20 Rides In Lewis Hamilton's Garage That Would Make Floyd Mayweather Jealous

It becomes obvious rather quickly that Hamilton has one of the deepest garage’s ever seen. However, he is in fact an easygoing guy when it comes to what he chooses to drive. He explained what he looks for in a ride during an interview with Top Gear“I’m always waiting for the new and next thing to come out, always about that [great] look. So it’s the look, the sound, and I’m always looking for horsepower. Everyone wants big horsepower.”

What makes his collection so noteworthy is the diversity. Floyd has among the best garages ever seen, however his car brands tend to be the same. Some of Mayweather’s most impressive rides are a couple of Bugattis, however Hamilton admitted that the car just isn’t for him; “Though actually, the Bugatti doesn’t do it for me. The Chiron does look good, the GT version especially. But I’m more old school and I like a V12; the Bugatti has two engines bolted together. Though it is amazing to drive. But I guess it’s just a personal feeling, taste.”

That said it makes for an interesting dynamic in comparing these two garages. We take a look at what Hamilton’s hiding away these days. You should expect more than just Ferraris and Mercedes - we also feature various motorcycles, old school muscle cars and heck even a darn plane! By the end of this article let us know via Facebook which garage has the edge – Floyd or Lewis?

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a fellow motorist. Without further ado here are 20 rides that prove Lewis Hamilton has a better garage than Floyd Mayweather. Let’s begin!

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20 LaFerrari Aperta

via wordpress.com

This stunning Ferrari is one of the most expensive rides in the world thus making it one of the most prestigious rides in the garage of Lewis Hamilton. The car itself has a value larger than any car hiding out in Floyd’s garage. That includes his Ferraris and Bugattis.

The LaFerrari Aperta sold at auction for a nearly $10 million price tag.

Ouch! The last place you want to see such a car in is riding on top of a tow truck. That was the sad reality for Hamilton while driving around Hollywood. What the problem was is truly unknown- however thankfully the car was in full force just days later spotted in the California area.

19 Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6X6

via mercedesblog.com

For whatever reason Floyd isn’t a fan of going off the road and neither is he a fan of massive SUVs. Lewis Hamilton didn’t get either of those memos. This is another beast he can easily take off the road, the stunning Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6X6. Dressed in all white and featuring those monster tires this is another fascinating ride owned by the F1 driver. The ride doesn’t come cheap with a value of over half a million. What is even more remarkable is the fact that the vehicle completely sold out. According to the Mercedes Blog only a limited amount were made. Those lucky enough to get the beast included the aforementioned Hamilton, a Mercedes Museum and public events.

18 Pagani Zonda 760 LH

via thesupercarblog.com

Floyd has a fancy collection that features a lot of the same car. For that reason some might prefer Hamilton’s garage due to the unique variety.

He owns everything from old msucle cars to a stunning Pagani Zonda worth over $2 million!

The true hero of the car isn’t the outside but instead the sound on the inside. No disrespect to Floyd but he doesn’t have a single car in his garage that sounds as intimidating as this unique beast! Hide your eyes for this one. According to GTSpirit Hamilton crashed the car back in Monaco a couple of years back in the wee hours of the morning. According to Hamilton he, made very light contact with a stationary vehicle”.

17 1966 Shelby Cobra 427

via bereljautot.com

We kick things off with a vintage ride Floyd cannot top! This car happens to be one Hamilton’s favourites and we aren’t surprised. Unlike some of his other rides Hamilton decided to leave the car as is. The vehicle seems to be in mint condition and we applaud the F1 driver for keeping the authenticity of the stunning ride. The car was on full display as Hamilton took it out of the garage and rode in it out in the Los Angeles area. Seriously does it get any better than that? Yea, it might as he enjoyed the 2015 purchase alongside his half-brother Nicholas.

16 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

via instagram.com

Once again we transition back to a vintage muscle car. Hey Floyd where those vintage muscle cars at? Not in your garage that’s for sure. As for Hamilton he hasn’t shied away from the purchase in the past and this is another one of those rare gems. Seriously does is get any better than a garage featuring fast sports cars mixed in with some vintage classics? Okay we might be biased but man is that ever a tremendous mix.

Hamilton posted a picture of the stunning ride during his last beach day vacation.

Although his adorable dog is also in the photo you just couldn’t help but to salivate at the vehicle instead.

15 Ferrari 599 GTO

via gtspirit.com

Here is a car both Mayweather and Hamilton have in common. Some F1 fans might be shocked to see Lewis driving the rival Ferrari brand. As you’ll come to see later in the article it isn’t his only Ferrari purchase and the ride we feature a little later might be among the best in his garage. However the 599 GTO is no slouch either. Dressed in black Hamilton had the fans buzzing while in Monaco last year driving the vehicle. The engine inside of the car is an absolute beast thus the decision to purchase such a Ferrari shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

14 Mercedes-Maybach 6

via mercedesblog.com

Some might make the claim that Hamilton has a bias towards Mercedes. Heck you can also make the claim that Floyd has a similar bias when it comes to Rolls Royce. The only difference is that Mercedes actually pays the well-known driver. As you’ll come to realize throughout the article Hamilton has a slew of Mercedes vehicles. Among his favourite is the Maybach. Now we aren’t entirely sure if he made the purchase just yet but Hamilton posted a picture alongside the car claiming it was the next ride he was going to add to the garage; “@mercedesamg I want this car!!!!! #maybach6”

13 Mercedes-Maybach S600

via gtspirit.com

This might be a sign that Lewis is looking to upgrade Maybachs. According to Motor 1 the F1 driver recently put up his stunning S600 for sale. According to the listing the car is in mint condition with only 27,500 miles on it. With such a garage you can imagine that Hamilton appreciates a little bit of diversity when it comes to the rides he drives. The price tag for that car is pretty reasonable as well.

The car when released had a price tag of more than $200,000.

It can now be yours at just under $145,000. Maybe Floyd might give him a call?

12 Maverick X3

via pinterest.com

So we checked lots of rides off thus far. If some of you out there are wondering if he owns anything to go off the road with the answer is yes! Once again Floyd does not have such a variety in his garage. However he did buy his kid a mini-Bentley golf cart. Maybe he can use that to go off-roading with Lewis... Not only did Lewis purchase the Maverick X3 but he is also an ambassador for the brand as well. He posted to Facebook last year discussing the power of the ride; "This Maverick X3 is a BEAST. Can-Am Off-Road #maverickx3 #canam#canamstories #ambassador”

11 Smart Roadster BRABUS

via artcurial.com

This is one of the lesser know purchases made by Hamilton back in the day. Before he bought Ferraris and Maybachs Lewis was driving around in this rare Mercedes Roadster. We can say for sure that he looks legit in the car due to his size. This is unlike Shaq who also bought a Roadster in the past...

The production of this car was brief, lasting only three years.

It launched in 2003 only to stop production in 2006. The last one is stored away in the Mercedes-Benz Museum out in Stuttgart, Germany.

10 Mercedes SLS AMG

via mysports.com

Mayweather does have a brief history with Mercedes. One of the Mercedes is of the utmost sentimental value. Yes the dude has feelings! Floyd kept his 1996 Mercedes-Benz 600s. The car remains in remarkable condition. It signifies one of his first rides ever purchased. Along with the two decade old car he also owns the Mercedes SLS AMG. Both Mayweather and Hamilton own this stunning ride. Floyd has a prior model with a white exterior. Most would prefer Hamilton’s model that features retractable doors along with a fascinating red and black kit to the exterior. This car is among his top purchases without a doubt.

9 Techart Porsche 997

via topspeed.com

This is the beauty of Hamilton’s garage. You seriously don’t know what to expect. In one corner you have a Ducati speed bike, in the next is a Mercedes 6x6, the next is a Ferrari and in that other corner stored away is a stunning Techart Porsche 997. This vehicle is yet another beast. Not only is it fast but it sounds like a darn F1 car with all that power. According to Top Speed the car features a new front spoiler along with various power enhancements and stunning wheels that have been modified to a 12 X 20 size.

8 Ducati Monstera 1200

via facebook.com

He isn’t sponsored by Ducati but has admitted to absolutely loving the bike. Hamilton issued this post via all social media accounts showing off his new ride, the lovely Ducati Monstera 1200. As mentioned earlier Hamilton has a passion for bikes. Heck he even loves going off the road with the bikes.

We saw evidence of that most recently when he went dirt-biking with Justin Bieber.

Not to worry Floyd fans, Mayweather also has a close relationship with the Biebs. A career in the motorcycle world appeared to be close earlier this year. Hamilton put out a tweet that he was to compete in the MotoGP. However it was all a darn April Fools prank...

7 Mercedes GL 320 CDI

via autoweek.com

You can argue that the Mercedes GL320 CDI might be the most average car ever owned by Lewis Hamilton. Most of us would take such a ride in an instant. It is clear that Hamilton has upgraded since his days with the vehicle. According to Motor Authority this was Hamilton’s daily driver a decade ago in 2008. Hamilton explains why the car was perfect for his needs at the time; “At the track I always drive on the limit, but on public roads I like to relax, kick back and cruise. The GL’s perfect for that – it’s got plenty of space for all my kit, a brilliant sound system, and the high driving position gives me a clear view of the road ahead. It’s just about the most comfortable road car I’ve driven.”

6 Mercedes-AMG GT R

via driversmagazine.com

Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of Mercedes there is no denying the beauty of Hamilton’s Mercedes owned cars. He has a brilliant diversity and we must say his taste is pretty darn fine. Again, that’s subjective but the Mercedes-AMG GT R is yet another strong example as to why his garage might exceed Floyd’s. The diversity of the garage is like no other athlete. Hamilton helped to introduce this V12 beast. He spoke glowingly about this ride as well; “I think it’s bloody brilliant,” smiles Hamilton. “You never get a ‘beast mode’ in road cars like that. It sounds amazing.”

5 Honda Motocross Bike

via motoron.com

Surely you didn’t click this article expecting to see a Honda of any sorts. However this is a bike used while going on dirt-bike trip with the Biebs. Justin’s choice of ride was a Yamaha, another dirt-bike you really can’t go wrong with.

Hamilton instead opted for the Honda.

It is likely the only time you’ll ever see the F1 star riding anything Honda related. Hey maybe Mercedes might make him a customized dirt-bike ride? Better yet maybe he’ll produce his own line? This can become a reality as Hamilton expressed such a sentiment most recently. We know for sure that he’ll keep busy following his F1 days, hopefully in the distant future.

4 MV Agusta F4 LH44

via mvagusta.com

Okay so you can cross off old school muscle cars and a rare Zonda. Here’s another ride Floyd doesn’t have in his garage and that’s a stunning speed bike. Along with his love for auto racing Lewis has also let it be known that he’s a massive advocate for speed bikes as well. He has even discussed transitioning into the sport one day. Lewis has a close relationship with the MV Agusta brand. Most recently last year the two sides worked on a ride together. This bike is no joke with a worth of over $55,000. According to Motorcycle News it features “205bhp F4 RC and comes with a kit that includes a titanium silencer and control unit to boost power to 212bhp.”

3 MV Agusta F4RR

via f4rr.com

Another Agusta bike, Hamilton continues to create a close connection with the company. He opened up to The Drive discussing the relationship and what he plans on creating with the motorcycle line; "I am very excited to continue my partnership with MV Agusta. I love working with [MV Agusta CEO] Giovanni [Castiglioni] and the guys at MV Agusta, their passion for engineering and attention to detail produces stunning, original looking bikes," said Hamilton. "My projects with MV Agusta are a great way to combine my love of riding bikes with my interest in the creative design process so I am very much involved with the CRC design team throughout. “

2 McLaren P1

via pinterest.com

We decided to keep the best rides till the very end. It’s like when you watch fireworks. The beginning tends to be strong but it is at the end when you really get your money’s worth. That might be the case with Hamilton and the fact that this ride might put his over Floyd Mayweather’s garage.

This stunning blue McLaren P1 was purchased back in 2015.

The car was delivered to his home back in Monaco. According to GT Spirit the car is just as stunning on the inside with a black and blue leather interior. The car has a 3.8 litre twin-turbocharged V-8 petrol engine.

1 Bombardier Challenger 605

via businessinsider.com

So to recap the guy basically has almost every type of ride in his garage. For those of you that still aren’t impressed here’s his plane! Yes the dude has a plane as one of his rides and it is no small luxurious jet either. From the outside it looks capable of carrying several passengers. The aircraft is just as luxurious on the inside. Again this doesn’t come cheap with a price tag of $15 million along with some disturbing ownership charges per year as well. According to Corporate Jet Investor the purchase led to some controversy as Hamilton encountered tax issues with the aircraft.

Sources: Forbes.com, BusinessInsider.com, DailyMail.co.uk

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