10 Things We Can Expect From The 2020 Rimac C_Two

Electric vehicles are becoming all the rage, and Rimac Automobili is set to enter the stage with a great car called the Rimac C-Two.

We've all seen Tesla boasting about its newest and most powerful electric supercar—the Roadster—and its 1.9-second acceleration to 60 mph. But, an upcoming high-tech electric hypercar manufacturer from Croatia is ready to give the multi-million-dollar American EV company a run for its money. Meet the C_Two, the newest project by Rimac Automobili set to deliver unprecedented technology paired with almost two thousand horses of purely electric power.

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The Concept Two is the company's second project aimed at the most ambitious EV enthusiasts. And given that the official rollout of the model could occur as early as in a few months, here's what we can expect from the new Rimac C_Two.

10 Four Powerful Electric Motors

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The front engines connect to a pair of single-speed gearboxes while both rear motors use a pair of two-speed gearboxes. This outlay allows for the most advanced controlled acceleration bolstered by a monstrous 1.696 lb-ft of torque. Additionally, the new C_Two will be using advanced software to precisely manage and control torque vectoring.

9 About 400 Miles Of Range

Rimac's newest hypercar will run on an improved, oil-cooled, 120kWH Lithium Magnese Nickel battery pack. Though the company initially promised the battery will deliver a 400-mile range, the Rimac Automobili web page quotes the official range as being 550 kilometers, or approximately 340 miles, on a WLTP Cycle. While this number is still impressive, it pales in comparison to the 620-mile range announced for the new Tesla Roadster, courtesy of a massive 200kWh battery pack.

8 It Will Be Extremely Exclusive

Though the C_Two will be sold in a many more units than its predecessor, the Concept_One, it still remains an incredibly exclusive luxury hypercar limited to only 150 lucky owners worldwide. As for the release date? Though the car was presented at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show and made available for pre-order, buyers will have to wait until 2020 to have their car finally delivered.

7 It Will Challenge The Fastest Hypercars In The World

...not just challenge, obliterate. You see, while the aforementioned 1914 horses of raw electric power sound frightening enough, the real icing on the cake is the C_Two's promised acceleration. It is advertised as being able to dash to 60 mph in 1.85 seconds, making the likes of the lauded Tesla Roadster seem rather sluggish in comparison. The otherworldly acceleration will continue until about 258 mph, which is where the C_Two is expected to meet its top speed.

6 Actively Aerodynamic Body

Just by looking at its exterior, auto enthusiasts will immediately notice that the C_Two is not a regular supercar. It uses its design to maximize performance and minimize air drag. To that point, the Concept Two's bonnet employs so-called "active aerodynamics" via the installed movable flaps which change the direction of the air that enters through the front grill. Similarly, the rear wing acts as an active air brake at high speeds, while the bottom of the car is entirely closed and shaped to cool and direct air towards the car's battery pack.

On the other hand, to compensate for the hefty 120kWh battery, the body of the car is cutting-edge carbon fiber monocoque, which puts the car at a total curb weight of about 4,300 lbs.

5 Live Performance Monitoring And Torque Vectoring

Moving on to the interior, and the C_Two boasts an expectedly sporty and futuristic looking cabin. The custom infotainment system inside the C_Two allows the driver to monitor and control every aspect of the car's performance. Moreover, the driver can precisely configure torque vectoring depending on how much grip they prefer to have. The system consists of touch-screen panel and two separate displays - one for the driver and one hidden underneath the co-driver dashboard.

4 It Will Allow The Owner To Solely Master Race Tracks

The same display notably offers a one-of-a-kind "Driving Coach" function that allows the owner to load different race track into the system following which the car will guide the driver through optimal steering and acceleration on a particular race track.

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The company went to great lengths to make the system both highly intuitive and gorgeous, with the center console and wheel covered in an appealing combination of carbon fiber and leather.

3 Numerous Advanced Safety Features

In a car as powerful and quick as the C_Two, safety really is a priority. Luckily, the model is equipped with no less than 8 on-board cameras tracking the car's movement. Not only that, but it also uses twelve ultrasonic sensors and six radar emitters, while simultaneously being constantly connected to a GPS. Similarly to the Tesla models, the new C_Two also offers autonomous driving using an on-board IMU sensor. In short, Rimac has truly created the supercar of the future, given the C_Two constantly receives signals from its environment and is aware of its position.

2 Sparse But Practical Storage

Though envisioned as a grand-tourer with an extremely luxurious and comfortable interior and long driving range, the C_Two seems to falter when it comes to ample storage space. That said, the rear boot, while practical, may be too confined for some users as it's located behind the rear windshield. However, the company does offer the option to customize the boot according to the owner's requirements, whether it will be used for business trips, sport, or racing purposes.

1 You Probably Won't Be Able To Afford It

Yeah, if you've stuck through to this part, you probably understand that this type of car is made only for the special cream of the wealthiest and most ambitious car enthusiasts. And indeed, when it was presented at last year's Geneva International Motor Show, the C_Two's price tag was announced at a staggering $2.1 million dollars without options. Allegedly, this hefty price tag goes up significantly with optional tweaks, reportedly by as much as $600,000. Despite this, the model's predicted 150 units were sold out soon after the official announcement, and there's been no word yet on whether the company intends to produce more units for the future.

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