Roads Would Be A Lot Safer If These 16 Celeb Couples Took The Bus

According to reports from Jeff Davis Law Firm, over one million traffic tickets are issued every year in the US—and over 120,000 drivers get a traffic citation every day. The statistics imply that a lot of lives are endangered on US roads every day because of some careless motorists. Nonetheless, the highway cops, with the help of the NHTSA, are doing their best to curb such incidents from happening on highways—that’s why many highway cops take preventive measures to limit any possible wreckage undertaken by some of these careless drivers.

Issuing speeding tickets to traffic offenders is one of the best ways to penalize drivers that aren’t fit to drive on the road. Running a campaign and using celebrities to pass strong traffic cautions and information to the general public has been a very resourceful way to help curb road accidents. For example, music celebrities like Jenifer Lopez or Katie Perry could run an ad campaign. Such campaigns go a long way to informing and inspiring motorists.

But, what happens when the celebrities who we are supposed to adore and look up to, lose their sense of responsibility and commit grievous traffic offenses that endanger other lives on the road? In this article, we’ll be talking about 16 celebrities who have failed to be good role models on the road—so we would rather they took the bus—to save the lives of other motorists.

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16 Justin Bieber and Hailey Rhode Bieber

Via Radar Online

Sometimes it could be difficult for celebrities to run away from the paparazzi, especially, when they crave privacy at some point. According to TMZ, the Canadian singer, Justin Bieber, was involved in a big traffic violation some years ago. Justin also drove upwards of 100mph on the streets of Los Angeles.

Even though Justin was trying to get away from paparazzi, it didn’t change the fact that he was speeding; it landed him a speeding ticket. We can only suggest that the couples consider taking the bus, and save other motorists the stress of bothering about their safety.

15 Chris Brown and Ammika Harris

Via Celebrity Insider

The famous singer, Chris Brown, has made it a point of duty to flaunt his beautiful girlfriend at major events. It seems all cute to see that Chris has moved on with his life despite being single for some time after the breakup with his ex-girlfriend.

The moment you think the drama is over, a speeding ticket chose to pop out from Beverly Hills. According to Buzzfeed, Chris Brown got a speeding ticket because he was going 60mph in a 35mph zone. The good news is after Chris got the speeding ticket, he was allowed to continue his journey.

14 Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

Via Sport

If you’re a huge fan of the popular reality show, “Keeping Up with The Kardashians,” then the family shouldn’t be new to you. Some of the family members like Kim, Courtney, Khloe, Rob, and Kylie shouldn’t be new to you as well. The person in the spotlight here is Kylie Jenner that happens to be the young half-sister of Kim Kardashian and her celebrity sweetheart Travis Scott.

According to Buzzfeed, when Kylie Jenner was driving her Mercedes-Benz G-class, she was pulled over by the cops because she was speeding and she got a ticket—maybe the joy of driving got the better part of her.

13 Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry

Via Hawtcelebs

Orlando Bloom is one handsome actor that chose to pair up with the beautiful and talented singer Katy Perry. The paparazzi love catching a glimpse of this lovely couple, but we advise that they use the bus more often; the roads would be safer for other motorists.

When Orlando Bloom was in Malibu, he was caught speeding. The moment the cops in Malibu caught him speeding, he was pulled over. According to Buzzfeed, Orlando tried everything in his power to persuade the police. It turned out that Orlando’s best wasn’t good enough because he got a parting gift—a speeding ticket.

12 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

via Just Jared

It seems like the speeding genes run in the Kardashian family—considering that Kylie Jenner was caught up in this net as mentioned previously in this article. Kim Kardashian wasn’t left out as well—because she was caught for speeding and she was pulled over by the cops for committing a traffic offense.

The reason Kim gave for speeding was that she was trying to escape from paparazzi. According to TMZ, one of the paparazzi was parked in front of Kim and the cops to capture the incident. However, justice was served when the paparazzi got a “non-emergency stop on the freeway” ticket.

11 Gordon Ramsay and Tana Ramsay

via Life Hacker

The show Top Gear has a way of stimulating so much excitement in car enthusiasts and speed demons because of the reviews of fast cars and how the presenters make the whole process fun.

It’s obvious that Gordon Ramsay is a big fan of fast cars and Top Gear considering that he appears on the show a lot. It’s not a bad thing that Gordon the famous TV chef loves fast cars, but he took it a bit far when he chose to speed in Cornwall, England. According to Buzzfeed, Gordon received a speeding ticket, and it amounted to a fine of about $650.

10 Andrew Garfield and Rita Ora

Via Fan Pop

If there’s anything Spider-Man is known for, it would be his ability to fight crimes with his superhuman speed. There’s no instance where Spider-Man uses his superhuman speed behind the wheel—which is why it comes as a surprise that Andrew Garfield chose to speed.

We don’t know if he was trying to impress Rita Ora, his celebrity twin heart, but one thing is sure: Andrew was busted while at it. According to TMZ, an LA County Sheriff in cargo shorts walked to Andrew and honored him with a speeding ticket to remind him that he won’t go scot-free in reality for speeding on a mission to rescue somebody.

9 David Hasselhoff and Hayley Roberts

Via Motor Trend

David Hasselhoff is a former TV show judge and Baywatch star that seems to know how to get off the hook when he encounters one. However, things didn’t go as planned when he ran into a bit of trouble in London.

During the Gumball 3000 rally, David was caught speeding, and the cops asked him to pull over. According to TMZ, when David is in a situation like this, he does two things: take a picture with the cops or try to convince the police to let him go with a warning. In the end, the police didn’t fall for his explanation or photo idea; they gave him a speeding ticket.

8 Jeremy Clarkson and Lisa Hogan

Via Flipboard

It’s natural to imagine that the former Top Gear host and recent Grand Tour host Jeremy Clarkson is immune to things like speeding tickets because he is knowledgeable about car related issues, traffic laws, and vehicles. Even though this is true, we have to admit that great people make mistakes at some point in their lives.

A fixed camera caught Jeremy Clarkson speeding when he was on his way to London. According to Buzzfeed, he earned his first speeding ticket in almost three decades. We can excuse Jeremy at this point because he doesn’t break traffic laws often, but he has to be careful with his speed choices next time.

7 Seth Gilliam and Leah Gardiner

Via Picsofcelebrities

Seth Gilliam is one of the cast members on the popular TV show “Walking Dead.” Seth played the role of a priest in the show, and he was faced with running away from zombies. Since he did a lot of running while the cameras were rolling, Seth might have assumed that he had to do the same thing in reality because the cops asked him to pull over for speeding.

According to reports from TMZ, Seth and Leah were caught driving over 107mph in Peachtree. With speed like 107mph, it’s best that the couple takes the bus; the roads would be safer.

6 Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn

via YouTube

The famous singer Ed Sheeran has a lot of beautiful songs, but we are going to focus on his song titled “Castle on the hill.” The song is interesting; the cops may not be so pleased with the song because it encourages speeding in a way.

According to reports from Buzzfeed, Ed Sheeran was caught speeding, and he was pulled over. The cops caught Sheeran for doing 70 in a 60mph zone in Suffolk, England and it earned him a speeding ticket. From the look of things, can we say that karma played a significant role in this case?

5 James May and Sarah Frater

Via Gizmodo UK

The name James May bring us to yet another former Top Gear and recent Grand Tour host. James anchors the Grand Tour show alongside Jeremy Clarkson and fans can attest to the fact that their game is tight. Asides the fact that the duo hosts the same show, they also have something in common: speeding tickets.

When James May was on Top Gear, he was called “Captain Slow” so it comes as a surprise that he was caught speeding. According to TMZ, a few minutes after James picked up his brand new motorbike from a dealership in London, he was caught speeding.

4 Elon Musk and Grimes

Via Recode

Elon Musk is a legendary billionaire; he is also the innovator and owner of Tesla Motors. If you own a brand like Tesla Motors, there is a tendency of showing off the capacity to impress customers to increase sales.

When Elon decided to show off his electric Tesla Model S to Johnny Depp he went all out. In the process of having a good sense of humor, Elon lost track of speed, and the cops didn’t overlook it. According to Buzzfeed, the police asked Elon to pull over, and he was given a speeding ticket. Maybe it was worth it after all since Depp admitted that he had a good time.

3 Plaxico Burress and Tiffany Glenn Burress

Via NBC Washington

Plaxico Burress is an unemployed NFL star. Plaxico was famous for the club incident years ago. Maybe he was keen about doing something that would make the police notice him—because there’s no reasonable excuse for anyone to go 70 miles over the speed limit. It wouldn’t be out of place to think that he was trying to show off his Ferrari.

Whatever the reason, Plaxico was caught going 125 in a 55mph zone, according to TMZ. Did he think he would impress the cops? The result of trying to show off his car’s speed ability was a speeding ticket.

2 Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder

Via Google Plus

If you’re familiar with One Direction, then the name Louis Tomlinson should ring a bell. When the One Direction member and pop star Louis Tomlinson was on his way to perform at V Festival, he was pulled over.

The drama didn’t end there though because he landed a speeding ticket. Maybe Louis was running late for his show, and he chose to use more speed. According to Buzzfeed, Louis was doing 48mph on a 40mph. If we decide to analyze the speed difference, we may likely call Louis “an angel”—compared to other celebrities on this list that got speeding tickets for worse speed.

1 Ryan Lochte and Kayla Rae Reid

The WOW Report

Ryan Lochte is one man that has successfully hauled his body in the pool on several occasions and came out with nothing but Olympic gold medals. What that means is that Ryan is a professional when it comes to swimming. When he chose to try his speed on land, Ryan went straight for his car.

Instead of ending up with a medal, Ryan got an instant speeding ticket in Gainesville, close to where his parents live. According to Buzzfeed, the swimming champ was going 49 in a 40mph zone. Court records revealed that his ticket was affordable; he didn’t have to sell his diamond-encrusted grill.

Sources: TMZ.com, Buzzfeed.com

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