. The guy has been on TV for a long time now, and when you first met him he seemed like just an average friendly young guy who was hosting a revolutionary TV show.

But, little do most people know that Jeff actually comes from a long line of car enthusiasts and the love for vehicles has serenaded through his veins - this love has continued on in his unique collection of vehicles.

This love for classic cars actually comes from his father who has owned several classics and taught Jeff early on how to buy and restore classic cars. Together Jeff and his father have owned several classic cars that are worth a fortune including an original Shelby Cobra and a Corvette Stingray that Jeff sold at the Barrett Jackson auction only to buy another one.

When he got his start in the entertainment business Jeff was driving an Isuzu Rodeo, and this was his car for many years even after his success on the cable TV circuit. We are going to be taking a look at some of the pretty cool cars that have made it into his life, and which models he should have considered as well.

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24 2003 GMC Denali

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Once Jeff's success had reached the pinnacle after a few seasons of Survivor, Jeff decided that he was going to upgrade his vehicle, and thus he got a 2003 GMC Denali. The GMC Denali was a pretty popular SUV and a great alternative from the Cadillac Escalade which had a higher price tag and a more distinct style.

Jeff said that the 2003 GMC Denali was perfect for him because it fit his active lifestyle and was still a comfortable driving car, and the Denali is still a popular SUV to this day.

23 2006 Toyota Prius

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One thing that is respectable about Jeff is the fact that he has never been a flashy person, despite being one of the richest men in the world. This was especially true when Jeff said that he purchased a 2006 Toyota Prius, which he drove in addition to his Denali.

The 2006 Toyota Prius is a great car that was immensely popular during the economic downturn, and this was a one of a kind car that offered a good amount of fuel economy and a revised interior that made the Prius a much more popular car.

22 Toyota Highlander

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Once Jeff had driven the Toyota Prius he became impressed with Toyota products, and naturally, his Denali had racked up a good amount of mileage. Thus, Jeff decided to get a Toyota SUV and that was the Toyota Highlander.

The Toyota Highlander is an impressive SUV in many aspects, although the model doesn’t have the same amount of power as the GMC Denali because of a lack of the V8 engine. Overall, the Toyota Highlander is an impressive SUV that has attracted a whole new clientele to Toyota showrooms.

21 1966 Volkswagen Beetle

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When it comes to an original classic that has made its way around the world, and the 1966 Volkswagen Beetle is one car that has just about gone everywhere in the world. But, Jeff Probst was also one of the original owners of the car and was given the Beetle by his father during his time in college.

Jeff said that the 1966 Volkswagen Beetle holds a special place in his heart, and he still owns a restored version of the car to this day which is quite an impressive feat considering how much money he has.

20 1966 Corvette (Originally His Father's Car)

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Jeff Probst said that one of his fondest memories was of his father giving him a 1966 Corvette, which is one of the most unique classic car models that are currently on the market today. The 1966 Corvette that he was given by his father was an all original vehicle, and he said that he remembers his father teaching him how to fix and repair it.

The 1966 Corvette is a stand out vehicle and one of the vehicles that really revolutionized the sports car market, even to this day the Corvette is still a popular model.

19 1966 Ford Mustang

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Jeff Probst went through a lot of experiences with his father and classic cars, and this ignited his love for classic cars to this day. One of his fondest memories was when his father allowed the young Probst to take his mint condition 1966 Ford Mustang on a date.

The 1966 Ford Mustang is, of course, one of the most instrumental models in the history of the Ford brand, and Jeff was very much excited with his father teaching him to repair and work on the Mustang as well as loving to drive it.

18 Shelby Cobra

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Jeff Probst has experienced a lot of fun to drive classic cars thanks to his father's love for vehicles, and the Shelby Cobra was another vehicle that was very much instrumental in his love for cars.

The Shelby Cobra is among one of the rarest classic cars in the world, and there are very few original examples that are still around. The Shelby Cobra has been increasing in value more and more with every year, and there are even clone cars out there now if you cannot find a real Cobra.

17 1966 Corvette Stingray

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There is no secret that Jeff Probst comes from a long line of classic car lovers, and as such his father was the proud owner of a 1966 Corvette Stingray as well as his other 1966 Corvette model.

Jeff and his father decided to sell his 1966 Corvette Stingray at the Barrett Jackson auction and this model was one of the hottest selling models to hit the auction circuit. Jeff Probst said that the auction was a fun experience, and this is a pretty cool classic car to auction off in terms of rarity and fun.

16 Volkswagen Rabbit

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The funny thing about Jeff Probst was the fact that he also drove a Volkswagen Rabbit during his time as a teenager, and he said that the little VW was one of the best cars that he has ever driven.

The Volkswagen Rabbit has always been a quality and gas efficient vehicle, which was a one of a kind offering after Volkswagen had experienced huge success with the VW Beetle. The Volkswagen Rabbit also came back to the market during the 2000s, but the model was not as popular as the original Rabbit.

15 1980s Mazda RX-7

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When it comes to one of the most unique sports cars of all time, the 1980s Mazda RX-7 is one car that Jeff Probst has enjoyed to this day. The 1980s Mazda RX-7 was one of the first rotary-powered sports cars, and with the lightweight design, the RX-7 has also found success on the drift circuit as well.

Jeff said that one of his fondest memories is the fact that his father helped him to get the 1980s Mazda RX-7, and the car had stuck with him for a long time just because of how fun to drive it was.

14 Cadillac XLR (He Should Get)

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Although Jeff Probst had a lot of cool cars over his lifetime, and of course there are quite a few that he would probably have a blast with. The Cadillac XLR is a rare sports car that is based on the Chevrolet Corvette, and Jeff Probst has a long history with the Chevy Corvette thanks to his father so it would only be natural that he might have fun with the XLR which has the same amount of power as the Corvette does.

The Cadillac XLR was made for a few years but the cars have been gaining popularity on the used car market.

13 Corvette ZR1 (He Should Get)

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Jeff has had a long long affair with the Corvette and the model has really evolved in the last few decades to a supercar that is unbelievably fast on the track. The Corvette ZR1 is a new breed of the historic model that we think Jeff would thoroughly enjoy, and the new Corvette ZR1 is one of the most exclusive and expensive sports cars on the market.

GM has taken great measures to make sure that the car is not only lightweight but also incredibly fast in terms of performance and this is a great thing.

12 Ford F150 Raptor (He Should Get)

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Ford has been innovating for decades with fun to drive sports cars and this is half the reason that the Mustang outlived the Camaro for quite a few years until the current model was born.

The Ford F 150 Raptor is a performance car that any Ford enthusiasts should drive at least once in their life and the current model is powered by a twin-turbo V6 which is a one of a kind driving experience that many pickup trucks cannot match. We can only hope that one day Ford will release the Raptor in a single cab configuration as well.

11 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 (He Should Get)

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For years, Ford fans were hoping that the company would bring back the Mustang 5.0 and Ford has finally heard the cries of the fans a re-released the unique Mustang model to the masses with a much-improved engine and style.

We think that Jeff Probst would get a kick out of this modern-day incarnation of the already popular model. The current Ford Mustang GT 5.0 is one of the most exciting cars on the road, and there are quite a few different variations to choose from which has made the car popular.

10 Lincoln Aviator (He Should Get)

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Because Jeff Probst had stated in his Celebrity Drive interview that he enjoyed his 2003 GMC Denali, we think that the superstar host would also get a kick out of the Lincoln Aviator.

This one of a kind crossover SUV has evolved a lot over the past few years, and it remains one of the more popular domestic luxury models. The Lincoln Aviator was also sold as a rebadged Ford Explorer around 2003, but that model never really managed to catch on with consumers and back then this was an attempt at a smaller version of the Navigator.

9 Jeep Renegade (He Should Get)

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Jeff Probst really enjoys being outdoors, and you can especially see this from his hosting duties on Survivor. Nevertheless, the host said that one of his complaints with the Toyota Highlander was the fact that the model was not very capable at going off-road.

We think that the Jeep Renegade would be a great little SUV for the host, as it is not only capable off-road but it also combines the fuel efficiency of a lightweight compact SUV. Jeep has made great strides in redefining the compact SUV genre, and the Renegade is an excellent choice.

8 Ford F150 Platinum (He Should Get)

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Jeff Probst is a man who loves going outdoors, and the Ford F 150 Platinum is a combination of luxury that is also quite versatile. The Ford F 150 Platinum is a vast improvement over the past few generations of the pickup truck, and we think that Jeff Probst would be very much impressed with the attributes that this truck has to offer.

They also think that the Ford F 150 Platinum is a great compliment to his car collection, which includes his GMC Denali SUV as well that he has owned since 2003.

7 Mazda RX 8 (He Should Get)

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Because one of Jeff Probst's first and favorite vehicles was the RX-7 we think that he would definitely enjoy one of the most notable vehicles of the last few decades, and the RX-8 has been rising in value as of late.

The Mazda RX 8 was one of the first models to experience the modern rotary engine, and this is one of the coolest things about this car. Jeff Probst owned a 1980s RX-7, so we are sure that he would definitely have a blast with this modern incarnation of the popular sports car.

6 Ford GT (He Should Get)

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Perhaps one of the most expensive vehicles on the market right now - the Ford GT is a supercar that you will have to get on a waiting list to purchase, but the car is very much worth it with one of the most powerful V6 engines and setups to ever come in a Ford.

Jeff Probst had a few notable Fords in his collection that belonged to his father so the next logical step is the Ford GT, and the car will continue to increase in value as time goes on because the Ford GT was one of the few formula inspired Fords to ever hit the market.

5 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 (He Should Get)

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Jeff Probst had quite a few Chevrolets in his time and they were stellar performance vehicles that have gone down as legendary and we have found one muscle car that we think Jeff would drive like there is no tomorrow.

The Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 is one of the fastest production vehicles currently on the market, and GM has gone to great stakes to improve the car in every way possible. The Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 is also one of the most exclusive Camaro models to ever hit the market.

4 Subaru BRZ (He Should Get)

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Because Jeff Probst enjoyed his time in his retro RX-7 there is no doubt that he would have fun in the Subaru BRZ. What exactly is a Subaru BRZ? Well, it is a modern incarnation of the Toyota Supra that was sold as a Scion and a Subaru model.

The car combines lightweight design and the all-wheel-drive characteristics that have made Subaru cars a popular choice with consumers. The Subaru BRZ is also lightweight and features a functional backseat which makes the sports coupe livable as well.

3 2020 Toyota Supra (He Should Get)

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For years the Toyota Supra has been gaining explosive amounts of value as a popular used sports car, with prices reaching upwards of $100,000. We think that Jeff Probst would enjoy the brand new 2020 Toyota Supra that is going to be hitting the market.

The new 2020 Toyota Supra is a more beautiful car in every aspect, and with the revolutionary design, we think that this sports car is going to be one of the most popular models to ever hit a Toyota showroom both in terms of design and performance.

2 Nissan 370Z (He Should Get)

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In addition to the Toyota Supra, there is also the Nissan 370Z, which is an equally popular sports car that has been making the rounds for decades. The original Z car was one of the models that really helped to define the Nissan brand in general and helped to propel Datsun to explosive popularity during the eighties and early nineties.

The Nissan 370Z is one of the funniest cars to drive and you can also buy this popular model in a convertible as well, which is one of the most power roadsters on the market.

1 Dodge Challenger Hellcat (He Should Get)

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In terms of good old domestic muscle, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat is in its own league, and the sports car has been making headlines for its insane amount of horsepower that has been crammed in a factory sedan.

Since its release, the Dodge Charger has been a trend-setting vehicle, and we think that Jeff Probst would get a kick out of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. From the unique exterior style to the loud growl of the exhaust pipes, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat is a truly unique and one of a kind vehicle.

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