Rivian’s New Pickup Will Be An Absolute Game Changer

Rivian is making an all-electric pickup truck that will revolutionize the pickup market.

Rivian’s New Pickup Will Be An Absolute Game Changer

Rivian has just teased the production model of their upcoming all-electric full-size pickup truck.

America loves pickup trucks. America also loves gasoline. But burning fuel is causing global warming, which will eventually kill us all. So America will have to choose between its love of burning lots of gas to fuel enormous, heavy vehicles or its love of pickup trucks.

Rivian is betting that America will give up gasoline before it gives up pickup trucks. That’s why they’re making an all-electric pickup and SUV, and they’re debuting them both at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show. And we just got our first teaser video for what’s in store in two weeks.

Like many teaser videos, Rivian’s is 45 seconds of pure insanity followed by 15 seconds of actual vehicle. We’ve cut out the 45 seconds of madness to give you just the bit about the truck. If you really want to see the full video you’re more than welcome to click that slider, but trust us, you’re not missing much.

As you can see from the brief drive-by, it’s a silver truck that silently rides along a dusty trail. We don’t have much else to go on given the angle and brief nature of the video, but it looks like it’ll have LED headlights, a bed, and four wheels. Cool.

Rivian gives us precious few details in their press release. They say that their battery-powered pickup will have "impressive on and off-road performance" as well as "class-leading specifications including range, power, torque, and off-road articulation." They also say it’ll be a full-size pickup to take on the likes of the Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado, and Ram 1500.


We also know they’ll debut a 3-row, 7 passenger SUV at the LA Auto Show too. The truck will be called the Rivian R1T (with the T presumably denoting “truck”) and the SUV the Rivian R1S.

Rivian’s New Pickup Will Be An Absolute Game Changer
via Rivian

Our first inkling of what the truck will even remotely resemble came over the summer when we spotted a test mule dressed up as a Ford F-150. You could immediately tell it was no Ford, as it was much lower, had a charging port on the front fender, and also had a massive battery pack hanging underneath the chassis.

We’re hoping the production version looks a little more all-together.


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